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Program of 1st January, 1994

Idols Fall; Nationalism Rises

Thank you Richard Cotten.

1994 looks like it may be a year of fallen idols. The New World Order's pop-culture superstar, Michael Jackson, who was hard-sold by the controlled media to millions of young American girls (and boys too) with his mincing ways and his deliberate confusion of his racial and sexual identity, is now embroiled in a lawsuit alleging homosexual perversion and child abuse by Jackson of a number of young boys. According to press reports, Jackson has admitted to regularly sleeping with young boys in the same bed, with both he and the boys in various stages of undress. His hired help, including bodyguards, have testified under oath that he has been seen fondling and cavorting naked with underage males, most of them White. And one member of Jackson's immediate family, his sister LaToya, has stated publicly that these accusations are true. Quite likely Michael Jackson's highly placed friends in the controlled media will not be able to rescue his reputation this time. There are, apparently, still a few things that the American people will not tolerate.

When Jackson, transformed by plastic surgery, first appeared in his solo "act" on the public scene in the early 1980s, I remember thinking at the time that this person, with his lightened skin, cropped faux-Caucasian nose, trimmed lips and feminine ways could not have been a more perfect symbol for the new age of racelessness, rootless consumerism, and international pop trash culture that the leftist elite have been imposing on the unwilling peoples of the West, including America, for the last several decades. He was an androgynous freak, to be sure, repulsive to any decent man or woman - but he was not marketed to men and women: the masters of the media had him squat and twitch before the innocent eyes of our children. With technically excellent production and the best marketing men that money can buy, he produced huge profits for his backers and himself. And the result most ardently desired by his backers and handlers was also achieved - the seduction of a generation by a media-generated image that was a negation of everything that our civilization stands for. Our traditions and our deepest convictions tell us that men ought to be masculine and women ought to be feminine - Jackson's manner was effeminate, and his sexual identity was not easily discerned. And every healthy person, whatever his ethnic background, ought to acknowledge and take pride in his race. Jackson was born Black, but has spent unknown sums of money on skin-lightening treatments and plastic surgery, including hair-straightening, lip and nose reduction, and chin sculpting; all of which have generated comments, many of them from his fellow Blacks, that he was trying to look White. He succeeded, not in looking White, but in blurring his racial identity in much the same way that he blurred his sexual identity. What kind of example were Jackson's promoters holding up to the young people of America? How far we have fallen from the days when our young people looked up to real heroes like Charles Lindbergh, George Washington, and Davy Crockett. I guess the old-line heroes are too square now, they don't appear under flashing lights with the hypnotic beat of amplified jungle music at 150 decibels; and they don't fit in with the New World Order that the masters of the media (and their servants like Bill Clinton) are pushing on us - they're too reminiscent of the Old America, of Nationalism, of Patriotism, of pride in our heritage. In this era of growing world government, those who are taking away America's independence and freedom would prefer that we forget America's real heroes: instead they place before the impressionable eyes of our young boys and girls a plastic god like Michael Jackson, who, Pepsi in one hand and his crotch in the other, will subconsciously convince them that a Third World America and homosexual perversion are really cool, man.

Now it is quite possible that if these revelations about Jackson's allegedly sleeping and bathing naked and engaging in perverted sex with prepubescent boys had been delayed by a few years, that the media will have by that time managed to convince the boobs that paedophilia is just another "alternative lifestyle," as they have convinced the unthinking that homosexual perversion not involving little children is just A-OK now. Maybe Jackson's actions were just a little bit ahead of the wave of degeneracy being promoted by the masters of the major media. The people who are trying to change America into a Third World nightmare that wouldn't even be recognizable to our founding fathers have the money and the power to reward their faithful servants and to cover up their indiscretions. I suspect that they reward their faithful servants with more than just money. If the allegations about Jackson's unusual sexual bill of fare are true, one has to wonder if these young boys were bonuses paid to Jackson for a job well done, if they were provided or facilitated by the powers behind the scenes who also cater to the usually more normal sexual appetites of the governors, congressmen, and presidents who serve them well.

