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Program of 20th March, 1993

The Fallacy of "Equality"

Welcome to American Dissident Voices, the only program on the radio today that dares to speak the uncensored truth about the decline and imminent fall of America and of Western Civilization itself. I'm your host, Kevin Alfred Strom.

No one over the age of 35 could possibly be unaware of the fact that our nation and our civilization are very sick indeed. I'm 36 years old, and among my family and friends in my age group or higher we regularly use the term "the old America" when referring to any of the attributes or qualities that America used to have when she was a healthy, vital, optimistic, and progressive nation. Our younger listeners may be able to get an impression of what America used to be like by talking to older family members or watching old dramas or newsreels. When we think of the bright and happy faces of schoolchildren from the 1950's or earlier - that is the old America. When we remember city parks and streets and tidy neighborhoods that were safe for women and children, day and night - that is the old America. When we recall a New York City or a Los Angeles that was still populated by Americans and lacking such modern additions as drug killings, gang violence, and ubiquitous pornography and prostitution - that is the old America. When we cast our minds back to a day when a dollar's work was given for a dollar's pay; when a man's word was his bond; when everyone still knew the meaning of the word "honor" - that was the old America.

Today, the old America is gone forever. Those of us unlucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area know the feeling of unease and mistrust as we emerge from behind our multiple locks and security systems to face the multicultural urban jungle. Those of us in the business world know the feeling of "every man for himself" that pervades a marketplace often devoid of any sense of honor or decency. Americans working in the public sector could tell a thousand tales of the petty dictators, pious hypocrites, and plain old crooks and criminals that infest and increasingly dominate the bureaucracy today.

Now, there are a lot of reasons and explanations given for the transformation of that relatively happy and pleasant land that I call the old America into the America of today: A dog-eat-dog polyglot mixing bowl, politically dominated by the special interests, and combining the worst features of socialism and capitalism.

Many of these explanations have a modicum of truth in them. There is no doubt that increased crime, a paternalistic welfare state, the decline of the moral authority of the established churches and the parallel rise of belief in weird "new age" doctrines of the supernatural, and the breakup of the natural family due to economic factors and the pernicious influence of feminism have all had their deleterious effects. And secondly, there is also no doubt that there has been a deliberate effort on the part of rich and powerful internationalists and their leftist allies to put an end to America's independence and erase her traditions, values, and genetic and cultural heritage.

But these things, important as they are, are not the major reason for the transformation of the old America into the uneasy, unhappy, and fractured America of today.

Despite my love and high regard for the America I grew up in, and despite my hopes for her ultimate restoration, I must confess: The old America had within her the seed of her own destruction. That seed was the fallacy of equality.

Egged on by America's enemies and by well-meaning Liberal dupes, Americans have pursued the phantom of equality to the point where we have almost totally destroyed our unity. Let me explain what I mean.

The America of the recent past had unity. Prior to 1965, over 90% of our citizens were of European descent. We shared a common language and a common culture. Though our religious beliefs were not identical, we shared almost all of our values and our moral code in common. We shared a common belief in the principles of limited government and personal freedom and responsibility enshrined in our Constitution. When people share a common set of ideals, they find it easy to live under the government and laws that their representatives have chosen, for those laws are consonant with their inborn needs and values. When people share a common or extremely similar genetic and cultural heritage, they tend to value the same things, and they tend to have a feeling of community that helps them get along well together.

