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By Warren Hough

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 1998, (THE SPOTLIGHT). "We don't know yet who was at the wheel of those car bombs; but we do know that the long fuse leading to these terrorist flare-ups was lit in Israel," asserted Capt. Aurelio dell Acqua, a retired Italian Carabinieri officer. Previously specializing in diplomatic security, he is now a loss prevention consultant for a group of European corporations on Wall Street.

The Mossad, Israeli's secret service, literally set up the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for the August 7 truck bombing by persuading the CIA and the White House to disregard American intelligence reports. Those reports warned that a terrorist raid against this facility was imminent, it was learned as this issue of The SPOTLIGHT went to press.

Four months worth of tips and alert signals that the Nairobi embassy was facing a potential disastrous explosives attack were sent to Washington last month by the U.S. ambassador in Kenya, Florence Bushnell, and by intelligence controllers of the U.S. Central Command.

But nothing was done to protect this poorly shielded facility because, on the standard operating procedure inaugurated in the Reagan era, the FBI had to turn to the Israelis for a definite evaluation of these early warnings.

"Ignore them," the Mossad reassured the U.S. government; "it's just another false alarm." This information, delivered to Washington just weeks before the monstrous explosion, was the key factor in persuading the U.S. to let its guard down, resulting in the loss of life of at least 250 victims including 11 Americans, angry Washington intelligence sources told The SPOTLIGHT.

Interviewed in the immediate aftermath of the huge explosions that shattered the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, on August 7, causing horrendous devastation and tragic loss of life, dell Acqua was expressing conclusions widely shared by counterterrorist specialists, diplomatic sources and other expert observers, an exclusive SPOTLIGHT survey has found.

"At this point in time, Israel is the only country that can expect to benefit from such an atrocious act of political warfare," commented a senior national security official from a leading Gulf nation, who asked not to be identified by name. "For the first time in history, the [Israeli] government finds itself embroiled in simultaneous hostilities with the White House, the CIA, the entire European community of nations and the Arab League as well as the Vatican - even with NASA, (the American space agency). It is desperately trying to get out of this quandary by staging a new regional crisis."


Newsmen knowledgeable about the Middle East tended to agree with this analysis. The Israelis now feel not just snubbed but mortally challenged by the U.S. because they have concluded that "President Bill Clinton would like to make Iran his 'China,' pulling off a surprise rapprochement with the fundamentalist Islamic republic equivalent to Nixon's historic breakthrough in relations with China a quarter century ago," says David Gardner, a veteran foreign correspondent of the sobersided Financial Times, the leading international business daily.

Confirming this thesis, The SPOTLIGHT has obtained exclusive information from well-placed diplomatic sources on the details of recent secret contacts between the White House and the Iranian government. The negotiations were brokered by a respected intermediary, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who made a quiet detour to Teheran after his state visit last month to Washington to deliver a personal letter from Clinton to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, these sources recounted.


Clinton's message suggested that if Iran would comply with some basic strategic requirements, such as cutting off contact with militant groups opposing the Palestinian peace process and shelving its quest for nuclear warheads, the U.S. would be willing to unfreeze billions of dollars in long-seized Iranian assets and lift all trade sanctions.

Most importantly, Clinton held out the promise of including a friendlier Iran in a new regional "security cooperation" pact designed to promote "stability in regions where both nations have vital interests," these sources have revealed.

Zionist leaders are infuriated and apprehensive about these developments because this time around, Clinton's attempts at pacting with Iran are not just "another Arkansas politician whistling Dixie," says veteran diplomatic correspondent Enzio Lopata.

The White House moves to ignore Israel and deal with Iran instead are now strongly supported by a well-heeled lobby whose reach may eventually rival that of the ministate's own agents. Known as "USA Engage," the new political action group in Washington is known to have the backing of several oil industry giants determined to end the "senseless" U.S. conflict with the Iranian government in particular and several Arab nations in general.

Nor can the Mossad, Israel's secret service, scheme with its long-submissive allies in the CIA to subvert and undercut the latest White House outreach to the vast ,and oil-rich, world of Islam.

Reflecting the newly frosty relationship between the ministate's spooks and the Washington intelligence establishment first reported, in a world exclusive, by this populist newspaper, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu complained to the White House earlier this month about the "hostile attitude" of the senior CIA station chief in the Middle East and demanded his recall.

Ironically, the station chief, identified by diplomatic sources as veteran CIA case officer Stanley Moscow, a trusted aide of newly appointed CIA Director George Tenet, has deep ethnic and religious ties to Judaism, but not to the warhawk , imperial Zionism practiced by the Netanyahu government, these sources explained.