The fact that teen idol Jackson is now falling into the dust is a sign that the wave of degeneracy that he represents is not the only wave of social change in this country. There is also a wave of Nationalism in America, both White American Nationalism and Black African Nationalism, that rejects the destructive influence of the predatory capitalists and closet Marxists who push misbegotten creatures like Michael Jackson on us; and instead searches for a healthier, ethnic-based vision for our future, a future based on the eternal truths of history and biology, which tell us that all the free, great, and enduring nations of this Earth have been based on a common heritage of blood and culture, not a heterogeneous mish-mash of fortune seekers and former slaves. This wave of Nationalism is erupting not only in America, but all over the world, as we'll see in a moment.

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Russia's Zhirinovsky

All the Liberal and Conservative media pundits are now wringing their hands and exclaiming "What went wrong in Russia?" What's got them worried about the future of so-called "democracy" in that country, is, amazingly enough, that the will of the people as democratically expressed in the latest Russian election is very Politically Incorrect.

These same pundits didn't seem too worried about the future of Russian democracy when Boris Yeltsin sent tanks to blow up the Parliament building and kill or arrest all the members of Parliament who didn't support him. That was no threat to Russian democracy, oh no! Those tanks represented the forces of democracy, don't you see? After all, those tanks were paid for by the American taxpayers, by you and me, just so that we could make the world - or at least Russia - safe for the internationalist media conglomerates, banks, and corporations as they looted the country, impoverished the people, and set up a wonderful "pluralist" society just like the one they're setting up here in the US - complete with UN control over troops and weapons, foreign ownership and control of the major media, massive immigration to guarantee easily controllable blocs of non-Russian voters, etc, etc.

Well, the Russian people decided that they had enough of the kind of tank-enforced democracy that means grinding poverty for them and untold wealth for foreign exploiters and collaborators, and they gave the largest percentage of their votes to man named Vladimir Zhirinovsky, whose basic platform can be boiled down to "Russia for the Russians." Now Zhirinovsky has caused a lot of anxiety in certain circles in this country, with hysterical editorials denouncing him as a fascist and a bigot. And some quotations attributed to Zhirinovsky, for example those calling for a partition of Poland and the return of Alaska (where I was born and which the US bought and paid for in 1967) to Russian control do seem irresponsible no matter what your political viewpoint. Other quotations of Zhirinovsky's, such as those saying that ethnic Russians ought to have more of a say in the running of that country's media, and exposing the role of Jewish international financiers in founding Communism and fomenting both world wars have much more of a basis in reason and reality. And it would be unfair not to note that during his recent trip to Austria, Zhirinovsky claimed that the more outrageous statements circulating in the Western media and attributed to him, were fabrications. At a press conference, he stated that these were "lying propaganda, started and paid for by certain centers in the West." Zhirinovsky's popularity is so high in Russia now, that his party, called the Liberal Democratic Party, is now the largest political group in Russia. The established business-as-usual politicians in the West fear him so much that international pressure was applied to have an interview with him cancelled on German television the other day, despite the fact that the interviewer was distinctly unfriendly and critical of Zhirinovsky. Even the expression of his point of view must be kept from the people, apparently! We should ask ourselves just what are these censors so afraid of?

It remains to be seen what kind of a man Zhirinovsky is. Is he just another glad-handing politicians, tapping Nationalist sentiment just to get elected so he can sell out to the big-money interests, as has Yeltsin? Is he sincerely patriotic and nationalist, but given to poorly thought-out or irresponsible statements? Or will he be the leader who will rejuvenate Russia and, after 70 years of Communist tyranny and two years of foreign domination, return her to the Russian people? A proud and free Russia would be a strong rebuke to those evil plotters who are trying to submerge all nations into their New World Order global slave state. Let us hope that Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the George Washington - and not the George Bush or Bill Clinton - of his long-suffering nation.

