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AIPAC is the 'American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Its headquarters are located in New York City. It is not a secret organization; instead, the leaders of AIPAC who direct its affairs never miss a chance to flaunt their authority over the American politician. AIPAC fears absolutely nothing! Exposure of their criminal operations of campaign bribery only serve to intensify their grip on every representative we send to Washington. They all learn quickly to do whatever AIPAC representative tell them to do. Otherwise, the Jewish Press (90% of Americas media companies) will viciously attack the unwary and independent content on other issues not related to Israel until they are doomed to defeat.

Campaign finance reform without denunciation of AIPAC is nothing short of a 'dog and pony show.' How extremely awkward Senators appear as they cautiously avoid any reference to what they call in private "Jew muscle" as seen in the media and in the AIPAC bribes.

Sam Johnson saw such a show back in the seventeen hundreds and wrote, " A dog walking on its hind legs is never done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all."

America's duplicitous Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen are made into out-spoken condemnation of "foreign" campaign money from China, Taiwan, Indonesia and elsewhere, while refusing to even whisper the name of the most illegal, corrupting, alien, election manipulators of all time, AIPAC, the American Israeli Political Action Committee (The Jewish Lobby). THE WATCHDOGS

Deafening silence continues from all quarters. The bureaucrats on the Federal Election Commission and those involved in organizations such as Common Cause fare no better than the politicos who take AIPAC's dirty- money. They give the appearance that someone is watching the store when the cruel truth is that nobody is watching the store. They will, invariably, look the other way where AIPAC is concerned. All these hypocrites know that it is suicidal to 'dare to speak-out' against these gangsters. Included in this cowardly silence is every facet of media which is Jewish owned, operated, and pro-Zionist/pro-One World Order and pro-Democratic Party/Socialism.


'Gut Abe' Feinberg, a banker of course, is said to have been "the first Jewish fund raiser for national politics." He wasn't. However, he did demonstrate, in his seduction of Harry Truman, how easy money moves Presidents and even presidential trains.

Remember Truman's train trip across America. Lots of talk about freedom, integrity, honor, etc. Well it is now known that Feinberg had a man at each stop with a brown bag full of cash awaiting this fine man.

Gut Abe, in his unsophisticated bribery was immeasurably more honest than AIPAC is today.

THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES In both Houses and the White House, Representatives sit at their tables under a two- edged sword hanging above their heads by the smallest of hairs. Rewarded if they please the Jewish lobby and cut to pieces if they err in the slightest measure. The AIPAC 'green book' has truly become their 'lambs book of life.' Any Senator or Representative who votes against AIPAC steps on the third rail and dies from political suicide. The Jewish newsapapers attack such wayward Congressmen with a vengeance that no amount of political advertising can overcome. PUKE David Steiner and Harry "Haim" Katz circa October, 1992.

D.S. "I am personally not allowed, as president of AIPAC, to get involved in Presidential campaigns... but I helped him - we raised over $1,000,000 for him in New Jersey... we lent, we gave him two employees from AIPAC... we have a dozen people in there... they're all going to get big jobs... we've collected $63 million for him so far."

And so it goes, volumes could be written about election crimes committed by AIPAC. Through corruption and bribery their organization calls the tune for your favorite Senators, Representatives, and Cabinet Members in Washington. How AIPAC does this is pure magic. The claim is that they don't give a penny directly to any candidate but for years they've had as many as 125 other PACs under their control who sent money as instructed and their budget is over 12 million per year. Now, they seem to be simply giving a 'money list' to their chosen performers.

One thing is absolutely certain about the Jewish Lobby-AIPAC:


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