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Program of 10th April, 1993

Liberalism versus Nationalism

What would you say if a Liberal "social scientist" told you to jump into a pool filled with five hundred ravenous piranhas?

If you valued your life, you'd certainly refuse the invitation.

But what if the Liberal "social scientist" tried to convince you to go ahead and jump in, with the argument that "not all of the piranhas are aggressive. Some of them probably just want to make friends with you, and really aren't hungry either. To say that a piranha is going to attack you, just because he's a piranha, is a wicked stereotype, and probably contributes to the piranhas' negative feelings about you."

If that argument was made to you, would you then jump into the pool filled with piranhas? I don't think so. You'd probably figure, quite logically, that even if there were one or two or even a dozen piranhas that by chance or due to a recent meal decided not to attack you, that certainly wouldn't change the bloodthirsty behavior of the other 488. And it certainly wouldn't change the outcome of any foolish foray into the pool.

But let's say you were foolish enough to listen to the Liberal "social scientist," and you did jump into the pool filled with piranhas. You somehow managed to survive. You made it to the other side of the pool, where you jumped out, but you were seriously injured in the process. After you got out of the hospital, where your wounds were stitched up and your lost blood was replaced, you were paid a visit by your old "friend," the Liberal "social scientist."

Needless to say, you weren't too happy to see him, but before you could say a word, he started talking.

"I'm awfully sorry to see how you've been hurt," he said, "but it isn't my fault at all, you see."

You replied, "You mean, oh great and wise social scientist, that you can finally see that those piranhas are vicious and I don't belong in the pool with them?"

"No, I don't mean that at all," answered the Liberal "social scientist," "It's not the piranhas' fault that you almost got eaten alive. It's not the poor piranhas' fault at all! It's your fault!"

"My fault!" you exclaim, "How the hell could it be my fault?"

"Ah, how little you bourgeois middle Americans understand," sighed our Liberal genius, "Don't you see that what happened to you only happened because those poor piranhas were underprivileged and hungry? If you'd given them enough food and a decent chance at life, then they wouldn't have attacked you like they did. When was the last time you helped a piranha? They've been struggling for centuries while your kind lived in luxury. Don't you think it's time the tables were turned? And not only that, but you ordinary Americans have caused the poor innocent piranhas to feel left out in your society. Naturally they harbor negative feelings about you, when you never want to have anything to do with them. You should understand that we all hate what we don't know. We must integrate piranhas into our society, keep them in our swimming pools and bathtubs and introduce them into all our rivers, mountain streams, and lakes. By associating with piranhas every day, and by feeding them as much as they want to eat, eventually a spirit of brotherhood will emerge and we and the piranhas will live together in peace, harmony, and joyous diversity evermore. But you, Mr. Ordinary American" - and here the Liberal "social scientist" thrust his flabby little finger into your face - "you are going to have to change your evil ways before we can have that happy world!"

"You're out of your mind!" you reply. "Piranhas may be fine in the Amazon jungle, but you're crazy if you think we can live and associate with them every day. We and they just don't belong together - and if you're so in love with piranhas, why don't YOU go on a little swim with them? And if you think I'm going to waste my money and time feeding them and helping them multiply just so they can eat me and my family alive at some time in the future, Mr. Genius social scientist, then you've got another think coming!" With that you kick his delicate carcass downstairs.

Still smarting from his fall, and rapidly retreating backwards, the Liberal "social scientist" shakes his spindly fist and calls back to you, "Your generation is hopeless. You'll never understand the need to integrate with and support piranhas. But your children will. Our 'brotherhood' program at the elementary school will teach them that it's their duty to live with and help the poor piranhas. They'll be swimming with them every day at the school's pool. And that's just the first step! There's nothing you can do about it!"

Gradually the voice of your former friend the Liberal fades away, but he's certainly given you something to think about, hasn't he?

I hope that my little fable of the Liberal "social scientist" and the piranhas has brought home to you the folly and stupidity of the American people, who have allowed themselves to be bullied and intimidated into accepting the conversion of their country into a sewer.

And it isn't just "Liberal social scientists" who are pushing us down the road to national ruin. The greatest stumbling block we face is alien and anti-American control of the mass media. By twisting the facts to suit their own agenda, by leaving out important information that Americans ought to know, and by distracting our attention and wasting our precious time with game shows, soap operas, and silly ball games, the media controllers lull us to sleep, create a false impression of inevitable victory for their side, and paralyze patriotic Americans' will to resist. All of this is spelled out in detail in our research report on media bias entitled Who Rules America? I urge every one of you who hasn't done so already to obtain a copy of this meticulously researched paper. It names names and pulls no punches. You've known for years that the media were biased. After reading Who Rules America? you will finally understand why they are biased. You will finally understand the real and exact nature of the enemy we face.

To receive this report along with our big catalog of books, tapes, and videos just send one dollar to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. That's one dollar to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.

One of the worst things that the controlled media do to us, is to give us an entirely false picture of the political spectrum. They foster the illusion that the alternative to Liberalism is Conservatism. Then they try to paint the only real alternative to Liberalism, which is Nationalism, as some kind of "hate" or "bigotry." Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, let's dispose of the Conservative illusion. At one time, Conservatism did present a real alternative to the Liberal disease. Americans, and I mean real Americans, the sons and daughters of those Europeans who founded and built this country, prior to the Second World War, still controlled a majority of the wealth, property, and political power in this country. But ever since then, our fortunes have been on the decline. Governmental policies and media propaganda have divided this country up into slices and delivered them on a silver platter to the special interests and minority groups, which are highly organized and relatively united in their hatred of us. There's been a revolution, Mr. Ordinary White American, and you lost. How can you be a "conservative," when there's so little to conserve? The time for Conservatism has long passed, its time was 50 years ago and more.

