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The Scum Also Rises
Posted on: 2004-08-13 14:59:46

Golan Cipel - Ties to Israel - Non-USA Citizen - Given Top New Jersey Post in Home Front Security as Part of Gay Triangle Affair - Caused NJ Governor McGreevey to Resign

McGreevey resignation reveals Zionist political toxic waste dump

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's resignation yesterday -- with an admission that the middle-aged father of two is a lying homosexual -- has highlighted a number of details that underline the extent of Zionist corruption in US politics.

McGreevey's Levantine Lothario, Golan Cipel, is reportedly preparing to sue the ex-Governor for 'sexual harrassment' for a 'gay relationship' he and the Governor conducted. McGreevey met Cipel while the Governor-to-be was on a junket to Israel in 2000 -- the gift of New Jersey Jewish federations. He made his catamite his liasion to the Jewish community during his 2001 campaign for Governor, with staffers finding Cipel accomodation. Adding to the thread of sexual corruption running through the scandal, states: "Cipel had been sponsored for a work visa and given a job in 2001 by [Jewish] real estate developer Charles Kushner, McGreevey's biggest political donor, recently indicted for hiring prostitutes as part of a scheme to scuttle a federal prosecution into fund-raising."

In the hysteria of the post-911 situation McGreevy appointed Cipel to the newly-invented post of security adviser at a cool $100,000 per year, without a background check and despite the fact that Cipel's resume showed his (official) security experience limited to a stint as a conscript in the Israel fleet. As an Israeli citizen Cipel was not even allowed a security clearance. McGrevey finally relented to the pressure of those who smelled the over-ripe gefilte and shifted his 'boyfriend' to the office of liasion to the State's Jews -- again at $100,000 per annum. Golan Cipel was the Governor's right-hand man. Says the JTA: "He planned the governor�s overseas trips, including a trip to Israel, and conducted a study of the New Jersey-Israel Commission."

The Governor apparently saw his tastes as potential ammunition for Israeli or other blackmail: �I realize the fact of this affair and my own sexuality, if kept secret, leaves me, and most importantly the governor�s office, vulnerable to rumors, false allegations and threats of disclosure. So I am removing these threats by telling you directly about my sexuality." According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency: "The Associated Press quoted an anonymous high-ranking official in McGreevey�s administration saying that McGreevey�s lover � the report didn�t name Cipel � demanded �an exorbitant sum of money to make� the threatened lawsuit �go away.� Administration officials and members of McGreevey�s Cabinet learned of that threat Wednesday night, the AP reported."

Zionists are attempting to downplay Cipel's importance, and the mass media is concentrating on the salacious aspects of a degenerate politician. Says the JTA: "David Mallach, former director of the MetroWest, N.J. Jewish Community Relations Council, said his group encountered no problems working with Cipel. �For a guy like Jim McGreevey, who already had a lot of good Jewish relationships, Cipel�s role wasn�t a key one,� Mallach said."

However, how much was McGreevey on the hook to Jews? Free junkets to Israel, close relationships with the Jewish community (even requiring a liasion), not to mention his wild invective against the National Alliance in June, show the usefulness to Zionism of corruption and filth at all levels of leadership in the USA.

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I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag, But Which One?

By Joe Sansone

It would not be an unusual act for a newly elected governor to repay a political operative with a high paying government job as New Jersey�s new governor, Jim McGreevey, did in the case of Golan Cipel. Cipel is the newly appointed director of New Jersey�s homeland security, a newly formed counter terrorism agency created in the fallout of September 11th.

In the world of political activism, Cipel has done well for himself. The 33 year old landed a position that pays $110,000 a year. This type of political patronage and corruption, however distasteful, is expected in the world of government and politics. After all, to the victor go the spoils. 

There is a catch. Golan Cipel, New Jersey�s new counter terrorism director is not an American citizen. Instead, Cipel is a citizen of the powerful nation state of Israel. Cipel is also still in the military reserves of the Israeli navy. 

