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Program of 5th February, 1994

America's Fall

Thank you Richard Cotten.

I was reading a couple of articles the other day published a number of years ago by Britain's Northern League, which were kindly sent to me by a friend and listener to our shortwave broadcasts in Torquay, England, Mr. Mark Cotterill. Today's program, which I call AMERICA'S FALL, is based on those articles.

Almost 140 years ago, Professor G. Smith, in his Oxford Essays for 1856, tried to drive home to his readers the state of Rome in her days of decay and decadence before the fall of the Empire by drawing a fanciful picture of what England might be like were she equally decadent. The article describes how "Smith's graphic description of a once-great nation, which had lost both its nationhood and its morals in a vast cosmopolitan frenzy of selfish sensuality brought a moving spectacle to the mind of the complacent Englishman of the period - an imaginative picture of his own nation in what then seemed to be an impossible state of decay, so that the Victorian reader only nestled more deeply into his chair, and thanked his fortune that the Pax Britannicus could never suffer such a severe and nauseating demise as that which overtook ancient Rome. Yet, to read Dr. Smith's analogy today, we find it no longer so fanciful, so impossibly conjectural, as it may then have seemed. Today many of the analogies he draws with ancient Rome are coming true!"

I thought I would begin the program this week with my own version, slightly updated and Americanized, but with all the essential and prophetic warnings intact, of Professor Smith's depiction of ancient Rome's decline:

In order to convey to the uninitiated some idea of the state of society under the latter days of Rome, let us picture to ourselves a few social and political analogies to our own America.

An entire revolution has taken place. Half the population of Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles subsist upon welfare dispensed by the government.

The descendants of the founders of the Republic are declining in population. The sons of independent-minded Midwestern farmers, of cultured Southern planters and artisans, of sturdy Eastern laborers, of the explorers and pioneers who made our nation span a continent and made her the greatest, richest and freest nation ever known have been drafted into marching regiments throughout this century and have been sent to die and leave their bleached bones in foreign wars which had nothing whatsoever to do with protecting or defending America. They died in France - in Italy - in the Pacific - in Korea - in Vietnam - in Iraq - in Somalia. In their place we have imported countless herds of aliens - from Africa, from Central America, from the Caribbean, from Asia. These provide cheap labor for the rich who can, with their money, insulate themselves and their families from these non-Americans who till the fields and crowd the workshops and factories of our towns - crowd them almost to the entire exclusion of our native laborers. Our lower classes (and increasingly our middle classes) cannot insulate themselves from this invasion, and must suffer the stress and degradation and alienation of living, eating, and working among aliens. But the rich and the powerful buy their acquiescence with shallow amusements and degrading debauchery. Gradually, the native population merges and intermarries with the aliens and forms a degraded and easily manipulated mass. And what of the moral condition of this mass? No tongue may tell of the orgies and outrages enacted. Suffice to say that in them the worst passions of human nature have full swing, unmodified by any thought of human or divine restraints.

No, in this age of degradation of the good and exaltation of the evil, we may conceive of America no longer as "a precious stone set in the silver sea," no longer as "the land of the free and the home of the brave," - no longer as our country at all but rather as open to the inroad of any and every foreign race. The hundreds of millions of impoverished brown ones hover on our southern border - the crowded billions of Asia gaze enviously across a now very small ocean at our wide open spaces - and the infinitely cunning nomads of the Middle East who now own our financial and information-distribution systems, and through them our politicians, are doing everything within their power to break down whatever walls our forefathers erected to keep out these human floods. These hordes outside our borders have been watching us for decades for signs of weakness, and they are as numberless as the flakes of snow in the Northern winter. They are no longer the easily defeated enemies of the past. They are prolific races, supplied from near-inexhaustible founts of population, and now are supplied with the power of our own technology which we in our foolhardiness have given them.

I must add yet one more feature to this fearful but accurate picture, and say how, a few generations forward, an even uglier thing is seen. The leaders of our society, our politicians, our business owners, our men of arts and letters, have been replaced or absorbed by foreign adventurers. The grandchildren of our former slaves, ragmen, and coolie laborers are now holding the highest offices in the land, sometimes disguising their names with American-sounding endings. Married, many of them, to American women, they look upon America only as a market to be exploited, as a hawk looks upon its prey. Allied with the corrupt politicians of our own race, they mouth the slogans of patriotism and "democracy" in order to better herd us to the slaughter. They are in truth a ruling class utterly without patriotism or principle.

