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Program of 2/27/93

The Criminal in the White House

Welcome to American Dissident Voices. American Dissident Voices is a new kind of radio program. We bring you news and ideas that are distorted or covered up by the controlled media. Like the nationalists of Eastern Europe in the 1980's, American nationalists are finally starting to be heard from. You'll hear them, uncensored for the first time, on American Dissident Voices. Your host is Kevin Alfred Strom.

I do not know how you came upon this radio program. You may have tuned us in at random, fascinated by our opening announcement. A fellow patriot may have told you to tune us in for our uncensored, pro-American viewpoint. Whatever the case, what I do know, with a fair degree of certainty, is this: You share with us a concern for the future of our nation, for our children, and for our children's children. You share with us dismay and revulsion at the growing degeneracy of our society. You share with us profound misgivings about the wisdom of turning our beloved America into a Third World slum. In other words, you're a patriot, that type of person so reviled and hated by the controlled media and by the Liberal establishment - that kind of person that the future of our nation depends upon. On today's program I will tell you without sugar-coating or evasion some of the very real dangers faced by our people. And I will also be telling you about an opportunity for you to join together with other patriots, both on a national and regional level, to work for a brighter future for our children, to take this country back from the irresponsible and the criminal, from the anti-American coalition that has stolen it from us.

There is no doubt that a major decline in the economic and social fortunes of America is now taking place, with the rise to power of the Clinton administration. Clinton, who is at heart not so much a malevolent conspirator as he is a sleazy, lying politician with the morals of a carnival shell-game operator, has nevertheless sold out completely to those who do conspire to take away our freedoms and our heritage, to those who do plan to destroy everything we hold dear and which our ancestors struggled, fought, and died to procure for us.

The coalition that elected Clinton, though carefully kept out of the spotlight during the election campaign, has certainly been there all along. Now that the election is safely over, many of the unsavory elements in that coalition are slithering out into the light of day and demanding the payback for their campaign support - demanding that Clinton and his entourage come through for them as promised.

Prominent among these are the perverts, who now demand that they be integrated into our armed services, and who further demand the legally protected right to be close to our children as teachers, scoutmasters, and counselors. Of course, even under the Bush administration the deviants got nearly everything they wanted - they squelched all moves to institute rigorous AIDS testing, for example, and so now we are left completely unprotected from AIDS-infected doctors, dentists, restaurant workers, etc., etc., just so that the jolly boys can continue their deadly fun without any nasty or inconvenient restrictions on what they like to call their "human rights and dignity." (Regular listeners to this program will realize that the phrase "human rights and dignity" are just code words for sodomy.) I don't mention this to go into a discourse on the homosexual movement, but just to point out to you that if you think it's bad now, just wait. The pervert lobby is going to seize the opportunity presented by the compliant Clinton administration to write into law its every whim and desire. A friend of mine recently quipped that the Army was going to start a new unit called the "Queen Berets." That's funny now, but in a few years, laughing at such a joke may be grounds for losing your job or even going to jail.

Next in line for the goodies are the minority activists. Quotas, hiring preferences, special favoritism in awarding government contracts and scholarships, laws making it illegal to express opinions contrary to multicultural "political correctness," removal of whatever few restrictions still remain on Third World immigration - all of these things and more are on the agenda of those who now have the ear of the President and the ruling party. They are those who have always hated America, her heritage, and her traditional values. And in the Bill and Hilary administration, they are going to get their way - in spades.

Also promised a larger slice of power, money, and influence are the radical feminists. Surely, no one has failed to notice that the embarrassing succession of lawbreakers that Clinton has nominated for Attorney General have all been women. Now it is not this reporter's position that there could never be a female candidate for an office of cabinet rank - but isn't it a bit strange that Mr. Clinton, who piously maintains that he is just seeking "the best person for the job," has nominated a succession of females only from a profession in which women are in the decided minority? It's payback, friends, payback to the so-called "feminists" who constitute one of the greatest threats to our families, to our children, and to the very basis of our nation's life. I suggest you read some of the radical feminist literature yourself to see how vile these people really are. You will find that they have a burning hatred toward men, that they wish to see normal sex and the normal family consisting of man, woman, and children abolished, that they have an essentially lesbian agenda, that they view an unborn child as a "parasitic organism" which ought to be killed. You will be shocked and alarmed when you realize that we have elected to the Presidency a man beholden to such evil.