Understanding the gravity of the situation will cause blood pressure to rise, but it should also instill sudden fear. The man that New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey has empowered to defend citizens in New Jersey is loyal to another country. 

How can Cipel protect citizens of New Jersey from a foreign threat of terrorism, if he himself is a foreign national? If relations broke down between Israel and the United States, would Cipel�s loyalty belong to his mother country, or would it lie with the nation that he is visiting? 

The conflict of interest is obvious. Even so, New Jersey�s governor admitted to not having a background check done on Cipel. There was no mistake; McGreevey is insisting that Cipel does not need a background check. Basically every government employee in New Jersey must undergo a background check of some kind. Even most private individuals that require licensing for business purposes are required to pass background checks. 

Cipel should be disqualified from such a sensitive security position simply because he�s an Israeli citizen and still a member of the Israeli navy. With such information known, why exactly does Cipel get a pass on the background check? 

If Israel were to conduct acts of espionage against the United States again, what better way to do it than under the cloak and protection provided by the position of director of New Jersey�s Homeland Security office? Insight Magazine did a piece a couple of years ago about Israeli attempts and possible success at wire tapping the Clinton White House. Is it really that far-fetched to suspect Cipel as a possible Israeli Mossad agent? After all, the ideal agent would be placed in a position of power in the government that he is supposed to spy on, or sabotage. Even if he�s not an agent, it is likely that Israeli intelligence would contact Cipel and try to lure him to their employ. 

While a public campaign of scare tactics continues to grow with its newest revelation that the federal government has plans for a shadow government in case Washington D.C. gets decapitated with a small nuclear device, once again a dichotomy is revealed in the governments response to terrorist threats. 

So far the greatest action domestically by the U.S. government has been to suppress American civil liberties by granting itself immense search and seizure authority over Americans while at the same time remaining open to foreign threats. Not only have the borders of the U.S. remained open, but the 8-11 million illegal aliens have not been deported, Visas are still being issued, Mexican truckers will soon be able to traverse the continental U.S., and even president Bush is talking up amnesty for illegal Aliens. 

McGreevey�s actions have endangered the lives of over 8 million Americans in New Jersey. For this, New Jersey�s legislature should give serious consideration to his possible impeachment and removal from office. It is almost inconceivable that McGreevey could do anything more dangerous than appointing a foreign national to head up New Jersey�s anti-terrorism efforts. 

Almost is an important word. 

The state of New Jersey, through McGreevey�s malevolent actions, has posed a new national security risk. If an agency of New Jersey�s law enforcement can be used to conduct espionage or terrorist acts against the United States, it then becomes a federal issue. Attorney General Ascroft should begin an immediate investigation into McGreevey�s actions, and into his administration as a whole. 

If Cipel were a Saudi Arabian citizen, or a citizen of China, America�s political universe would have come to a screeching halt. The bottom line is that he is not an American and he should have no authority over Americans. 

As for New Jersey�s new governor, compare his actions with the infamous American Taliban, otherwise known as Johnny Walker. Which one has committed a greater crime? 

Joe Sansone is a columnist and the Vice-Chairman of the American Reformation Project. Joe has previously hosted a Central Jersey Talk Radio Show and is the former chairman of the Reform Party of New Jersey. Mr. Sansone is currently active as a consultant for conservative Republican candidates.

� Joe Sansone

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NJ Governor's Jewish Financial Angel: Also Clinton Backer, 'Holocaust' Appointee

Report; Posted on: 2004-08-13 18:18:03

Jewish millionaire, an alleged sexual blackmailer, funded vulnerable politicians. 