Professor Smith's warning was also seconded by the great author Charles Kingsley, who added this addendum: "If you will look through the names which figure in the high places of the Roman Empire, during the fourth and fifth centuries, you will see how few of them are really Roman." Remember my program earlier this year in which I revealed to you the shocking fact that fewer than one third of Clinton's appointments were White Americans and that an astounding 53% were of the Jewish minority, making that minority group over-represented by about 2000% in proportion to its percentage of the population.

This warning - I call it a warning, though really Professor Smith merely intended it to be an analogy, intended in its original form for an audience of mid-Victorian Britons, no doubt shocked its readers. But their reaction was surely tempered by the thought that such horrors as these could never befall then-secure Britain, on whose Empire it was said that "the sun never set." How wrong they were. Similarly, an American audience of forty or fifty years ago would have felt such a warning was wildly pessimistic and would have dismissed it as unworthy of consideration. But, ladies and gentlemen, can you not see today that what Professor Smith and Charles Kingsley were talking about is exactly what has befallen us today? This is how great nations fall. Oh yes, the history books may record that on such and such a date Rome fell to an invading army. But long before that army entered Rome - decades before that army entered Rome - Rome had long since ceased to be Rome in anything but name. And the same process is occurring right now in our beloved America.

An analogy with Rome is instructive, but to really get an understanding of the pathology of our society, we must take an even longer view of our people's past. How many Americans or Europeans today have anything but the most hazy idea of the overall history of their own race? What they do know of their own forefathers rarely goes back beyond a few hundred years, and rarely even that far among our miseducated youth. Few know anything at all about the wonderful achievements of our people in building the great civilizations of the past.

We of unmixed European descent, whether we reside in Europe proper, or in America, or Australia or South Africa, or wherever, represent the surviving fragment of the great people sometimes called the European, Indo-European, Aryan or White race. Way back in the last Ice Age, Nature finished putting the finishing touches to our evolutionary development, and with the recession of that Ice Age members of our race as well as other races and subraces began to move about the world more freely. Since then the course of human history, and of the construction and destruction of civilizations, has been largely the history of the movements of the races from one geographical environment to another, as they came into contact with, conquered, enslaved, or intermarried with each other.

With the exception of the admirable civilizations of the Far East, it has been demonstrated that almost all of the classic civilizations of the past were the product of the Indo-European peoples or their related kinds. Ancient Sumeria, Egypt, the Mediterranean, Greece, and Rome were ll the work of this related family of nations. Even the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley, the ancient Aryan cultures of India and Persia and Afghanistan belong to this group. But this family was not so numerous as the record would suggest, and seldom when they invaded and conquered a country did they trouble to expel the conquered. Usually they set themselves up as a ruling aristocracy and within the course of a few centuries were absorbed among the greater numbers of the people they conquered: and despite the wide area covered by the civilizations which they founded, they are today found in their pure form only in their relatively small homeland of Europe and her recent colonies, and everywhere including in this homeland they are mixing their blood and becoming less numerous with every passing year.

So it was that the great civilizations of antiquity bred themselves out of existence. The decline of each civilization was preceded by the absorption of the Indo-European conquerors into the masses of the conquered. This was so in ancient Sumeria, and it was so in ancient Egypt, where today's population is descended not from the ancient Egyptians proper, the men who designed the pyramids, who were a now-extinct branch of the Caucasian family, but rather from the men who actually built the pyramids, the myriads of imported slaves from the conquered territories. The practice of procuring the more attractive women of the conquered races for the sexual pleasure of the conqueror is one which ultimately guaranteed the extermination of the conquering race within a few generations, and caused the death of many an empire. It was the same in ancient Greece, where the great city states had eight slaves to every true Greek. And it was the same with ancient Rome, where decay was preceded by an influx of immigrants and slaves from all parts of the Empire, whom the government eventually made into Roman citizens in a suicidal act not unlike our own Congress' granting of "amnesty" to the countless illegal aliens in our midst. By making the motley throng into official warrant, the government of Rome instantly made the word "Roman" meaningless. And by declaring that anyone standing on this side of the border is an "American," we have made that word meaningless too.

