Jew Watch Transfers Huge Archive Of Jewish History Despite Hate Crime

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (JANUARY 5, 2005) -- Jew Watch, a scholarly website, survived the hate crimes recently inflicted upon it by Jews in the Boca Raton, Florida area and throughout the world.

During the past week, the staff of Jew Watch has struggled to find a safe place to upload the huge compendium of facts it has amassed over the past ten years.

The previous hosting company had been bombarded with threats of violence and economic ruin should Jew Watch not be removed from its servers. In addition, a rabid article was published by the Boca Raton News, which the owner of the host server claimed was "monitoring" his company to make certain that Jew Watch was removed on Friday, January 6, 2005, and at approximately 8pm CST, internet connections to Jew Watch were terminated by the hosting company's President and Owner.

Fortunately, the grand archive of historical documents in electronic form, as well as the interface for reaching those files, were safely and successfully transferred from CD-ROMs and hard drives to new servers which will insure the continuous safety of the files as well as their instant access to the internet no matter what new illegal acts by Jews Against Jew Watch wish to perpetrate in their next series of Anti-Constitutional activities to deny us the right to be heard.

Jews and Zionists from all walks of life have considered the Jew Watch Archive to be a thorn in their sides, because it contains facts that they find inconsistent with the way of life which is maintained for them by the controlled news much of which is owned by Jewish elitists in an environment of historical darkness concerning Jewish historical facts which they have come to expect as their due.

"We were able to find another safe haven for our news archives which are used by more than one million visitors per year," said Mr. Frank Weltner, M.A. English, the librarian and collector of the huge news archive. "Our scholars will be able to study these documents securely for a time. After that, we shall have to find more servers on which to place our valuable information which is so needed in this day and age in which Jews are attempting to dominate the world."

Jew Watch has been noticed on a regular basis by publications worldwide. People from all nations utilize its archives for study. Jew Watch appears as Number One on Google in searches for the word "Jew" because of its popularity among certain learned circles. According to web stats, people come from as far away as Russia, Estonia, China, Israel, Australia, and hundreds of other nations.

"The Jews are guilty of a hate crime in attacking Jew Watch," said Mr. Weltner. "The Constitution of the United States contains a Bill of Rights appended to it which protects Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. All citizens, no matter what their views, are guaranteed the right to communicate these views no matter if they are popular or not. Views that are popular do not require these guarantees. But views like those contained in the scholarly archive at Jew Watch are unpopular with the Jews who wrote them and published them thinking no one else would ever find them and read them. Jew Watch has changed the formula of secrecy for these people who wish to hide their actions, their intentions, their crimes, and their genocide in Occupied Palestine and in the Soviet Union which they controlled from the top and were thereby able to murder 65 million Gentiles whom they had previously disarmed by their draconian communist laws. That Jew Watch has recovered much of the surviving evidence and printed incriminating documents which prove their on-going hostilities toward non-Zionists is a remarkable and unlikely accomplishment. Nonetheless, we have done it."

"This week marks a new beginning. Despite the hate crimes of our enemies, we have survived to live another day in which we can insure scholars of Jewish history that the forgotten and darkest aspects of Jewish inhumanity to mankind shall be preserved for posterity to see and understand," said Mr. Weltner as the final pieces of the transfer into the new electronic vault reached its historic and successful end. "Jew Watch is now preserved in geographically distant locations in electronic hard drives, in printed files that can survive electro-magnetic attacks that might occur in a nuclear war, on CD-roms, and inside hundreds of  computers worldwide. We ask that our visitors download sections of our archive or order CD-ROM preservation copies to insure that the dark ages which took place ten years ago, before the Jew Watch Project was launched when no one could find this important factual information about the Jews in a single place, shall never again be allowed to take place."