Charles Kushner, the Jew who reportedly sponsored the entrance of ex-Governor James McGreevey's Israeli 'lover' Golan Cipel into the United States, was also the single largest contributor to the Senate campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2000. Kushner was also a heavy financial backer of McGreevey. Clinton's husband Bill, as President of the United States, had sexual problems similar to those of McGreevey while in office, with a person of Jewish descent. Both of the Clintons have had political careers dogged with allegations of massive, illegal wrongdoing. Mrs. Clinton has gone on to serve her NY constituents as a rabid supporter of Israel. Similarly, McGreevey is a Zionist and used his bully pulpit to condemn the legal political activities of the National Alliance.

McGreevey reportedly recieved $1.5 million in campaign contributions from Charles Kushner and his affiliates. According the to NY Observer, a lawsuit in 2002 "repeats allegations that Mr. Kushner made donations in the names of individual principals in the partnerships without their prior consent, getting the money to the candidates in the name of say, a manager at one of his companies. Mr. Rubenstein, the spokesman for Mr. Kushner, conceded to The Observer that such donations were made in the past, but insisted that the matter had been corrected." 

According to Kushner's website, he is a very generous financial player in Zionist affairs, with Clinton recognition. "Mr. Kushner was honored with a Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Yeshiva University. In the past several years, his accomplishments include an appointment to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council by President Clinton [and] the "Humanitarian of the Year" Award from the National Conference for Community and Justice..." The latter is a pro-Zionist 'dialogue' organization -- founded decades ago as the 'antifascist' National Council of Christians and Jews -- which carries out 'anti-hate' activities such as countering Mel Gibson and applauding 'gay rights'. 

Kushner's own problems are now mirroring those of the Clintons: he faces three federal indictments: conspiracy to promote interstate prostitution, retaliation against a witness and obstruction of justice. 

The Asbury Park Press on 7/14/04 the following federal allegations: 

"Defendant CHARLES KUSHNER did knowingly and willfully conspire and agree with others to persuade, induce, entice, and coerce an individual to travel in interstate commerce to engage in prostitution and sexual activity for which a person could be charged with a criminal offense . . . 

". . . In an effort to gain leverage over CW1 and CW2, [CW1: Cooperating Witness 1. CW2: Cooperating Witness 2.] 
. . . defendant CHARLES KUSHNER initiated a scheme to orchestrate the covert videotaped seduction of CW2. To this end, he recruited Co-Conspirator A ('CCA') and Co-Conspirator B ('CCB'). In or about August 2003, defendant CHARLES KUSHNER told CCA that he wanted CCA to hire a woman to seduce CW2 and then capture the woman and CW2 having sex on videotape. Defendant CHARLES KUSHNER told CCA that he wanted to create the videotape to cause problems and personal difficulties for CW2... 

"On or about December 5, 2003, CCB delivered the videotape of CW2 and W1 [W1: prostitute] having sexual relations to defendant CHARLES KUSHNER at his office building in Florham Park, New Jersey. In a conference room with an associate present, defendant CHARLES KUSHNER viewed the videotape and expressed satisfaction with it to CCB. 

"On or about May 10, 2004, CCB drove to a town in upstate New York, and mailed the still photographs and videotape in an envelope addressed to CW1 in Essex County, New Jersey. 

"A few days later, the envelope containing the videotape and still pictures of CW2 having sex with W1 arrived at the home of CW1 and CW2 in Essex County, New Jersey. CW1 opened the envelope and discovered its contents. CW1 and CW2 later turned the envelope and its contents over to federal law enforcement agents."

Source: Rocco Strada 

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Possible Reason Cipel and the Jews Toppled Gov. McGreevey?

Rutgers Controversy Is No Civil Liberties Issue 

Posted 8/22/2003 


On Friday evening, October 10, 2003, Jews throughout the world will celebrate the first night of the holiday of Succot. The festival is a commemoration of the harvest season in the land of Israel. Indeed, Judaism has often been described as having three principal components 
� the people of Israel, the Torah (which is the holy law of the people of Israel), and the land of Israel. Succot is a holiday in which every Jew is most conscious of his or her connection with the eternal Jewish homeland.