In another unprecedented move aimed at curbing the intrusive Zionist influence over the Washington national security bureaucracy, NASA last month canceled the "visiting privileges" long held by Israeli scientists and technicians at the facilities of the giant U.S. space agency.

These so-called "visiting privileges" meant that the Israelis could enter restricted rocketry labs and attend scientific conferences to which no other foreign researchers were admitted, explained Dr. Vanessa Hughessen, a physicist specializing in national-security studies at the MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


But what sent the Netanyahu government into what this scholarly observer described as a "paroxysm of rage" was the explanation NASA gave for the cancellation: the Israeli visitors had allegedly schemed to "misappropriate" classified missile blueprints, and then were found to have sold them to the Red Chinese government.

When a huge truck bomb demolished a U.S. Air Force housing unit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, killing 19 American servicemen, Israel and its powerful Washington lobby loudly blamed the incident on Iran, but their campaign for retaliation against the Islamic republic failed.


This time, experienced observers once again expect the Zionist leadership and its aggressive Washington lobby to exploit the latest African embassy bombings in a campaign to set the American people and the nations of Islam against one another.

"But world opinion has lost its faith in the veracity, good intentions and statesmanlike moderation of Israel's leaders," asserted Lopata. This time around the attempts of the Zionist lobby and its drumbeaters in the press to incite U.S. military retaliation against targets hand-picked by Israel may fall on deaf ears.

THE SPOTLIGHT, 300 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.
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Legal Hucksters Attempt Extortion at Volkswagen
Jews claiming legally drafted labor during wartime was a form of slave labor
However, compensation for captured troops who were drafted into German Army
in a like manner seem to have been left out of this case by Jewish lawyers concerned only for Jews
and in violation of Jewish false pro-pluralistic views

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Jewish Anti-Christian Hatred and Extortion Continues

VW, like most Other German Firms, required to purchase captured labor from the Wartime government

BONN, Sept 11, 1998 (Reuters)- Virtually every German company used slave labour during World War Two, but few firms ever paid compensation for their unpaid wages because of legal loopholes and Europe's Cold War divide.

Germany's biggest car maker Volkswagen AG announced on Friday it was establishing a 20-million-mark ($11.87 million) relief fund ending a more than 50-year battle by former slaves.

The company says it has already provided 25 million marks since 1988 for humanitarian projects in the home countries of former slaves. Hoping to make a clean break with the past, Volkswagen said the fund would be its final gesture.

"That is a good start and a fine sum of money," said Klaus von Muenchhausen, who represents about 150 Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel, who were forced to work for the car maker.

Historians say VW bought some 7,000 slaves from Hitler's SS elite force between 1941 and 1945. Their work included building mines, V1 rockets and anti-tank launchers.

"Volkswagen had no permanent workforce and relied on foreign labour," said the revered German historian Hans Mommsen, who wrote a study of Volkswagen's use of slave labour that was published in 1996.

"As many as three quarters of its staff were foreigners, most slave labourers," he said, adding that VW's slaves were brought from 13 countries, including the Soviet Union, Poland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Only a handful were death camp Jews, who survived by using their expertise as engineers and skilled workers.

Mommsen said workers from western Europe, such as students from occupied Netherlands and French prisoners of war, were treated best. Slavs, who were regarded as racially inferior and only seen fit to serve their German "masters", were treated worse.

As part of the Nazis' drive to create an "Aryan" master race, Jews were regarded as unfit to live and earmarked for death by the Nazi policy of "Extermination through Work".

Overworked, underfed, with scant time off and penned in cramped wooden barracks, many workers died under the appalling conditions.

"They worked 14 hours a day, they were deprived of food rations if they did not fulfil targets," Mommsen said.

Historians say Nazi slaves were beaten, subjected to ritual humiliation and in some cases summary execution for minor offences. Poles were forced to wear a sign marked "P" pinned to their chests, according to a VW slaves' lobby group.

Volkswagen was founded in 1938 to build the "Volkswagen" or People's Car, inspired by Henry Ford's revolutionary assembly line production techniques in the United States of which Adolf Hitler was a great admirer.

War broke out a year later and only about 55,000 models of the trademark "Beetle" models had been produced by the end of the war, as nearly the entire company had switched to arms production for Hitler's war.

To fill the arms industry's insatiable demand for workers, an army of foreign slaves-- some 12 million people-- were rounded up and deported from across Nazi-occupied lands that stretched from Norway to North Africa to Nazi Germany.

VW slaves had lobbied for years for compensation and held protests outside the headquarters in Wolfsburg-- which the Nazis originally named "Stadt des Wagens der Kraft durch Freude" meaning "Town of the Car of Strength through Joy".

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