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ILLUMINATI, a name given by the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers to those who submitted to Christian baptism (Gr. phiomegatauiotasigmamuomicronvarsigma, ``illumination''). They were called ``illuminati'' (phiomegatauiotasigmamuomicroniota), or ``illuminated ones,'' on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had received the grace of illumination in an enlightened understanding. Clement of Alexandria speaks thus of such baptismal light: ``This is the one grace of illumination, that our characters are not the same as before our washing. And since knowledge springs up with illumination, shedding its beams around the mind, the moment we hear, we who were untaught become disciples. ... This work is called ... illumination by which that holy light of salvation is beheld, that is, by which we see God clearly.''

Among the societies subsequently adopting the name ``illuminati'' were the Alumbrados or Alombrados, a mystical sect existing in Spain from the early 16th century and appearing in France as the Guerinets during the period from 1623 to 1635. Later, the title ``illuminati' ' was adopted by a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt, [Jewish] professor of canon law at Ingolstadt, on May 1, 1776, with the aim of combating religion and fostering rationalism.

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Illuminati (ilOO"minA´tI, -nä´tE)

[Lat.,=enlightened], rationalistic society founded in Germany soon after 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a professor at Ingolstadt, having close affinities with the Freemasons and seemingly organized on a Masonic plan. While briefly very popular among German rationalists, it had limited influence. The Roman Catholic Church, which Weishaupt left in his youth and rejoined before his death, condemned the Illuminati; in 1785 the Bavarian government dissolved the organization. It did not long survive. In Spain and Italy in the 15th and 16th cents. the term Illuminati, or Alumbrado, referred to persons claiming direct communion with the Holy Spirit, so asserting that outward forms of religious life are unnecessary. Their claims led to persecution by the Inquisition. Other groups using the name have included the Rosicrucians, and certain followers of Jakob Boehme and Emmanuel Swedenborg.

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The World & I


[T]he origins of the conspiracy go back to May 1, 1776, when a Bavarian professor, Adam Weishaupt, launched a small, secret society named the Order of the Illuminati. He aimed to establish a new world order in which civil governments would be overthrown, along with the church and private property. Handpicked adepts, or illuminati, would take over world leadership to carry out this program.

Weishaupt, according to Robertson, infiltrated the Continental Order of Freemasons, which was led by Frederick the Great of Prussia and which included the Duc d'Orléans. This infiltration succeeded and produced the French Revolution. It then launched the League of Just Men, which was renamed the Communist League by Karl Marx. This group was the power behind the Bolsheviks, who were merely a front for its designs. Thus, Robertson now displays the grand plan, which, in his opinion, unites both the Western and Soviet elites and explains the charades that are designed to deceive us. This conspiratorial design will be examined in terms of its organization and later in terms of Robertson's analysis of the Moscow coup of 1991.

Robertson claims that the Illuminati took over the Masons, but he never provides any evidence. Furthermore, a number of the American Founding Fathers were Masons, and some of the symbols of the Republic are masonic. Plainspoken Harry Truman was a Mason of the highest degree, and I have difficulty seeing old Harry as party to any conspiracy. These elements of the case are unproven and very unlikely.

No link of the Illuminati to the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve Board, and so forth is established by Robertson, except that some members of this establishment have been Masons. On the whole, this has been a WASP establishment, and it has been powerful. It had and continues to have interlocking connections throughout the American system, and it still tends to be Anglophile. It modeled some of its organizations on the English, as other Americans modeled the Ph.D. on the German degree and as the Meiji Japanese modeled Japanese political institutions on Western ones. This establishment cooperates in terms of common understandings, and it thinks of itself as better and more intelligent than the rest of us. But Robertson presents no evidence to prove it is part of an Illuminati conspiracy, although he does show some scattered connections among some individuals.

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Robertson's World Order

By Leonard Fein, published in Forward, 03-10-1995, pp PG.

Pat Robertson says he's not an anti-Semite. Invited by Abraham Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League's national director, to "clarify" the views expressed in his best-selling book of 1991, "The New World Order, " Mr. Robertson tells us (via The New York Times) that he "never intended to offend" his Jewish colleagues.

