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American Dissident Voices’ Theme Music

People continue to ask us about the theme music used at the beginning and end of American Dissident Voices broadcasts. During 1992 we used a song entitled Blood and Soil by Joseph Pryce and the group Dresden. In 1991 and since 1993 we have been using the final section of Finlandia by Jan Sibelius. The words are as follows:

On great, lone hills, where tempests brood and gather,
Primeval Earth, against primeval sky,
We, faring forth, possessed by fervent longing,
Have found a throne, eternal and high,
Have knelt at last in wordless adoration,
Till fire and whirlwind have both gone by.

With ardent song we greet the golden morning.
By faith upborne, remember not the night.
The whole wide world, triumphant hails the dawning.
God walks abroad in garments of might,
The hills, behold, are now a path of splendor,
Transfigured all, and all crowned with light.

Writer Sam Dickson has commented on the meaning of this piece to those of our race:

This stirring composition, which concludes the longer piece of the same name, expresses with majesty and solemnity the joy of the Finnish people at their liberation. It was written during the era of the 1905 revolution, in which Finland came close to establishing her independence from Czarist Russia. Ultimately, Finland’s liberation was deferred until the close of World War I. The beautiful English translation expresses the hopes and longings of all branches of our race facing contemporary ruin and extinction through "diversity," "multiculturalism," "integration of the races," and a "New World Order."

Jan (pronounced “Yon”) Sibelius is a well known classical composer. And Finlandia is one of his most famous compositions. Any record store with a good selection of classical music should have it.

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