Now one of things I often do on this program is to show you, as clearly as I can, that things are often not as they appear to be on the television news or in your daily newspaper. Americans should be alarmed by the fact that they have stupidly elected a man backed by a coalition of America-haters, lesbians, fruitcakes, hate-filled minority activists, gun-grabbers, infantile liberals, and other assorted social misfits. They should have been alarmed by the advancement of that anti-American agenda for years, regardless of whether tweedledum-Democrat or tweedledee-Republican was in office. We Americans need to understand that the conspirators who are destroying our country have near total control of the major media and use that control to advance their anti-American agenda on every front. For ample proof of that fact, I urge you to send for a free copy of our meticulously documented research report, Who Rules America? Most of all, our enemies use their media to lull us to sleep, to make us think that everything's all right. They love it when Americans spend hours every evening watching television. That means that those Americans aren't out there trying to do something to save their nation and their people.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for American patriots to turn off the television, educate themselves, awaken their neighbors, family, and friends, and begin to organize. America's enemies are highly organized and vocal. It is their agenda that dominates the media and moves the politicians. If we are to survive as a people, we, too, must organize. The time to begin is now.

The organization behind this series of broadcasts and behind the publishing efforts of National Vanguard Books is the National Alliance. The National Alliance is a group of patriotic men and women who are working every day to awaken our people to their plight and to organize them to resist the tyranny that is being imposed upon us. Not only White Americans, but Europeans and those of kindred heritage around the world are also a part of our Alliance. Our mission at this point in history is one of education. For unless our people wake up from the TV-induced slumber that clouds their minds and chains their bodies, there is indeed no hope for America.

As I have already outlined, our national situation is already an emergency. But one thing that should give you consolation is the fact that you are not alone. The very triumph of the anti-American coalition is causing more and more Americans to withdraw in disgust from the fixed political process. More and more of us are beginning to realize that the Democrat-and-Republican game is just an exercise in futility, a farce in which the voter has no real choice. On America's campuses, long considered a "no-go" area for any ideas to the right of Jesse Jackson, the dictatorship of the Marxists and of the politically correct is now being openly challenged. Winds of change are starting to blow. With each new "hate crime" law, with each new "affirmative action" program, with each new interracial TV comedy, with each new gun confiscation law, and with each new wave of Third World immigration, the vast and angry army of the disaffected grows.

What, then, can be done? This vast army of disaffected White Americans presents us with an opportunity. But the task before us is immense and difficult. The power and money of the enemies of America seem limitless. Even taken as a whole, the patriotic forces in this country at this time are totally unequal to any contest for power. These cold, hard facts, unpleasant as they are, help us refine our strategy, and direct our efforts toward what is actually possible. Patriots do not need to recruit a majority of the population in order to be successful. It has always been dedicated, disciplined minorities which have been the makers of history. The vast majority will stand on the sidelines in every conflict, until circumstances force them to act. Of course, these facts do not free us from the responsibility to recruit large numbers of people - many hundreds of thousands more than we have now - but we must always keep in mind that we are recruiting only the best among the population - a vanguard group that will be able to build a professional organization and an uncompromising movement that one day will lead this country back to freedom and greatness once again.

There is much to be done. The National Alliance needs many different kinds of members. We need writers and carpenters, physicists and photographers, architects and actors, business men and artists. We need those who see the necessity of our patriotic task and are willing to give everything they've got to the effort. And we need members who can inspire that kind of dedication in others; members who will lead lives of exemplary sacrifice and devotion. You may think we're asking a lot - too much, perhaps. We do this because we are serious about winning this struggle for our people. We do this because we can't afford to waste our efforts - the stakes are too high. We ask for members who will bring real resources, skills, and abilities to the problems at hand, and we ask for members with exceptional dedication, patience, and persistence - because nothing less will do the job.

Presently, the National Alliance has, through National Vanguard Books, and this program, American Dissident Voices, the ability to inspire and educate the patriots we are able to reach. With your support, we will continue this effort on an ever-increasing scale. We will expand our capabilities, not only increasing the production and distribution of printed materials, but increasing the number of stations in our American Dissident Voices radio network, and branching out into new areas, including television. National Alliance spokesman will appear more and more frequently on college campuses, on radio talk shows, and on television news programs. And always, the impression conveyed to the public will be one of strength, intelligence, truthfulness, patriotism, and professionalism.