When, however, the people of a country are divided into different and sometimes hostile interest groups, that unity is lost. Some of those differing interests could be based on natural and irreconcilable differences, such as ethnic differences; and some of them might be based merely on different economic or political points of view. But in either case, when the line is crossed from national unity to national disunity, the nation and the people suffer. What one group demands as a right - another group wants to outlaw. Abortion is a good example of this. If one group isn't as economically prosperous as another - the group at the bottom wants to take what the other group has - and the group on top thinks they are being robbed. Doesn't that pretty well describe the sorry state of race relations in this country over the last few decades? By pursuing the idea of equality - that these differences in culture or in ethnic heritage don't matter - we have transformed our society from the unified and relatively happy America of the 1950's into the endlessly squabbling and occasionally violent mish-mash of cultures and values of today. We have decided that it's wicked to recognize these differences - our equality mania has led us to think that it is bad manners to notice that people from Samoa or Lapland are different from us. We have taken the idea of equality so far in this country that we have entirely lost any sense of our national identity. We have come to believe that an American is anyone standing on this side of an imaginary line drawn on a map. Our younger listeners, who have had this crazy idea stuffed down their throats in the public schools and on TV for years, may find it difficult to believe; but it didn't used to be that way in America, and it still isn't that way in most countries on planet Earth. A nation is actually a biological entity much more than it is a political entity. It is based less on ideas than on blood. Regardless of what type of government they choose, the Japanese are still Japanese, and a Finn or a Frenchman or an American visiting Japan cannot become Japanese no matter what he does. The Japanese are a people with a healthy sense of identity - a sense which too many Americans have lost. It is our mistaken belief in universal human equality that has led us to this tragic loss of identity and unity.

It is indeed unfortunate that the genius and patriot, Thomas Jefferson, chose the poetic but inexact and potentially misleading phrase "all men are created equal" to be a part of our Declaration of Independence. Jefferson certainly did not mean by that phrase what most of us take it to mean today. He did not mean to imply that all men were equally endowed with intelligence or creativity or energy or diligence or moral sense. He did not mean that a Hottentot or Kickapoo or Chinaman was exactly the same as an Anglo-Saxon or a Frenchman. His contemporary writings and public statements strongly indicate that had you suggested such theories to him, he would have judged you insane and more than likely laughed you out of the room.

It is true, to be sure, that Jefferson had a healthy contempt for the unnatural aristocracy of state and church that imposed its will upon the bodies and minds of men at the time. He had, in his own words, "sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man - that is why the clergy oppose me." But Jefferson believed that this tyranny was unjust precisely because it prevented the naturally talented and intelligent members of his society from rising to their proper place, in a natural aristocracy of true merit that could only exist in the free society he sought to build.

What Thomas Jefferson really meant, and which he was understood to mean by all his contemporaries, was that Englishmen and Colonists ought to be equal in the sense that they had rights that the government and the King were bound to recognize and respect; and that any government that trod roughly over these rights should be overthrown by the people. Sounds a bit like a dangerous right-wing extremist, doesn't he?

What a contrast to the interpretation of his words in America today! Today, Jefferson's words "all men are created equal" are used indirectly to justify things that he would have found manifestly unjust and insane: the imposition of racial quotas in hiring and education, the forced integration of the public schools, the creation of the world's first politically protected disease - AIDS - and a thousand other things that characterize the equality jag that America has been on since the Second World War.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a story some years ago which described an absurd world in which the idea of equality was carried to its ultimate extreme. I may not remember it exactly, but as I recall, in this imaginary world, people who had strong bodies were forced to carry huge stones on their backs so that they could walk no better than those who were crippled. Those who could see normally had their eyes put out so that they would be equal to the blind. Healthy babies had limbs cut off so they would be equal to those born with birth defects. Beautiful girls had their faces disfigured so that they would be equal to the ugly. Equality is frightening idea when it is put that way, isn't it? But it really isn't so different from the very real world of Communism, which for more than seventy years murdered, tortured, and consigned millions of human beings to a living hell in the name of an impossible equality. In the name of equality, independent farmers had to be starved into submission; businessmen had to be dispossessed; and all those with loyalty to their families or to their nation's ancient traditions had to be beaten into submission or killed. All those who, by dint of their hard work or natural abilities, had risen above the level of the lowest of the low, were dragged down into the dirt in an orgy of envy and blood-lust engineered by criminals who called themselves "communists" and who knew very well that equality was impossible and who intended to set themselves up as the new masters in the slave-state erected upon the foundation of the fallacy of equality.

I am sorry to have to say it, but America is presently headed in the same direction today. But it doesn't have to be that way. If enough intelligent Americans will have the courage to stand up and say "Enough is enough! I'm not going to take it any more!" then the juggernaut of "equality" that is destroying our nation can be stopped. The enemies of America will try to convince you that you're a bigot, a hater, and an extremist if you recognize the fact of human inequality, but that simply isn't so.