Jews both liberal and conservative would do well to carefully examine the language of both Mr. Robertson's book and his denial of anti-Semitism.

The book: There's a "tightly knit cabal" that dates back to 1776 " whose goal is nothing less than a new order for the human race under the domination of Lucifer and his followers." It all began when a Bavarian professor, one Adam Weishaupt, founded a secret society called "The Order of the Illuminati." His immediate purpose was to take over the Freemasons, and for that he depended on rich Jews. The Illuminated Freemasonry moved its headquarters to Frankfurt, which was controlled by the Rothschilds, and suddenly "new money...poured into the Frankfurt lodge, and from there a well-funded plan for world revolution was carried forth." Operating secretly in France and Germany, offspring "revolutionary societies" commissioned the writing of the Communist Manifesto.

And so forth, familiar to anyone who's had the misfortune to delve into standard anti-Semitic literature. In Mr. Robertson's version, there's not much that's wrong with the world that can't be traced to the Satanic perversity of the "European bankers" and, since they dispatched members of their families to America, now Wall Street, too. From Lincoln's assassination (John Wilkes Booth was the cabal' s hireling) to the Russian Revolution to the Cold War (and the Gulf War, too), we've all been their pawns.

Or their co-workers: In another book, "The New Millennium," Mr. Robertson inveighs against the "cosmopolitan, liberal secular Jews" who seek "unrestricted freedom for smut and pornography and the murder of the unborn." Because of them, America will one day abandon Israel; American Christians (though warned by their leaders against anti-Semitism) will rise up against these evil people.

Michael Lind, on whose immensely valuable exploration (in The New York Review of Books) of Mr. Robertson's writings I draw here, asks pointedly what conservatives -- "particularly Jewish neo-conservatives" -- would say "if Louis Farrakhan had written a book that made the New York Times best-seller list and claimed that Jewish financiers like the Rothschilds, Paul Warburg, and Jacob Schiff were leaders in a two-century old Freemason-Communist-Banker conspiracy to exploit American tax-payers and the members of the armed forces in America by stirring up deficit-financed wars."

Mr. Robertson is no longer some quirky player on the fringes of the American political system. He's the founder of the Christian Coalition, an increasingly powerful presence in American politics. The Coalition doubtless includes many people who would be horrified to learn that they're associated with an anti-Semite, but the fact that they're not clued in doesn't lessen their organization's potential for mischief. Bluntly, the Christian Coalition was founded by a man who believes that "the part that Jewish intellectuals and media activists have played in the assault on Christianity may very possibly prove to be a grave mistake." Whether that's a warning or a threat, it is aimed directly at liberal Jews.

Mr. Robertson denies anti-Semitic intent. His book, he asserts, "does not embrace a conspiracy theory of history, and it certainly is not anti-Semitic." He "regrets" that anyone thinks that "European bankers" refers to Jews. The objections to his book come from "the radical left in America desperately looking for an opportunity to discredit the role of religious conservatives in politics." He is, he says, enthusiastically pro-Israel. (As if one cannot be both anti-Semitic and pro-Israel; as if he does not discredit himself.)

Perhaps Mr. Robertson is sincere in his repudiation of anti-Semitism. He may simply not get it. But it doesn't much matter whether he does or doesn't hate Jews. We are not required to establish motive before issuing the indictment: Anti-Semitic or not, the policies Mr. Robertson and his Christian Coalition propose -- notably, but not exclusively, their views on church-state relations -- are bad for the Jews, so bad that they amount to de facto anti-Semitism. We oughtn't to waste time worrying about the label; it's the policies that matter. Because Mr. Robertson and his associates seek to change the ground rules of the American system, because they are opposed to pluralism, they warrant vigorous opposition. Period.

Change the ground rules? In Massachusetts, the Christian Coalition is backing a legislative proposal that would require advance parental consent before schoolchildren can be taught "morally or religiously sensitive topics," defined as including "human sexuality, contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual or physical abuse, marriage, divorce or family life, gender and sexual relationships, moral decision-making methods, suicide, euthanasia, coping with or understanding death or other forms of personal loss or grief, self- esteem, emotional or psychological health, religious practice or belief."