For the Jewish students on the Rutgers campus, however, the first night of Succot will be a most somber evening. Nearby on the Douglass campus will be a national gathering of Israel haters who yearn for the destruction of the Jewish state � the National Student Movement for Solidarity with Palestine. This conference is being held with the authorization of the governor of New Jersey, James E. McGreevey, and the president of Rutgers, Richard McCormick. For the 
Rutgers Jewish students, the night will be a frightening reminder that enemies of the Jewish people are alive and well on college campuses throughout the United States.

The McGreevey administration has defended its decision to permit the conference as a First Amendment freedom-of-speech issue. Such an argument turns the First Amendment on its head. The First Amendment does allow the Israel-haters of the Rutgers chapter of the Palestine Solidarity Movement to gather on campus and hold meetings of their chapter members, as long as the local chapter is funded solely by contributions of its members. I would even concur that the First Amendment would allow the Rutgers chapter of this Israel-hating organization to invite individual guest speakers from outside the campus to its membership meetings.

In no way, however, does the First Amendment enable the Rutgers Solidarity chapter to compel the university to open its campus doors to the entire nation for a mass gathering of Israel-hating students from outside the campus, particularly when such a conference will involve expenditure of taxpayer dollars and use of state resources.

The authorization of this conference will set an absolutely terrifying precedent for Rutgers, great state university, to become a national hate conference center. Suppose a group of Jew-hating and African-American hating Rutgers students convene and form a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, funding activities with their own dollars. The chapter invites David Duke to speak to its members. Will the Rutgers Ku Klux Klan chapter then have the right to compel 
Rutgers President McCormick and Gov. McGreevey to open the campus for a national student convention of the Ku Klux Klan?

McGreevey�s communications director, Kathleen Ellis, defended the decision on the basis that �it was important that the university be allowed to serve as a forum for ideas, even the most unpopular ones.� But one must ask: What benefit is there for Rutgers students seeking truth in the marketplace of ideas from a conference of an organization which denies Israel�s right to 
exist and defends homicide bombing against Jews as a legitimate tactic?

The most appalling aspect of McGreevey�s decision was his absolute failure to announce any action on his part to counter the expected anti-Israel vitriol that will emerge from the Palestine Solidarity Conference. In this regard, I look back and take great pride in the actions of former governor Christie Whitman in 1994 when she was confronted with the decision of the then Trenton State College to invite Khalid Muhammad to speak on campus, thereby giving him a forum to express his reprehensible anti-Semitic ideology. Whitman immediately responded by announcing that members of her administration would host showings of the movie �Schindler�s List� throughout the state.

I served as a member of the Whitman administration, and I often acted on her behalf as a liaison with the New Jersey Jewish community. It was a role that gave me great pride and satisfaction. Christie Whitman was definitely a leader among state governors in terms of Holocaust education and trade and cultural exchanges with the State of Israel. She was honored by the Israel-based Orthodox Jewish outreach organization Aish HaTorah with its Friend of 
Zion award in 1998 � and she truly was a friend. Israeli prime ministers such as Benjamin Netanyahu and the late Yitzhak Rabin eagerly sought meetings with her. She was a complete class act � and she will always have an honored place in the State of Israel and the New Jersey Jewish community.

Jim McGreevey will never have the stature in the Jewish community of a Christie 
Whitman. He can, however, mitigate the damage his decision has caused by duplicating Christie Whitman�s Schindler�s List decision. Specifically, he should direct that leading members of his administration host showings throughout the state of the movie �Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in Israel.� 

As described by the pro-Israel website, �Relentless� is a 
powerful one-hour documentary using primary source video clips to examine the history of the Mideast conflict and how the �peace process� unraveled in a surge of Palestinian violence.

There is one other action that Jim McGreevey should take as well.

This is a time in history when, more than ever, our nation�s leaders at all levels are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Israel. President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have forged the closest alliance between an American president and an Israeli prime minister in our nation�s history. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans such as Tom Delay and Democrats such as New Jersey�s Rob Andrews have demonstrated the deepest personal and governmental commitment to the Jewish state.

