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Program of 19th February, 1994

Nationalist Rumblings

Thank you, Richard Cotten. A few weeks ago, I speculated on these airwaves about the genuineness or lack thereof of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the victorious Liberal Democratic Party in Russia. Despite its name, Russia's Liberal Democratic Party is nothing like liberal Democrats in the US - in fact, the liberals that afflict the US hate Zhirinovsky and his party because he claims to represent the Russian people's will to survive as a people, and we all know that the World Government agenda that lurks behind the humanitarian facade of Liberalism is unremittingly hostile to the national independence and freedom of Russia, of America, or of any other nation. Zhirinovsky articulates a policy of Russia for the Russians, and has steadfastly opposed the looting of Russia by international financiers, and the importation into Russia of numerous ethnic minorities in imitation of the internationalists' similar program in America and Western Europe.

On the other hand, Zhirinovsky is reported in the mainstream media to have said a number of very stupid and irresponsible things, such as calling for the incorporation of Alaska and part of Poland into Russia; and for the re-incorporation of former Soviet Republics into Russia. He has also been accused of being of half-Jewish ancestry by other Nationalists who question his loyalty to Russia. He has been accused of being an agent of the KGB, a toothless caricature of a Nationalist designed to dilute the people's support of real Russian Nationalists. What is the truth? I cannot answer that question at this time, but I can bring to light some very interesting information on this developing situation.

First, we have this report from the Associated Press:

Additionally, we have this report from Reuters News Agency:

That isn't all. I have received word from an independent source that Zhirinovsky held a meeting while in Germany with a Nationalist leader, Mr. Manfred Roeder, leader of the German Citizen's Initiative. In this meeting Zhirinovsky reportedly told Roeder that his party will work to expose the myths of sole German guilt for WWII and the phony atrocity stories which have been the basis for suppressing freedom of speech in Germany and bleeding her white with billions in supposed "reparations" paid to Israel, a country which did not even exist at the time. Zhirinovsky also reportedly pledged his party's support to Nationalists around the world.

Which Zhirinovsky is the real Zhirinovsky? I say that we should be watching Zhirinovsky very carefully in the next few months, as he consolidates his astounding parliamentary victory. What he actually does will tell us more than a thousand accusations or plaudits. And the victory of his party, no matter what the problems with its origin or its leader, is a very healthy sign. I for one will be watching him with hope in my heart for a new resurgence of Nationalism, freedom, and independence in this world; and for a setback of many years if not decades in the internationalists' evil plan to submerge all nations and races into their dictatorial New World Order.

While we're on the subject of European Nationalism, let me report to you a couple of interesting items that may have escaped your attention or been unreported in the controlled media.

Late last year I reported to you that an up-and-coming patriot-nationalist group in Britain called the British National Party, or BNP for short, led by Mr. John Tyndall, had scored its first electoral victory in a local council election. The BNP candidate, Mr. Derek Beackon, won the local council election in Tower Hamlets, an area much afflicted in recent years with multiculturalism, handily beating the major parties. This despite the fact that the political establishment in Britain does everything within its power to silence and suppress the British National Party, engaging in every dirty trick in the book, including frivolous but intimidating legal actions, denial of meeting halls and media access, scurrilous lies in the press, turning a blind eye to Communist mob violence against BNP members and facilities, and even going to the extent of imprisoning BNP leaders for exercising free speech. You see, in Britain, the Jewish lobby has succeeded in criminalizing certain political points of view, expression of which can lead to long prison sentences. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, which usually authors these laws, is even as I speak lobbying across America for passage of similar laws. Despite all of these roadblocks, the hard-working leaders and supporters of the BNP managed to offer the voters a real alternative to the establishment parties - and the voters agreed with them. In fact, the mainstream paper, the East London Advertiser conducted a telephone poll of its readers and found that an astonishing 81 per cent of them supported the British National Party! This news bodes well for patriots in Britain. Obviously more and more Britons are seeing the light and are looking for a patriotic alternative to the "approved" major parties which are leading them into a multicultural/world government dead end. Let us hope that their kin in America, Canada, and Europe follow their lead. We'll be following these developments closely and we'll be hearing from the leader of the BNP, Mr. John Tyndall, who is one of his nation's finest writers, thinkers and speakers, in the coming weeks on American Dissident Voices.