The simple and plain truth of the matter is that people are different. This doesn't mean that in recognizing that fact we "hate" anyone or any group. Recognizing facts will help us solve problems and that will beneficial to everybody in the long run. But it is a fact that some individuals are more intelligent or faster runners or better artists than are others. This may not be "fair" to those less well endowed with desirable characteristics but it is a fact. It is a dangerous delusion to believe that what we wish to be real actually is real. What is true for individuals is also true for nations and ethnic groups. It would be ridiculous for us to claim that Americans or Europeans are better sprinters than Nigerians, or that we are better oarsmen than the Pacific Islanders. Just the same, it would be insane for Samoa or Uganda to claim to equal us in the construction of supercomputers or the composition of classical symphonies. It is time for us to recognize simple reality.

In the name of equality we now have school districts in which dozens or sometimes hundreds of languages are used in a hopeless attempt to educate the children there. In the name of equality we now have colleges in which a large and rising percentage of the graduates are foreigners, while American boys and girls flip hamburgers, unable to get into these schools. In the name of equality we now have politics by riot, when the surest way to insure that court decisions go your way and federal money comes to you, is to burn and kill and rape on a mass scale. In the name of equality, we now have a society so disunited that it is impossible to get a fair trial, since the verdict is almost entirely dependent on the racial composition of the jury. In the name of equality, we have a public health bureaucracy that is putting all of us at risk of catching the inevitably deadly AIDS virus by refusing to institute rigorous testing and reporting requirements for all those in high-risk groups and those in close contact with the public like doctors and restaurant workers. In the name of equality, we now have a public and private sector that hire and promote not on the basis of merit or ability, but rather on the basis of an employee's membership or lack thereof in a currently favored racial or sexual or other group. This last policy is guaranteed to lower our efficiency and productivity, a fact which I'm sure is not lost on the Japanese and other nations now rising to power in the post-Cold War period.

No society so fractured, so disunited, and so wasteful of its own resources and talents will long survive on Earth. The myth of equality must be exposed for what it really is: at best, a delusion - at worst, a malicious lie used by the enemies of America to destroy us.

We Americans need more than anything else to become educated as to the truth about our perilous situation, and we need to understand the true facts of American history. The liberal media and the public schools are not going to give us these facts, so it is up to us to do the research and find out the facts for ourselves.

For those of you in my audience who understand that we live in dangerous times, and who feel the call of patriotism to do something about it, I am going to be making a very special offer to you today. If you will help us by making a donation at least equal to the costs of the materials, to keep this program on the air, so that we can keep informing our fellow Americans about the facts that they must know if we are going to restore this nation, then I will send to you two important books and one cassette tape that every patriot should read and hear.

I'll send you The Iron Curtain Over America, a 267-page book by military intelligence officer and fearless patriot John Beaty. The Iron Curtain Over America exposes in detail the takeover of American institutions by anti-American and internationalist forces during the middle years of the twentieth century. No American can possibly understand our present situation without the historical background provided by The Iron Curtain Over America.

I'll also send you the masterful America's Decline by the brilliant writer and classical scholar Dr. Revilo P. Oliver. America's Decline is a 375-page magisterial analysis of what it is that has made Americans such easy dupes of their enemies, and an overview of the patriotic efforts to take this country back.

And finally, I'll also include a cassette tape recording of Dr. Oliver's outstanding, witty, and informative speech, What We Owe Our Parasites. This speech will stir you and move you as at last Dr. Oliver, with inimitable style, removes the blinders from your eyes so that you can finally see what is being done to you, your family, and your nation. You will never be the same after listening to What We Owe Our Parasites.

All of these items - the two books, The Iron Curtain Over America and America's Decline, and the cassette What We Owe Our Parasites, are available to you for a minimum donation of $27.40 as our Radio Offer Number 3. This collection is a fine beginning for any patriot's library shelf. And I'm sure I need not remind you that you will not find them at your local bookstore. Just send as much as you can afford to help us stay on the air, a minimum of $27.40, and ask for Radio Offer Number 3. Write to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. I'll repeat that address in a few moments.

Do send for Radio Offer Number 3 today. And until next week, I urge you to tell your friends and neighbors about this program. Together, we will rekindle the flickering flame of patriotism in America and all across our Western world.

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