What passes for Conservatism today is just "Liberalism Light." They don't want to send the ravenous piranhas back to the Amazon jungles, they just want to "integrate" with them a little more slowly. They wouldn't ever dare say that we ought not to even try to live with piranhas - oh no! the Conservatives say they love living with piranhas more than anybody! Some of their best friends are piranhas! Let's just teach the piranhas to be a little nicer, give them "neighborhood schools" and "enterprise zones" and soon we'll have brotherhood without any disturbing declines in our stocks and bonds!

Naturally, the Liberals and their masters are just delighted to have such "conservatives" as adversaries. A little slower under Bush and Reagan, a little faster under Bill and Hilary, still we move inexorably toward national suicide.

The real alternative to Liberalism, which the Liberals themselves well know, is Nationalism. That's why the Liberals and the controlled media smilingly tolerate people like William Buckley, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush. They know that such patsies pose no real threat to their anti-American agenda. But they become apoplectic with rage when a real nationalist comes on the stage of history. That's why they organize smear campaigns against this radio program, and try to have us taken off the air. That's why patriotic Americans must come to understand that any "conservative" spokesman who is tolerated and given a forum in the controlled media - is himself controlled. That's why patriotic Americans must come to realize that any real patriot is going to be smeared and vilified and viciously attacked by the media. We must come to appreciate such attacks as a badge of honor, as an indication that America's enemies are afraid of us, afraid of the righteous anger of an awakened American people.

The real alternative to Liberalism is Nationalism. Nationalism is synonymous with patriotism. Nationalism means that you put the interests of your nation first. Nationalism means you recognize that your nation consists its people, who are united by a common heritage of blood, language, and culture; much more than it consists of a geographic area between two artificial lines drawn on a map.

Let's look at the contrasting positions of Liberalism and Nationalism on a few important issues. Maybe you're really a Nationalist and didn't know it!

One of the first things you must understand is that Liberals are essentially internationalist in their outlook. To them, it is immoral to put your nation first. Their ultimate goal is world government. Not many people know it, but prominent Liberal tycoon Ted Turner, the owner of CNN and several other television networks, is so internationalist-minded that he has forbidden his announcers from even using the word "foreign," because that would imply, horror of horrors, that we were Americans! On the other hand, though we Nationalists hate no one, and we recognize our kinship with our cousins of European descent and culture overseas, we do put the interests of Americans before those of other nations. We say it is treason to openly or secretly plan the transfer of our money, resources, or authority to the United Nations or any other international entity. When a Nationalist government comes to power in America, those who have betrayed our nation will be tried for treason.

Liberals say that "free trade" is good for us. We say that "free trade" only benefits super-rich international corporations and those internationalists who want to equalize our living standards with those of the Third World so that we can be more comfortably merged into a one-world government, their so-called New World Order. We say that America should trade with foreign countries, yes, but only if and when it benefits the American people. One word the Liberals never utter is the word "tariff." For over one hundred years in America, the tariff, which means just a fee charged to foreigners for the privilege of importing goods to this country, was the federal government's main source of income. Americans paid no income taxes, since the tariff provided the funds instead, and the differential in prices caused by cheap foreign labor was equalized at the border, encouraging the development of American industry. A future Nationalist government will once again encourage American industry and restore our status as the leading industrial nation of the world.

Liberals will tell you that, since everyone is inherently equal, that the cause of inner-city crime and violence is poverty - and naturally that poverty is all our fault. Nationalists recognize the facts of Nature, and one of those facts is that some groups do not belong in our advanced Western society. The result of their being forced to live with us is unhappiness and resentment, and all too often crime and violence. A future nationalist government will not force incompatible peoples to live together just to validate some crack-brained social theory. We will let each people have its own territory and true independence and freedom.

Liberals say that guns cause violent crime. They don't trust the people with effective firearms, and they would like to arrange things so that only the police and the military have them. Nationalists understand that an armed population is our only defense against criminals and against tyranny by Liberals or anyone else. Nationalists demand the right of our people to be armed, just as our founding fathers did, and for the same reason - because we know the government is not always benevolent.

Liberals say we should subsidize the never-ending maternity of those in the very lowest-achieving and least productive sectors of our society, and tax the producers to do it. Nationalists say that we should discourage the lowest among the low from having children, who would only continue the cycle of dependence and misery into future generations. Instead of paying welfare mothers and sending food or low-interest loans to Third World countries; let's give subsidies and low-interest loans to our own young married couples so they can have a better chance at getting an early start at raising children who will be a credit to their nation.

For decades, Liberals have flushed our money down the toilet in their never-ending pursuit to change the laws of Nature and bring their twisted dream of "brotherhood" to fruition. Not only have they spent all the money they could squeeze by taxes and inflation out of our productive people, but they have also mortgaged our children's birthright by deficit spending. For years, these deceivers and liars told us that "deficit spending is good for you ... it stimulates the economy ... we only owe it to ourselves, etc., etc." Now the chickens have come home to roost, and we are faced with a debt of immense proportions and potentially catastrophic consequences. Nationalists say that government expenditures will always fall upon the shoulders of the productive portion of the American people, and should be limited to those necessary government functions to guarantee our security and secure the future of our children. Crackpot schemes of world salvation should only be funded by those foolish enough to believe in them.

Keep on thinking free - and keep on listening to AMERICAN DISSIDENT VOICES.

For the very latest program update, and for our eye-opening catalog of books and tapes, send $1 to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.

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