The fact is that human beings are subject to the laws of heredity just as are the members of the animal and plant kingdoms, and miscegenation, or racial mixture, has in the course of history successively eliminated each new Indo-European empire until little remains of our great civilizations of the past. Though our kinsfolk once ruled from Persia, India, and North Africa to the arctic wastes; and as recently as the turn of the last century ruled vast swaths of Asia and Africa and the Americas, today our numbers are decreasing and our frontiers are shrinking everywhere, and with increasing rapidity.

In the past, peoples moved around the world only with difficulty, and the process by which our people were absorbed and thereby destroyed was a relatively slow one. But today with rapid technological progress and easy travel this process of absorption is happening much more quickly, and is taking place not only in the areas of overseas conquest and settlement, but in the home areas also. Europe itself is reeling under the effects of an unprecedented migration of African, Middle Eastern, Oriental, and other non-European peoples. Meanwhile, the major media and governments of our nations have come under the strong influence of the Jewish minority which sees its own interests best served by a propaganda of "equality" and a portrayal of the annihilation of our race as a necessary and moral act. The biological annihilation of our people is being prepared by the preliminary annihilation of all cultural principals upon which self-defense might be based. Thus we see the normal racial feelings common to all races and sub-races being denigrated as so-called "racism" and any and all acts which lead to a mixing of the races elevated to the status of a moral ideal.

Unfortunately, although man may study and know the laws of nature, he cannot reverse them, and once this biological heritage has been destroyed, no force or power on Earth can ever restore it.

Believing profoundly, therefore, in the right of any nation or people to preserve their own culture and their own kind, and believing also in our duty to preserve our own genetic and cultural heritage, we aim to do everything within the limits of our power and the support provided by our listeners to preserve these twin heritages - for neither can survive without the other.

As you listen to our program in the coming weeks, remember always that we must bring the American and Canadian and kindred peoples of European descent around the world to an understanding of their great heritage and destiny, and bring also to them an understanding of their great peril, which is greater now than at any time in recorded history. We must unite and stand shoulder to shoulder with each other in a common front against all who would lead us to destruction. And we must never allow our common enemy to lead us again into fratricidal warfare such as the two terrible wars of this century which benefitted no one but International Communism and Zionism and left millions of our best men without issue, rotting on the battlefields of Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

We must win the hearts and minds of our kinsmen through the power of an overwhelming and all-encompassing love for our people and their heritage. We must expose the threats to that heritage, whether they consist of outright invasion and occupation such as is happening on our southern border; or if they consist of the importation of alien or destructive cultural patterns.

The task is Herculean - and the time is short - for this work of destruction once done cannot be undone. It is imperative, therefore, that all who value the wonderful heritage of our people, from Sophocles to Shakespeare, from Pythagoras to Edison, from Columbus to the Apollo moon astronauts, should rally to the standard which has been raised in their midst.

What is "gun control?" An effort by the enemies of America to disarm us, before their final grab for total power. What is "multiculturalism?" An effort by the enemies of America to dilute and ultimately destroy our sense of identity and our unity as Americans, so as to convert us into an easily manipulated and ruled mass. What is "free trade?" An effort by the enemies of America to manipulate the peoples of the world into a world government through economic integration and control of trade by faceless global bureaucrats not accountable to anyone.

You desperately need to understand what is happening to America. You need to take steps to protect yourself and your family. You need to stand together with your fellow patriots to preserve our heritage for future generations. The first step in this process of patriotic education is for you to obtain our 217-page giant-format volume of the very best articles from our patriotic newspaper from over a 12-year period, entitled The Best of Attack and National Vanguard. This book is our gift to you as our way of saying thanks for your support of this radio program. This book is an encyclopedic collection of information available nowhere else, which will explain to you in detail the dangers faced by our people and the steps that patriots can take to preserve our way of life. It is brilliantly written and richly illustrated. This book will be sent to all of you who respond this week by sending a donation of $25 or more to keep this program on the air as our Radio Offer Number 4. Just send as much as you think this program is worth, a minimum of $25, to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA; and remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 4. If you'd like a cassette copy of this program, send $12 to the same address. As always, those of you who respond in any way to our appeal will receive a copy of our big book catalog for patriots, listing over 300 books, tapes, and videos that America's enemies don't want you to see - reading our catalog is an education in itself. Always let us know the call letters of the station where you heard this program. Please send as much as you can today - the hour is later than you think, much later than you think, my fellow Americans. This is Kevin Alfred Strom saying with your help, I'll be back next week, same time, same station on American Dissident Voices.

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