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You have selected to come to this site through involvement with the Israel/Identity Movement. We expect you to be a race loyal Aryan of mature judgment, and adherent to the Doctrine of Dual Seedline Identity. But foremost in importance, you must be a person who can be trusted with the life of our Race (True Israel). Our race is on the brink of absolute annihilation at the hands of our ancient foe. I know this is no new revelation to you, I only mention it to put things into perspective. We feel that the gathering of the lost sheep of Israel is an ongoing job. Our people were scattered from the beginning and now have been scattered again through evil works.

Our time is now! All of our troubles have been at hand for far too long. No longer should Israel allow personal feelings and friendships to hold ourselves back from our Father. We must step up the pace of the gathering now or our time will be lost forever. Post your "outriders" for they are needed now more than ever.

Our only hope is to return to our Creators law, but merely saying so doesn't make it happen. This will require teamwork!! The term "Leaderless Resistance" is a fallacy! WHEN IN HISTORY HAS SUCH NONSENSE EVER SUCCEEDED?

All through history God, through Moses, Elijah, Phinias, Gideon, etc has told our people to form an organizations. We have all been associated with groups that have been marginally successful. They have served as a place for fellowship from time to time but somehow never have a complete package. We realize that many of us (you) have a sense of loyalty to these groups and their leaders, so it serves no purpose to denigrate them. On the other hand, we must realize their shortcomings so we do not make the same mistakes again.



Realize that some have lived off the proceeds of their respective organizations, made possible by the generosity of their dedicated members many who themselves lived in a Spartan lifestyle.

Realize that in the past leaders allowed known informants to remain in their mist simply because they donated money (sometimes in fairly large sums) to their coffers. This enabled them to prey on the members sometimes imprisoning them

Realize that we cannot allow outright thugs, drunks, and prostitutes to remain among the membership to set an example of filth and infidelity to the young.


build such an organization, one that will minister to spiritual and physical well being of the race of true Israel. This is not going to happen by luck or magic, WE MUST BUILD IT! The men of our race must build it.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS. This isn't an idea we are toying around with that we are going to do some day. We have done it. We have formed a Dual Seedline Church! Its constitution has been drafted, approved and filed.

Why is this different? In the past, most, (if not all) Identity Churches have been founded by one man. While this seems admirable it is the very thing that causes friction for the following reasons,

The founder becomes the sole and final authority; therefore all Church income and property becomes his absolute domain, in effect becoming a dictatorship. Keeping in mind that no one is infallible, reason dictates that the combined judgment of several men would be more prone to accuracy than the judgment of one man. On occasion they form a "board of elders", or an "advisory council" but the "Pastors" decisions will always prevail. As a result shared control is a total illusion.

If the "Pastor" should pursue policies that are incorrect or harmful to the church, and since the men have no way to redress such error, they are left with two options; 1. Accept and live with it. 2. Break away and form another church, thus furthering the splintering so common to the Identity Movement.

Basically there are two concepts by which a church can be formed:

It can be monolithic (ruled by a single man). These problems are above.

It can be Evangelical. The structure problems here can be even worse. Under Evangelical, elders who are elected by the congregation at large rule the church. The problem is here we have elders who are elected out of popularity not piety. Human nature being what it is the most popular man is likely to be the one most likely to excuse violation of Yahwahs law. Thus you have a watered down church. Also Elders are often those who contribute the largest sums.

These shortcomings present a paradox, but we have solved it.

A five man Council of Senior Prelates governs CTI. All five men have been in the Identity movement for many years. All five are in total accord with the Seedline concept. Thus we have avoided the pitfalls of a one-man rule, and the weakness and impotence of the Evangelical concept. So Kinsmen; Help us to bring into being that which we have needed for so long. There is strength in numbers and if we can gather the flock, we can better serve our master.

Your donation to our building fund would be most appreciated. Remember it is YOUR church. No amount is to small and it will be accountable and put to the best use.

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