Let me close this section on Britain with a few select quotes from Mr. John Tyndall himself.

On the subject of the multicultural program as imposed on Britain, he has stated:

On the subject of his recent electoral victory, he said:

On the subject of the struggle ahead, he says:

To John Tyndall and his rising British National Party go our best wishes.

On December 21st, the CIA issued a report, called a National Intelligence Estimate, indicating that the conflict in the former Yugoslavia will most likely be resolved by ethnic partitioning. While I don't have time to go into all the specific predictions it makes for the new boundaries of the nations in that region, I think it is very significant that the prediction made is that areas that are ethnically Macedonian will be ceded to Macedonia, areas that ethnically Serbian will have to be granted to Serbia despite the widespread disapproval of Serbia's role in this conflict, that areas that are ethnically Albanian will become part of Albania, etc. There is a lesson we all should learn from the breakup of the artificial nation of Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia was created by the forced union of several neighboring peoples after World War I. In the turmoil of WWII it broke up into several warring factions, but was reunited under the iron heel of Communist dictator Tito after that war. Once it became clear toward the end of the 1980s that Soviet support for the Communist battalions was no longer forthcoming, the country again began to split up into its component parts. Something similar happened to another artificial multi-ethnic "nation," Czechoslovakia (which is now Slovakia and the Czech Republic), and for much the same reason, though Czechslovakia's breakup did not involve border disputes and memories of recent wars between the peoples living there, and so, thankfully, was a peaceful one.

The lesson we must learn is this: Multiculturalism does not work, and can only be imposed at gunpoint. Even when the peoples are somewhat similar ethnically, such as in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, it still does not work. Every group that considers itself a distinct and unique people has the desire for and ought to have the right to independence, freedom, and self-government. By bringing into our nation multiplying millions who are not only not American, but who are culturally and genetically near the opposite poles of the human spectrum from the traditional European-American, we are making a tragic mistake which can only sow the seeds of misery, resentment, hate, violence, repression, and war. That is not the kind of future that our children and grandchildren deserve, and it is not kindness or humanitarianism that motivates those in the vanguard of making America into a multicultural morass. They well know that in the final analysis multiculturalism will not help those of any ethnic group, and that it can only be imposed with the barrel of a gun. As their accelerating effort to disarm law-abiding Americans makes clear, they intend to be the only ones holding the guns. I will not rest until my people are alerted to the danger posed by their evil scheme.

One of the best books published in 1993, and surely the finest book published by a major publisher in decades, is Jared Taylor's Paved With Good Intentions. Paved With Good Intentions documents with meticulous accuracy the failure of the liberal multicultural program. Since it is not written from a partisan political perspective, but with the strictest objectivity, it will convince all who read it, whatever their current point of view, that the liberal approach to race relations in the United States has been an absolute and utter failure.

Paved With Good Intentions is written by the Yale graduate, brilliant scholar, and lucid writer and speaker Mr. Jared Taylor. It is now available in paperback at a much-reduced cost.

Every American and every patriot should have a copy of Paved With Good Intentions. It is an amazing compilation and documentation in minute detail of the realities of race and politics in America of the 1990's. It contains in-depth racial breakdowns of statistics on crime, welfare, employment, and more. This is a new inexpensive but unabridged edition of this 416-page book, filled with materials for researchers, with an extensive bibliography and footnotes. While it tells the truths that so many do not want to hear - many of them hard, frightening truths - in the final analysis Paved With Good Intentions is an optimistic book. For no matter what side of the racial divide or the political spectrum you occupy, it must be acknowledged that the great problems of our age can only be solved if we acknowledge the facts of reality. If we are rational, we must recognize them and deal with them. No matter how hard we may try, we cannot ignore the facts of race. This book performs the great service of placing these facts before us objectively. You can obtain this book for yourself and your family today, and also support the continued airing of American Dissident Voices on this station through our Radio Offer Number 21. Just send as large a donation as you think my efforts are worth, a minimum of $14, to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA and ask for Radio Offer Number 21. That's $14 or more for Radio Offer Number 21. You'll also receive a copy of our new Book Catalog #15 with your copy of Paved With Good Intentions.

Until next week at this same time and station, this is Kevin Alfred Strom saying do right, and fear no one.

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