I hope that you will avail yourself, if you haven't already done so, of the marvellous educational opportunity offered by the National Vanguard Books catalog and its recommended reading list. As you examine and consider the books, tapes, and magazines that we publish and distribute, and as you continue to listen to American Dissident Voices; I hope you'll come to understand that no other patriotic organization has the skilled personnel, the seriousness, the understanding of fundamental principles, the fighting spirit, or the realistic chance for ultimate success of the National Alliance.

Members receive our monthly publication, the National Alliance Bulletin, and are regularly updated on our educational outreach efforts via campus mailings, local patriotic meetings, literature distributions, shareholder resolutions at major corporations, and additions to our radio station network. Members receive a free subscription to our magazine, NATIONAL VANGUARD, and regular updates of new book and tape additions to the National Vanguard Books catalog. In some areas members can join a local unit, and work with fellow patriots in their community in educating their fellow citizens. And always, the ongoing financial support that members provide is the lifeblood of this program.

Needless to say, this program does not have the funding of the Liberal foundations or the millions of the controlled media behind it.

We are completely dependent upon the donations of patriots like you to keep this unique program on the air. We simply cannot do it without your help. Many of you have sent substantial donations, and we sincerely thank you. But even the largest of these gifts is only enough to pay our radio bill for a week or two at most. We simply must have the continuing, regular support of the many small donors, who give ten, twenty, or more dollars per month to keep this enterprise alive. If you believe that this program is worthwhile, won't you please consider applying for membership in the National Alliance? Our dues structure begins at a very reasonable ten dollars per month. Ten dollars is less than most of you spend on cable TV each month. It is about what it costs to have lunch for two in a cheap restaurant. Isn't this program and the battle for the minds of our fellow Americans worth that small investment?

Despite the decadence of our people, and the power of the destructive forces that imperil our nation, you and I are lucky to be living in these times. Unlike the nationalists of Eastern Europe before the fall of Communism, we do not have to work in secret. Our publications are not yet outlawed. Our freedom of speech has not yet been completely stifled. But if we fail, if patriots do nothing, then all these things - and worse, much worse - are coming. If you think you have what it takes, then I'm asking you to join us. Whether you can best serve by joining your efforts to ours here at the national office; or in the role of an activist and spokesman for our cause in your local community; or as an influential member of society, helping our work with influence and intelligence from behind the scenes; or as a supporter, providing the necessary financial and physical infrastructure that makes all our other work possible; you now have an opportunity to become a part of our great patriotic movement for the cleansing and restoration of our nation and civilization. Future generations, if there are any, will look with favor upon those who did their duty.

Please write for further information and a membership application today. Our address is National Alliance, Department R, Post Office Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA. That's Department R, Post Office Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA.

As a special incentive to encourage you to respond to this program, we are today offering one of the most stirring and illuminating speeches ever committed to audio tape. The speech is entitled Our Cause by Dr. William Pierce, Chairman of the National Alliance. It is an in-depth exposition of the spiritual, philosophical, and political basis of our movement for national renewal. "Our purpose is the Creator's purpose," says Dr. Pierce, "the purpose for which Beethoven wrote and Newton pondered...." No understanding of the patriotic movement can be complete without the knowledge provided by this tape. Our Cause is available to you this week for a donation of $12 or more to keep this program on the air. Whether you are just curious about what we stand for, or if you want to understand on the very deepest level the root causes of America's and Western Civilization's decline and what we can do about it; Our Cause will answer your questions and inspire you to action. To receive this masterpiece of the spoken word by one of America's foremost patriots, just send a donation of $12 or more, and ask for Radio Offer Number 11. And if you are one of our international listeners, whether in Europe, Australia, South Africa, or any nation of our Western Civilization, please be assured that the message of Our Cause applies just as much to you as to Americans. Write to National Vanguard Books, Department R, Post Office Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA. That's $12 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, Post Office Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA. And remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 11.

This is Kevin Alfred Strom saying thank you for listening and I'll talk to you next week on American Dissident Voices.

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