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South African Update

In South Africa, the lying and traitorous politicians of the misnamed National Party are now in the final stages of handing power over to the US-supported Communist African National Congress. In the controlled media, this handover of power to out-and-out Communist terrorists like Nelson Mandela, who speak without shame and without danger of exposure by their media friends under huge hammer and sickle banners, is played in much the same way as they played Yeltsin's tank attack on the Russian Parliament - it's a great step forward to "democracy." This disgusting betrayal of both the Afrikaner and tribal peoples by the US government deserves to be more fully exposed.

What the major media won't tell you about South Africa, in addition to their silence on the Communist and terrorist nature of the African National Congress, or ANC for short, (which I have exposed on these airwaves several times before), is that there is now a confederation of peoples and parties working to prevent this Communist takeover. Let me give you some data from a recent British press report which received very little play on either side of the Atlantic:

"DATELINE JOHANNESBURG - Zulu and Afrikaner leaders, in unlikely unison, vowed defiance of the new South Africa Thursday, a day heavy with memories of past battles and talk of blood that could yet be shed.

Some 10,000 Zulus massed at Isandlwana where their ancestors humbled the British Empire. They chanted approval at their king's defiance of Nelson Mandela's ANC, which is expected to lead a government of national unity after the April 27 election.

"We will not be ruled over by a constitution that we spurn. We will not be subjugated by a political party which wants to destroy us simply because it wants to rule," King Goodwill Zwelithini declared.

Zulu chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi told them that Zulus would never again be conquered or subjugated. "We are not prepared to exchange a white master for a black master," he said.

Hundreds of miles to the north, right-wing Afrikaners, gathered to commemorate their ancestors' victory over the Zulus at the 1838 Battle of Blood River, heard their leaders demand their "land, constitution and government."

"We are not issuing a challenge, but we will never give in," Ferdi Hartzenberg, leader of the Conservative Party, told about 8,000 people at the Voortrekker monument on the outskirts of Pretoria.

"We cannot be the slaves of others. ... We shall be free in the future," said Hartzenberg who with other conservatives, black and white, is demanding autonomy for his people.

...Eugene Terre Blanche, whose Afrikaner Resistance Movement is grouped with the Conservative Party in the umbrella Afrikaner People's Front (AVF), earlier told the crowds the transition to [so-called] multi-party democracy ... must be challenged.

"Lord, lead us if necessary to another Blood River," Terre Blanche said.

At the site of the battle, AVF leader General Constand Viljoen said, "the darkest hour of the darkest night" had descended on the Afrikaner nation.

Viljoen told the massed thousands at this Natal shrine to Afrikaner history they needed to return to the values of the past to avoid being overwhelmed by "foreign masses," a reference to the ANC and its allies who the right wing consider foreigners.

"What happened at Blood River can be used as a role model for us Afrikaners for 1993 and 1994 where the people will have to go through trying and difficult times."

As Viljoen was speaking, the African National Congress' guerrilla army Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) was holding its last parade ahead of its planned integration with South Africa's regular armed forces...

Speaking at the parade in Soweto township, ANC leader Nelson Mandela, said the time had come for Umkhonto we Sizwe to take on the defense of the new South Africa.

"The time has indeed come for it to assume the role of the shield of the nation ... with other democratic formations to defend the democratic values which we cherish and aim to uphold," Mandela told the parade watched by about 6,000 people."

What an incredible story, and it is almost totally ignored by the controlled media. The Communist "Spear of the Nation" terrorists, who have killed many thousands of innocent women and children, who have killed many thousands of anti-Communists, both White and Black, are being incorporated into the South African military, where they will now assume the leading role. That's like incorporating the Bloods and the Crips into the Los Angeles Police Department. If you are a praying man, I suggest you pray for the country of South Africa. And pray for the nationalists who are fighting a lonely battle with no foreign help against the US-supported ANC Communists - pray for the Freedom Alliance, the council of freedom-loving Zulus who want independence for their people, joined together with freedom-loving White South Africans, who want independence for theirs. They are now all that stands between their peoples, their women and children, and the unspeakable horrors of Communist rule.