So it begins. And where it ends, nobody knows. (It would be frightfully upsetting, but not very surprising, were they one day to propose that Jews ought not be hired as teachers in the public schools.) Learning to live together in as chaotically heterogeneous a society as ours is not easy, and I feel for those who want none of it. Their frustrations deserve our sympathetic attention. But whether or not they are provably anti-Semitic, their proposals endanger us. That is why it is so worrisome to behold the line of mainstream conservatives seeking the Christian Coalition's approval and endorsement; that is why it is so shameful to see Jewish conservatives make apologies for it.

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Leonard Fein, Robertson's World Order., Forward, 03-10-1995, pp PG.

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What is the Illuminati?

What is Zon?

The Illuminati

has its origins in the biblical Abraham who smashed the idols four millennia ago in establishing the existence of only one reality.

Ever hear of the Illuminati? For the past two centuries, they have been condemned by nationalistic governments and mystical religions. How about the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission? They are semi-secret organizations that for the past several decades have been linked to one-world conspiracy theories. Consider the controlling influences behind those worldwide organizations -- businessmen, such as today's quiet businessman David Rockefeller. He, for example, is seldom seen or mentioned in the mainstream media. But, he is hysterically attacked as the epitome of evil by the ultra-conservative media, the nationalistic-populist media, and the religious-right media. Yet, David Rockefeller is among the world's most moral, clear-thinking, responsible people.

The Illuminati Protocols

This chapter refers to the early Illuminati protocols -- the master plan for worldwide control first formulated over two centuries ago by leading European bankers and businessmen. Essentially anyone reading the protocols alone and out of context would view them as one of the most evil plots ever devised. Yet, on reading those very same protocols in the context of wide-scope accountability, one will realize the men responsible for those protocols were among the most moral, clear-thinking, responsible people who ever lived on this planet. Moreover, through Zon, today's Illuminati can make everyone on Earth rich and happy.

Making the Illuminati Serve You

Zon will far surpass the goal of the Illuminati. By understanding Zon, the Illuminati and their organizations will be at your service -- providing you with limitless wealth.

Business-Controlled Master Plans

Business-controlled master plans underlie all actions controlling the creation of long-term prosperity and happiness. Two such master plans or protocols operate on planet Earth: (1) the closed-system Illuminati protocols developed in Europe over two centuries ago, and (2) the evolving, open-ended Zon protocols that began developing in early 1992 and reflected in the American elections of 1994. Today, Zon is replacing the Illuminati's master plan. With Zon, the world will soar in cyberspace beyond the Illuminati's plan for worldwide prosperity. For, Zon delivers eternal happiness with limitless wealth to all conscious beings.

The Illuminati, from its founding protocols forged in the mid-18th century by Adam Weishaup and Albert Pike, have nearly completed their noble goal of undermining and eliminating the twin instruments of irrationality and destruction on this planet: (1) forced-backed nationalist governments, and (2) fraud-backed mystical religions. Now, after two centuries, that goal will not only be achieved but far surpassed, perhaps by 2000AD. How? By replacing the established, seemingly violent Illuminati protocols with the newly evolving, peaceful Zon protocols as deduced from the original, 176-page Cassandra's Secret manuscript developed in 1993. The specific Zon protocols will be ready for public use in 1996. But, first, one must understand the goal and protocols of the original Illuminati as described below:

The Illuminati's Business Plan for Depoliticizing Planet Earth

Since the late 1700s, essentially all public reporting and exposés of the secretive Illuminati have been rabidly negative. Most such reports and exposés emanate from paranoid conspiracy theories presented in populist, nationalistic, or right-wing religious publications. All such reports and exposés present the Illuminati and their protocols as diabolically evil. Modern-day exposés especially rail at the Illuminati's tools used to undermine public respect for political-agenda laws, irrational traditions, and predatory institutions. The Illuminati work to undermine public support of the parasitical-elite class...a destructive class that survives through politically and religiously ruled governments.

The modern-day tools of the Illuminati include international organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, and the outdated Freemasons. In addition to high-profile parasitical elites, those organizations comprise the most-influential, low-profile businesspeople throughout the world. Still, they are all simply tools masterfully maneuvered into advancing the Illuminati's goal.