New Jersey State Senate Co-President John Bennett (R-Monmouth) has also been 
a longtime close friend of Israel and the New Jersey Jewish community. He has been honored as a B�nai B�rith Man of the Year, and he sponsored the legislation to commemorate Kristallnacht every year by having the lights in the Statehouse kept on. When he announced his opposition to the Palestine Solidarity Conference, he was acting in accordance with his deep and longtime commitment to the State of Israel and the New Jersey Jewish community. Unfortunately, his 
action resulted in a smear of his character by his Democrat opponent this year in the 12th District Senate race, Ellen Karcher, who charged in the New Jersey Jewish News that Bennett�s courageous stand was more of a �political than a moral gesture.�

I can understand why Ms. Karcher would refuse to join Senator Bennett in opposing the hosting by Rutgers of the Palestine Solidarity Conference, given her political allegiance to Jim McGreevey. In the process of refusing to join with Senator Bennett, however, does she have to practice McCarthyism of the Left by slandering his character as well? It is incumbent upon McGreevey to act in the pro-Israel bipartisan tradition of Democrat Rob Andrews by calling upon Ms. Karcher to apologize for her unwarranted defamation of a true friend of the New Jersey Jewish community.

One-fourth of my extended family lived in Poland during the Holocaust. A large number of them were murdered. Other members of my family found refuge after the Holocaust in the State of Israel. Ms. Karcher, had there been more friends of the American Jewish community like John Bennett in positions of elected authority at the time of the Holocaust, perhaps our nation would have done much more to provide a haven for Jews attempting to escape the hells of Hitler�s Europe. ( 

Alan J. Steinberg, a New Jersey state government veteran, is the author of the book �American Jewry and Conservative Politics: A New Tradition.� 

� Copyright 2001, The Jewish Press Inc. (ISSN 0021-6674) 

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Identity of mystery man Cipel forming 

PETE DALY , Associated Press 08/14/2004 

TRENTON -- The identity of Gov. Jim McGreevey�s former aide, Golan Cipel, is emerging from the shadows. 

Cipel resigned from state government as a $110,000-per-year "special counsel" to McGreevey Aug. 14, 2002, without explanation and amid constant media inquiries into his vague status at the State House.

Even though his stint as a confidential aide to McGreevey lasted just seven months, speculation about his job duties, lack of qualifications and perplexing gubernatorial protection from scrutinycontinued until Thursday, when McGreevey admitted he�s gay and that he had an affair with another man.

McGreevey, 47, still hasn�t named his lover, but sources say the man who felled the governor is Cipel.

Cipel�s lawyer, Allen Lowy, yesterday accused the governor of making sexual advances toward his client then making him the victim of a "smear campaign."

If rumors about the relationship between the two are true, the revelation would answer the questions about how McGreevey, an Irish-American Catholic from middle-class Woodbridge, forged such seemingly close ties with Cipel, 35, an Israeli national who was a published poet and a former Israeli naval officer fresh to politics.

The chain of events that allegedly brought McGreevey�s personal and political life to ruin began four years ago when McGreevey took a political trip to Israel.

It was in Rishon Letzion, Israel�s fourth-largest city, that McGreevey contacted Cipel in March 2000, who at the time worked for Meir Nitzan.

Nitzan, mayor of Rishon Letzion, employed Cipel for three years as a spokesman and described him as "straight-laced."

"He is not married. He presented at least two women as his girlfriend. ... What surprises me is the blackmail allegation," Nitzan said.

Nitzan said he has known Cipel for years, since he was a teen activist of the Labor Party youth movement and parliamentary assistant to former Labor Party legislator Avi Yehezkel.

"He met this governor during his campaign," Nitzan told The Soon after, Cipel was in New Jersey, squeezed tightly under the umbrella of McGreevey, where he would remain until their falling-out.