Around the world, Nationalism is riding a popular wave of discontent with the faceless global bureaucrats who cynically use the word "democracy" as a cover for their New World Order world government plot and their international economic depradations. Somalia may yet have a chance to form its own government as the UN killing operation winds down in miserable failure. Everywhere you look, Nationalism is blooming. A recent AP article states in part:

"Leaders like Romanian Premier Nicolae Vacaroiu and Slovak Premier Vladimir Meciar have had to court nationalist groups and sentiment to try to secure their political survival.

--In Hungary, Istvan Csurka, a ... populist playwright [critical of Jewish influence in his country] who formed his own Hungarian Truth and Life party last June, controls 12 parliamentary seats.... --In Romania, the minority government of Vacaroiu relies on nationalist parties for its survival. The Greater Romania Party has 22 out of 484 seats in both houses of parliament. The Party of National Unity has 44.

--In the Czech Republic, the Republican Party of Czechoslovakia, led by Miloslav Sladek, mirrors Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party in Russia. Sladek won 14 seats in the 200-seat Czech parliament in 1992....

--In Slovakia, the other republic resulting from the split of Czechoslovakia almost one year ago, the government consists of a... nationalist-oriented coalition led by Vladimir Meciar....

--In Poland, a right-wing nationalist party, the Confederation for an Independent Poland led by historian Leszek Moczulski, won 24 seats in Sept. 19 elections. [And according to statements by turncoat former nationalist] Ingo Hasselbach in Germany, the anti-foreigner Republican party of Germany, should attract enough votes in general elections next October to clear the 5-percent hurdle and take seats in Bonn's parliament."

All of this growth of Nationalism is a healthy development, since the nation-destroying and race-destroying doctrine of internationalism is the major threat to the survival of our Western Civilization and indeed of all civilizations and societies around the world. Nationalism, which boldly proclaims the truth that the nation is an organic, biological entity, is our only practical defense against those who would take our nation from us, who say that a nation is just a legal fiction within which they can conduct social experiments upon us.

But Nationalism must not be perverted to split the unity of the West, as is happening now in the former Yugoslavia and in Northern Ireland. For the West, if we survive into the next Century, is going to face one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced - the rising power of Asia in general and China in particular.

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Chinese Nationalism

Do you think that Communist China, with its huge population of 1.2 billion people, almost six times the size of our population, and almost a quarter of the human population of the Earth, is going to be long content with only about 6 per cent of the arable land? Especially when you consider that China has one of the fastest-growing economies on Earth, with prudent infusions of market capitalism and an aggressive program of copying and improving on Western technology; when you consider that China's exports are growing so fast that they consistently go off the charts of the analysts, so much so that in the last few years they have almost taken over the US market for clothing and are making rapid inroads in the manufacture of high-tech items; when you consider that China has one of the most advanced space programs of any country on Earth, and that American satellite firms routinely use Chinese rockets to place their payloads in orbit; when you consider that China has one of the most aggressive and advanced weapons manufacturing infrastructures on the planet, including nuclear missiles; and especially when you consider that China has a homogeneous and intensely race-conscious population of very high intelligence and rapidly-improving educational attainment, and has governmental policies that are the exact opposite of the lunatic West, in that they are not so stupid as to think that bringing in unwashed millions of Third Worlders is either morally good or likely to advance their nation.

I believe that America can meet these challenges and survive and prosper in the next century. But we cannot do it with the present apathetic acquiescence of the American people in their own dispossession and the conversion of our country into a Third World slum.

I'm almost out of time today, but let me take these last few moments to urge you to get the book that is sweeping like wildfire across America, and awakening the American people to their peril. By educating Americans, by getting the truth - the whole truth, not just a watered-down partial Rush Limbaugh truth - into their hands and hearts and minds, we can take back America and make her great, strong, and beautiful once again. Write today for our radio offer Number 4, which is our huge 217-page encyclopedic collection of the best articles from our patriotic newspaper from over a twelve-year period. Just send a contribution of $25 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. We'll repeat that address in a moment. Send whatever you can to help this truth-telling program on the air, a minimum of $25 and remember to ask for radio Offer Number 4.

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