Many members of those organizations are sincere value producers; others are power-seeking parasites. Yet, all effectively serve the Illuminati's pretended goal of worldwide political and economic cooperation. Beneath that goal, however, lies the Illuminati's real goal: break the institutions that support this destructive anticivilization.

To understand the Illuminati, one must understand their poker-playing modus operandi. The Illuminati perfected the shrewdest poker-playing stratagems imaginable -- analogous to those stratagems revealed in Frank R. Wallace's Advanced Concepts of Poker, first published in 1968. After 21 printings, plus additional printings by Crown Publishing and Warner Books, Wallace withdrew that book from print in 1986 in favor of the evolving Neo-Tech literature.

Consider the following stratagem by the Illuminati: To most effectively achieve their goal, they knew their real targets for termination must remain concealed for as long as possible. Because of their world-wide influences, the Illuminati also realized that, over time, information about their work and goal would leak to the public, despite their influence over the world news media. Thus, the Illuminati planted ruses in their protocols that would invite hysterical criticism of them and their satellite organizations. By promoting hysteria against themselves, criticisms would lose credibility, preventing any effective effort to block or retard their progress.

For example, the Illuminati realized their secret protocols would eventually be publicly revealed. Thus, they drafted their Protocols to conceal their real agenda. They made their Protocols to appear as a Jewish or Zionist plot for placing all human beings under one-world tyrannical rule. They even mistitled their document The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Throughout that document, they shrewdly planted a Jewish slur word for Gentiles to describe their targets -- the goyim.

That strategy has worked brilliantly for two centuries: All exposés or attacks on the Illuminati turn into strident accusations about being evil socialistic, communistic, Jewish, Zionist, satanic, or Luciferin plots for world domination. Thus, all exposés and attacks have ultimately been dismissed as paranoid anti-Semitic, Jew baiting, racist, or religious-right paranoia -- exactly what the Illuminati intended.[56] ...Incidentally, from their origin to modern day, many among the Illuminati are Jewish. But, they are moral Jewish businessmen, not socialists or Zionists seeking world domination. Indeed, the Illuminati are ingenious "poker players" who orchestrate criticisms of them to advance their goal.

The Illuminati especially utilize their poker strategies in wielding influence from their toolbox of international organizations. Those organizations comprise the world's leading businesspeople, politicians, journalists, publishers, bankers, industrialists, military leaders, and other influential people used to advance a one-world agenda. But, that agenda conceals the real goal fully known only to the Illuminati. That goal is to undermine and eliminate the institutions supporting parasitical elites.

What gave the Illuminati businessmen their overwhelming power and success for the past two centuries? The answer lies in their ability to create genuine values and jobs for society, combined with an unshakable moral responsibility to bring growing prosperity to all conscious beings on this planet. Their moral foundation, however, was based on knowledge limited to this closed, irrational anticivilization. Thus, for them, the only possible way to preserve and then flourish human consciousness on Earth was to eliminate, by whatever means necessary, the institutions that support this anticivilization and its parasitical-elite propagators.

The recent discovery of Zon with its eternal, open-ended Civilization of the Universe void of politics and violence removes the moral base upon which the Illuminati have solidly stood since their institution-breaking role in the 1793 French Revolution. ...Today, Zon has replaced the Illuminati's moral base with an omnipotent, eternally evolving moral foundation that peacefully, continuously elevates the wealth and happiness of all conscious beings throughout all existence and time. That omnipotent moral base stands on fully integrated honesty, productive effort, wide-scope accounting, objective law, and the Golden-Helmet dynamics as detailed in the original Cassandra's-Secret manuscript.

The institution-breaking accomplishments of the Illuminati along with their one-world organizations such as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission provide an advanced position from which the Civilization of the Universe can flower on this planet while peacefully vanishing the anticivilization and its manipulators.

With the discovery of Zon, the key to limitless prosperity for conscious beings is (1) to originate all conscious actions from the Civilization of the Universe and (2) ignore everything in the anticivilization as nothing. In that way, every harmful aspect of the anticivilization is dismissed and vanished. Also, in that way, the two-century-old Illuminati dynamics of using deceit and force to undermine those elements supporting the anticivilization are replaced by the honest, peaceful Zon dynamics. Those new dynamics will quietly vanish the entire anticivilization along with its harmful institutions and humanoids.

