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American Dissident Voices New Tapes List PO Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA (Updated 2d August, 1993)

There are two complete half-hour programs on each tape. Each tape is numbered, so please order by item number and title. Each tape is $9.95 plus $1.50 postage and handling for the first tape, 50 cents postage and handling for each additional tape.

500. The ADL - Threat to American Freedom and Wake-Up Call to Americans. The first program, based on NATIONAL VANGUARD magazine's 1990 expos of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, clearly shows, with in-depth documentary evidence, that the ADL's agenda is to disarm and silence all American patriots, and impose the most thoroughgoing form of thought control ever devised upon the American people. This program also contains an expos of the Minnesota Strip in New York City, where Black pimps prey on young White girls. The second program delivers a searing blast against complacency: The "Rodney King" Black violence in Los Angeles is a 'wake-up call' that more and more White Americans are heeding. Also gives historical background to the takeover of America by the aliens and traitors who now rule us from Washington.

501. Our Public Education Mess and The Beast as Saint: The Truth About "Dr. Martin Luther" King. The first program gives quote after quote from patriotic researchers and the "educrats" themselves, proving that our children are being subjected to brainwashing to induce them to accept serf status in a multiracial world government. The second program will leave no doubt whatsoever in your mind that the much-touted "Reverend Dr. Martin Luther" King was a Marxist tool of the forces which are destroying America. He wasn't a Reverend or a Doctor, he didn't believe in nonviolence except as a tactic for Communist revolution, his name wasn't "Martin Luther," and he actually betrayed even his own people!

502. America's Future and Dresden: A Real Holocaust. The first program shows that the long-term demographic, economic, and political trends in this country forecast a grim future for this generation and beyond, unless a radical change in direction is taken - a change which the present Establishment is incapable of making. The second program is the emotionally overwhelming story of the REAL holocaust of World War II: the murder of over 100,000 German civilians, women, and children by Allied firebombers on Valentine's Day eve, 1945, when the war was practically over.

503. The Repatriation Solution and The National Alliance. The first show makes short shrift of the wild claims of "Black History," and proves, through direct quotation, that many of our founding fathers and other notable American leaders were united in their desire to repatriate all Blacks to Africa. The second show outlines the only plan capable of rescuing our nation, people, and culture from the abyss over which we now falter: the program of the National Alliance.

504. The NEA: Educators or Brainwashers? and The Fallacy of Equality. The first program shows, out of the mouths of NEA leaders themselves, the internationalist and anti-American agenda of the National Education Association, which has virtual dictatorial control over our public schools. The second program shows how the false idea of equality has crippled America economically, racially, and spiritually. We have sold our birthright for a patently false and crack-brained idea that can never be achieved in the real world.

505. No Representation for Us and The Real Malcolm X. In the first show, Kevin Alfred Strom marshalls the figures to show us that ordinary White Americans are vastly under-represented in the Clinton administration, while Jews are over-represented by almost 2000%. On the second program, the insane and violent creed of the Black Muslims is exposed to the light of day. At the same, it is shown that separatist creeds, like Malcolm X's, are much to be preferred to integrationist ones.

506. Liberalism vs. Nationalism and On Patriotism. In the first program, we are asked the question: Would you jump into a swimming pool filled with piranhas if a "Liberal Social Scientist" told you that you shouldn't stereotype piranhas as vicious and bloodthirsty? The healthy philosophy of Nationalism is contrasted to the sick Liberalism prevailing today. On the second show, it is shown that loyalty to one's own kind is the biological basis of patriotism.

507. The Racial Double Standard and Survivalism: Response to Racial Chaos. The first program documents the outrageous double standard prevailing today: Blacks and Mexicans are treated with kid gloves even when they commit violence and crimes, but the slightest peep from White people is regarded as "hate" and worthy of a Federal investigation. The second show examines the "Survivalist" movement and other reactions of White Americans to the racial chaos in our cities, and suggests useful areas for future action.

508. America: Treason, Betrayal, and Hope with Dr. William Pierce, parts one and two. These two programs are the audio portion of an interview with Dr. William Pierce, Chairman of the National Alliance, conducted in April 1993, on Richmond television. Dr. Pierce discusses the sellout of America's economic interests by the "New World Order" conspirators who control both political parties, and a wide range of social, political, and racial topics.

509. Toward The Stars and My Political Education. On the first program, the destiny and purpose of life on Earth and our race in particular are discussed in personal, national, and cosmic terms. Nothing is more vital, no cause is more important, than the survival and advancement of our Race. On the second show, host Kevin Alfred Strom outlines the turning points in his life as he evolved to his present patriotic position.

510. The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy, parts one and two. On these programs, the nefarious Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, or ADL, which claims to be a "civil rights" organization, is exposed for what it is: A spy, dirty-tricks, and brainwashing apparatus of the government of Israel, and of the "New World Order" in the making. Extensive use is made of press reports and police depositions of ADL spies and spymasters, in the unfolding revelation of illegal use of corrupt police officers as ADL agents.

511. Delusions on the Right and Criminals With Badges: Waco 1993. In the first show, host Kevin Alfred Strom demonstrates forcefully that the American Right is largely a pathetic, sometimes loony, crowd of cranks and hopeless losers. We must excise the dead weight of the Right and come to our senses if we really want to take back our country. In Criminals With Badges, guest Dr. William Pierce shows us proof that the residents of Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas, were murdered by a power-mad bureaucracy allied with the liars of the controlled media. This evil combination threatens all of us.

512. On Liberty and AIDS: A Killer is Loose in the Land. On the first show, the American tradition of Liberty is contrasted with the way in which that ideal has been twisted beyond all recognition today. We cannot regain our liberty until we regain a consciousness of who we are as a people. In AIDS: A Killer is Loose in the Land, we get the AIDS statistics that the queers and the Liberals don't want you to hear: Blacks are infected at 14 to 20 times the White rate; the AIDS virus survives 7 days outside the body; the blood supply is still not safe; and more.

513. New Doubts About the "Holocaust" and The Only Way to a Better World. In the first program, the oft-repeated "6 Million" claims for WWII Jewish losses are shown to be lies and exaggerations, now even admitted by Jewish scholars. But the public are still fed the same old "6 million" myth. This tape answers the question "why?" On the second program, the only long-term solution for social problems is discussed - a solution that the "Liberals" don't want you to know about: Eugenics. The only way to a better world is through better people.

514. All America Must Know the Terror and Treason Never Prospers. The first program is one of the most powerful revelations of the Jewish conspiracy against our race and nation ever committed to tape. From the foundations of Communism to the present day, the evil plan to submerge us in a multiracial world slave state is traced and the conspirators are indicted by their own words! On the second program, host Kevin Alfred Strom demonstrates with crystal clarity that the present Establishment consists of traitors to America.

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