Cipel�s first meeting with McGreevey came when the governor was mayor of Woodbridge, according to published reports. Cipel, who also worked at the public information office at the Israeli consulate in New York while he studied communications at the New York Institute of Technology in 1995, began working for McGreevey when he was mayor of Woodbridge and gearing for a run at the governorship.

Cipel obtained a visa in which he listed McGreevey donor Charles Kushner as a sponsor on his visa application.

The first indications of impropriety, or at least special attention, began in Woodbridge. McGreevey instructed a staff member to find a car and an apartment for Cipel, The Newark Star-Ledger reported, and Cipel was soon living almost next door to his new boss, his wife, Dina, and their young daughter.

But Cipel did not come under the microscope of the media until McGreevey was inaugurated in 2002. 

Working first in a $30,000-a-year job public relations job arranged by Kushner, Cipel was named to head the state Office of Homeland Security in February 2002.

Cipel was appointed to the newly-created position with a $110,000 salary that made him the fifth-highest paid member of the administration.

"Golan is smart, incisive, hard-working and trustworthy, and he has brought a unique point of view to the work he does," McGreevey said at the time.

Problems arose almost immediately. 

McGreevey named Cipel to the position without a background check or official announcement, saying only that retaining Cipel was "a prudent expenditure."

Cipel was criticized by media and members of McGreevey�s administration because his political resume was void of security credentials. In fact, because Cipel was not an American citizen, he was unable to receive reports on security from the FBI, CIA or New Jersey State Police.

Cipel also seemed to be in competition with Mercer County�s own Kathryn Flicker, who was named head of the new Office of Counterterrorism in January 2002.

The job appeared cushy -- Cipel had no official duties and reported only to McGreevey.

A gathering storm from Republicans in the Garden State and from media demanding verification of Cipel�s qualifications was sidestepped when McGreevey refused to submit Cipel to a background check and instead named him "special counsel."

"I know Golan and have worked with him closely," McGreevey told The Record of Bergen County at the time. "He�s a super-bright and super-competent individual who brings a great wealth of knowledge on security."

Even to outsiders, their relationship seemed to go beyond politics. In late 2001, McGreevey arrived unannounced to look at a townhouse in West Windsor Cipel was planning to buy.

"I thought it was highly unusual," Elaine Dietrich, the realtor, told the Star-Ledger in 2002. "I�m counsel to the administrative director of the courts, and I�m not going to ask (the director) to come look at my place and approve a purchase. You�ve got to admit, it�s a little bizarre."

Asked by reporters on several occasions if he was gay or had a romantic relationship with Cipel, McGreevey would never answer directly, dismissing the suggestion as "ridiculous."

Cipel stayed on at the State House and kept the exorbitant salary before he resigned on Aug. 14, 2002.

McGreevey "accepted (Cipel�s) resignation with regret," the governor�s spokesperson said at the time.

Cipel went on to become vice president at the MWW Group, a public relations firm in Bergen County.

That stint was followed by a job with State Street Partners, which is located across the street from the State House, where he was later fired.

Cipel remained in close contact with McGreevey, however, as a liaison between the governor and Jewish groups.

McGreevey�s hand was finally forced Thursday when he admitted his homosexuality and extramarital affair amid reports that Cipel would make the affair public unless he was paid millions of dollars.

Kushner has had no contact with Cipel for at least two years, his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said yesterday.

Kushner did sponsor Cipel�s visa application and Cipel did marketing work for Kushner, Brafman said.

"Beyond that, he has had no involvement with Mr. Cipel and knew nothing about this interaction with the governor, until we heard the announcement," Brafman said.

An FBI spokesman did not confirm reports that McGreevey�s office called the bureau on Thursday to complain about Cipel asking for money.

Repeated telephone calls to the home and office of Cipel�s attorney were not returned yesterday. No telephone listing could be found for Cipel.

-- The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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