The Most Moral Men on Earth

Without the concepts of advanced poker strategy combined with Neo-Tech, anyone who reads the Illuminati protocols[57] will come to the same conclusion: Those protocols are the epitome of evil. But on understanding advanced poker concepts along with Neo-Tech and Cassandra's Secret, one comes to the exact opposite conclusion: The Illuminati protocols reflect the most responsible and moral forces on Earth -- forces designed to bring wealth and happiness to our world by breaking the institutions that support this parasitically drained, death-oriented anticivilization.

As identified in the Neo-Tech Discovery, the original Illuminati also realized that honest business dynamics are what sustain and advance all conscious life. Thus, those business dynamics are the only source of genuine, life-enhancing power among conscious beings. Indeed, only competitive value-and-job producers hold real power -- the ultimate power to control not only all current events but all future events on planet Earth.

Until the original 18th-century Illuminati, no value-and-job producer understood the draining hoaxes and illusions of the parasitical elites. From Plato's time, a ruling leech class has built and propagated an anticivilization with the single purpose of sustaining their own harmful livelihoods by draining the productive class.

The Illuminati discovered that they, not kings, popes, tyrants, or other parasitical elites hold the power to control and direct society. On that realization, those original Illuminati, most of whom were powerful businessmen and bankers, moved with complete confidence to eliminate the parasitical elites by relentlessly pitting those leeches and their institutions against each other. That dynamic caused the world populations to increasingly lose confidence in politics, nationalistic governments, mystical religions, and their parasitical leaders.

As depicted by the movie Schindler's List, the factual story of German businessman Oskar Schindler in the 1940s illustrates how even at the evilest depths of this anticivilization, the value-and-job producer is the only person with genuine power and love...even midst the evilest humanoids who live by guns and mass murder. Only businessman Schindler, for example, could walk through the bloody mud of the Holocaust without soiling his soul, his compassion, his respect for human life. Only job-producing Schindler had the power, moral character, and strength to reach into the depths of this anticivilization to save conscious beings from the destruction and death wrought by its humanoid propagators.

Extrapolate businessman Schindler into the advanced technologies among the Civilization of the universe. One will then recognize that honest businesspeople with their limitless valuation of conscious beings are the real saviors of everyone in existence. Only such value-and-job producers have the power, responsibility, and love to never let perish the supreme value throughout the universe --conscious life -- including conscious human beings on planet Earth. ...The competitive, value-and-job producing businessperson eternally preserves and advances all conscious life.

The Illuminati originally comprised the few most powerful, efficacious businessmen in Europe. The original Illuminati rejected all parasites holding false or life-draining power. Indeed, none of the Illuminati were kings, tyrants, politicians, lawyers, religionists, entertainers, writers, or orators. Instead, they were quiet businessmen and bankers -- they were the world's most potent creators of life-sustaining values and jobs.

The Illuminati's relentless work has always been directed toward saving the future generations of conscious beings from destruction by the institutionalized irrationality woven throughout this anticivilization. The Illuminati's goal has always been to free conscious beings from the tribal mentalities that make possible parasitical governments, insane socialism, the welfare state, and mystical religions.

The Illuminati sought a world in which its citizens valued their fellow citizens not by social status, wealth, nationality, race, or religion, but by what each did to competitively benefit others and society.

For 250 years, playing the most ingenious poker game in history, the Illuminati have brought the entire world close to their goal of ending 3000 years of unnecessary suffering and death inflicted on all populations of Earth -- inflicted by parasitical humanoids through their criminal anticivilization institutions. ...Finally, today, the newly arrived Zon dynamics will not only peacefully achieve but far surpass the noble goal of the Illuminati.

Pages 311-317 of Part III publicly identify for the first time the real meaning beneath the Illuminati protocols[58], their master plan, their one-world organizations...and the resulting future for all of us on planet Earth through Zon.

The Neo-Tech Trojan Horse

Over the years, the Neo-Tech/Illuminati dynamic has evolved into today's Zonpower. This 200-year-old dynamic is increasingly undermining false, harmful authorities throughout governments and religions worldwide. The Neo-Tech/Illuminati dynamic has been the hidden force beneath the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the collapse of the conservative party in Canada, and America's sea-change first reflected in its 1994 elections. The seventh and final cyberspace stage of Neo-Tech/Zonpower -- the public phase -- will activate in late 1996 with the Internet distribution of the Zonpower Protocols...the Trojan-Horse penetration of Neo-Tech into the heart of the Establishment in America and worldwide.




Chapter 19

Dumping Goy Politics

Reality and Objective Law

The real physical world resides in a beautiful symmetry of rationality embodied by the objective laws of nature. Philosophers and scientists throughout the ages have striven to discover the ultimate nature and symmetry of existence. For 24 centuries, great minds have opened one door after another, solved one deep mystery of nature after another, only to discover whole new and deeper symmetries hiding beneath the ever evolving forces within the unchanging laws of nature. That long history started with the postulating of atoms and led to the discovery of gravity, electromagnetism, and relativity. Those great minds ranged from Democritus to Newton, to Faraday, to Nobel laureate Leon Lederman, the preeminent experimental physicist who in his book The God Particle (Houghton Mifflin, 1993) metaphorically named the ultimate nature of existence, the "God Particle"[59].

Are we opening the final door that reveals what lies beyond the "God Particle"? Will we find at last the elegantly simple, beautiful force with no beginning or ending, lying beneath and above the "God Particle"? ...Beneath and above that particle lie Gravity Units of symmetrical, subspatial geometries controlled by conscious beings free of goy politics.

Nonreality and Subjective Law

The unreal political world of the goyim hides the ugly irrationality embodied by subjective laws born of politics. Those laws are used to gain destructive livelihoods and criminal power in an anticivilization. As one discovers the secret of goy politics, one discovers that everything arising from their political-agenda laws involves the criminal acquisition of power -- from Caligula to Hitler to the Clintons.[60]

From Caligula's socio-fascist Rome to Hitler's socio-fascist Germany to the Clintons' socio-fascist America, all destructive laws arise from political processes -- processes designed to create self-serving political powers. Today, as in Germany 60 years ago, the process of law making is driven by politics rather than by objective reality. Indeed, most law today arises from arbitrary political correctness in a drum roll of force-backed, political-agenda laws.

Such laws are turning political tools like the FDA, DEA, BATF, IRS, INS, EPA into armed bureacracies that destroy life, liberty, and society. Other evils include today's politicization of health care and food diets, politicization of abortion and religion, politicization of education and communication, politicization of drugs including alcohol and tobacco, politicization of law enforcement and criminal prosecution, politicization of taxing and spending, politicization of immigration and the environment. Decisions in those areas should have nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with objective reality. ...What irrational forces underlie the politicization of human action?

Two forces underlie all harmful political action: camouflaged dishonesties and hidden laziness. From those forces, a purposeful destructiveness arises. That destructiveness is used to gain harmful livelihoods and unearned power at the expense of the productive class. Beneath those forces of dishonesty and laziness lie irrationality and insanity -- the schizophrenia of parasitism. Contrary to common belief, schizophrenia is not a split or a duel personality, which is just one of many possible symptoms of schizophrenia. Rather, the disease of schizophrenia is the detachment of consciousness from objective reality, which is required to convert one's precious conscious life into a destructive parasite -- into a humanoid.

The tripartite cure for insanity in government is simple: depoliticize, depoliticize, depoliticize. ...How will that cure arise? Consider the following Illuminati article of June, 1994. This article was published five months before the first Neo-Tech domino fell in America -- five months before America's November 1994 elections and ten months before the Oklahoma City bombing:

Obsoleting the Criminal-Minded Goyim

The most valuable, criminal-minded goyim of the '90s are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Faking compassion and using super-hypocritical demagoguery, they foment envy against the productive class -- against the competitive producers of wealth and jobs. They move forward, feeding on the remaining seeds of individual rights and competitive entrepreneurs. Their grand wealth-distribution schemes consume the source of earned values and well-being. Their illegal schemes, epitomized by bribes paid to Hillary Clinton through fraudulent cattle straddles, undermine the public's sense of justice and honesty in America.

Moreover, the fake compassion of the Clintons is nothing more than a three-step, Toll-Booth Compassion: Personally they give nothing that genuinely benefits humanity or society. Instead, (1) they collect self-serving tolls by forcing the productive class into financing an expanding parasitical-elite class through political-agenda laws. (2) They collect destructive tolls by draining the only real benefactors of the needy and society: the competitive value-and-job producers. And, then (3) they collect the jackpot: a neocheating livelihood replete with force-backed political power and praise-filled honors.

Such three-step, toll-booth compassion includes purposeful murder. For example: "If this law saves one life, then it's worth it" type demagoguery hides the 100 or 1000 or million innocent victims hurt, impoverished, or killed directly or indirectly through such sound-good, toll-booth-compassion laws -- laws that subjugate society through force-back control, destruction, and death.

Seeking unearned power through virtuoso lying, the Clintons are emasculating America's long-term economy for their own power. Left unchecked, the Clintons' criminal agendas would destroy health care, individual rights, the economy, and maybe start a war to avoid impeachment or jail. ...Such goys will loot, kill, and build violent hatred toward government just to sustain their destructive livelihoods.

Indeed, today, political predators are crushing property rights, plundering the middle class, and widening the gap between the rich and poor. How? By escalating police-state regulations, destructive political-agenda laws, and irrational taxes enforced by armed bureaucrats. Those irrationalities decimate small businesses, the middle class, and individual self-reliance: the three originators of all productive jobs and earned profits. ...Why do political predators purposely advance economic and social harms? So they can flourish in power and praise without themselves having to produce competitive values.

The above dynamics are ironically in accord with the original Illuminati Protocols. Those master-plan protocols use Machiavellian political tools such as the Clintons who have Dostoyevsky-type criminal minds[61]. For, such goy tools cause calamities that undermine planet Earth's twin institutions of parasitical evil: organized religions and nationalistic governments...institutions that subjugate the well-being of society to the parasitical-elite class.

Today, however, by using the new Zon protocols, the Illuminati are shifting their moral and operational base from the politicized anticivilization to the nonpolitical Civilization of the Universe. One visible result will be their use of the media to remove from office, by impeachment or defeat, the now useless Clintonian coterie. That removal will end their drive for power through draining society by force and fraud.

Obsoleting such criminal-minded goyim will halt the government's parasitical feeding on the value-producing class. A depoliticized civilization will bring eternal peace and prosperity. Indeed, the laws among the Civilization of the Universe arise from the divine grace embodied in every conscious being who has ever existed. From those laws arise virtuous prosperity and happiness.

Seven-Point Agenda for America's First Neo-Tech President

1. Immediately pardon and free all individuals convicted of political-agenda crimes.

2. Veto and work to repeal every political-agenda law passed by Congress, current and past.

3. Work to end all welfare and social programs. Replace Clintonian toll-booth compassion with genuine compassion.

4. Privatize Social Security. Fully meet all obligations by paying back with market-rate interest all monies paid into Social Security. Finance this payback by selling government businesses and assets.

5. Permit government activity only in areas of national defense, local police, and the courts to protect individual and property rights. Eliminate all other force-backed government powers and programs. Disarm all bureaucrats, not honest citizens.

6. Replace the irrational, envy-based income tax with a rational consumption tax -- a national sales tax. Then phase out sales taxes with major budget reductions, market-rate user fees, and the Golden Helmet. Use revenues only for national defense and the protection of individuals and their property from objective crime.

7. Help redeemable parasitical elites, neocheaters, and professional value destroyers convert to competitive value producers in the Civilization of the Universe.

Accomplishing the above seven points are the natural results of upholding the Constitution of the Universe:


Article 1

No person, group of persons or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual's self or property.

Article 2

Force may be morally and legally used only in self-defense against those who violate Article 1.

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

Even Plato recognized that the creation of a civilization is the "victory of persuasion over force...". By contrast, an anticivilization means the use of force over persuasion.

The Zon Illuminati

Why did most of the news media and much of the public keep accepting the automatic lies and crimes from someone like Bill Clinton when he became the President of the United States? What about his Machiavellian drive to escape his crimes and stay in office? Through his and his wife's dishonest camouflages, the Clintons tried to ravage the economy, health care, and society itself.

All genuine jobs, prosperity, and happiness in any society come from honest individuals and businesses. President Clinton has no concept of honesty or business. He never held or created a productive job in his adult life. He lives parasitically by (1) demagogically attacking and then (2) self-righteously draining those who produce the jobs and values upon which society depends. ...How does such a person become accepted by a population as its leader?

Congenial President Clinton is the most skilled, slickest public speaker since Hitler, Churchill, and FDR.[62] His gross lack of principles combined with his supreme ability to sound good lets him project sincerity and good intentions with persuasive skills, perhaps surpassing any neocheater living today. Pandering to envy and parasitism, both Clintons "compassionately" extract maximum capital from the producers to buy votes and power from the public.

Indeed, Bill and Hillary Clinton were an important find for the Illuminati to accomplish their two-century goal of eliminating public acceptance of the parasitical-elite class draining the value producers and society. ...Ultimately, the pernicious Clintons will bring prosperity and happiness to America. How will that happen when all their actions work to decay individual rights, property rights, self-responsibility, self-respect, objective law, crime prevention, education, health care and the economy?

President Clinton is a professional Elmer Gantry who exudes sincerity, confidence, and compassion upon all whom he exploits for his own unearned livelihood and selfish ego. But, just as he built his illusion to the height of false success, the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech began breaking that illusion in the 1994 elections. Eventually, everyone will convert the Clinton illusion into reality. Then, the more the Clintons try to convey sincerity and compassion, the more they will be recognized as hypocrites and predators.

As the illusions break, the Clintons and their supporting cast will be scorned or prosecuted out of existence. Then, their dishonest concepts of politics will be trashed along with their political-agenda laws and ego-"justice" systems. At that point, America will be ready for depoliticization and decriminalization.

Put another way: When the Clintons' illusion publicly pops, they will stand naked before the world. Everyone will see them as nothing more than the criminal parasites they have always been. That popping of illusions, especially in cyberspace, will start the depoliticization of this anticivilization. The Illuminati will then have achieved their two-century goal of curing the irrationality disease in order to bring limitless prosperity to planet Earth.

The Clintonian criminal mind is woven throughout the White House, the Congress, the legal profession, the media, and the celebrity industry. Above-the-law/beat-the-law, golfing-partners OJ/Clinton hide their criminal minds behind sharp lawyers, automatic lying, public adulation, and wonderful-person facades. Such persons will always coldly, arrogantly rationalize themselves out of criminal acts ranging from wife batterings and WACO killings to the destruction of public safety and the economy.

The fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech and the wide-scope accounting of the Golden Helmet combined with the coming cyber-information revolution will eliminate dishonest politicians, their harmful political-agenda laws, and their armed agents of force. ...That Neo-Tech revolution will bring limitless prosperity to planet Earth.

Why is total victory on Earth inevitable over the next few years? Consider the survival tool of all purposely destructive politicians and government officials. Their survival tool is the public acceptance of armed bureaucracies made possible by deception and irrationality. To perpetuate those dishonesties, the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech and the wide-scope accounting of the Golden Helmet must be hidden from the population by force, coercion, and fraud. Yet, every act to suppress the Neo-Tech/Golden-Helmet, including the jailing of its author and publisher, enhances public movements toward its all-revealing, depoliticization dynamic.

By shunning publicity and the media since 1981,Neo-Tech has quietly spread its political and religious subversions worldwide. Published in twelve languages, Neo-Tech is distributed in 156 countries. It is now too late to stop the Neo-Tech dynamic of fully integrated honesty and its wide-scope accountability.

Neo-Tech has been the underlying dynamic subverting destructive politics and organized religion for the past decade. Neo-Tech has been the deep-root cause of (1) collapsing totalitarian governments, such as in Eastern Europe, (2) eroding the authority of Western religions, such as Roman Catholicism, (3) removing from office economically and socially destructive politicians, such as begun in America during its 1994 elections. In turn, that Neo-Tech dynamic is now undermining economically and socially destructive bureaucracies worldwide, including America's most-harmful armed bureaucracies such as the ATF, DEA, EPA, FDA, INS, IRS.

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