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How Jewish Communists Undermined Poland

Here is further definitive proof in the history by Lucy S. Davidowicz, herself a Jewish historian, that Poland was undermined by Jewish Communism. All of these proofs are to be found in a book written with the help of Yeshiva University in New York State.

The proof that Poland was raped by Jewry:

Lucy S. Dawidowicz THE WAR AGAINST THE JEWS 1933-1945 by Bantam Books Incorporated (#13084-6, 1979 ed).

Page 356 states:

"In early 1942 the Polska Partia Robotnicza [PPR], the Communist party in a new guise made its appearance in the Generalgouverne- ment... The PPR is mentioned again on page 431 where we read: "The Soviet Union, for example, began in 1943 to back only such indigenous Communist resistance movements in the several East European countries as would provide it with postwar political footholds there.

... The Soviet Union, for its part, through the PPR supported the People's Army with funds and materiel, on the calculation that it would establish the Communist presence in postwar Poland." For further proof of Jewry's communistic ties turn to page 434 [bottom] and read the socialist and communist links : "The [Jewish Labor] Bundists were cut off from contact with Polish Socialists; the Jewish Communists were isolated from their parent PPR." [The PPR is mentioned above.] The Jewish Judenrat leadership advised, starting on page 436: "One form of compromise between ghetto and the resistance movement was the option in Eastern areas for the Jewish youth to join the Soviet partisan movement. ... The first thing the partisan learned, if he lived long enough, was that in defense of the Soviet Union no human cost was too high."

[Who were these Jews loyal to?] Page 360 "Early in 1941 the Bund's Central Committee in the Warsaw ghetto sent a report to its New York organization, describing its functions as it then perceived them... [Note: Communists have a New York operation.] the Bund's Central Committee adopted a policy statement setting forth their political hopes and expectations:

Poland is our homeland, where we are entitled to equal citizenship rights, where our future lies. . . . Any other Solutions offered, under present conditions, by Zionist or other Jewish groups, are wrong and utopian, as they always were. Together with the Polish working masses struggling underground, the Jewish people of Poland see no other means of survival, but the defeat of Hitler- ism and the reconstruction of a free, independent, and Socialist Poland." [Jews want a Socialist Poland and they got it after WW II]

Page 361-2 "On May 1, 1941, Dror issued a proclamation that avowed once more the movement's dual loyalty to Palestine and socialism and which held out the hope of the inevitable realization of a socialist Palestine:

The struggle with the Hitlerite conqueror has tem- porarily separated us from Eretz Israel, but just as there is no power in the world that can separate us from the struggle for a socialist world, thus nothing can separate us from the land of our ultimate hope. The building of Eretz Israel is undeniably connected with the collapse of capitalism; a socialist Eretz Israel will rise or fall with the success or failure of socialism."

[For the Jews to succeed capitalism needed to collapse]

Page 362 " At the end of December 1943, a representative of the Left Labor Zionists, taking part in a clandestine meeting of the underground Polish Communist front, Krajowa Rada Narodowa [People's Home Council] spoke of victory with the political certitude of her party:

In the struggle for a new world of labor and of social justice, we are not isolated. The working masses of the whole world, with the heroic Red Army in the van- guard, are with us. Our struggle is their struggle; their victory shall be our victory. There can be no return to the past, no turning back to the past reactionary and fascist governments. The working masses, the in- vincible forces of progress and true democracy will prevail in this historic struggle.

Maintaining the traditions of the movement became a conspiratorial activity, yet served to uphold morale. May Day 1940 in Lodz fell on the day the Jews were enclosed within the ghetto. That day Bundist activists visited as many members as they could locate, reminding them of May Day, distributing little red- ribbon boutonnieres, and passing the word: "Hold on and hold out." In January 1942 Dror proclaimed a fundraising campaign in the Warsaw ghetto on behalf of the Jewish National Fund... "

[Page 356 says of Dror: "The socialist Zionist youth movements included Dror, associated with Labor Zionists; Hashomer Hatzair, whose pro-Sovietism brought it ideologically close to the Left Labor Zionists.."

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In fact most countries that became Communist after WW II were those that were tolerant of the spread of Jewish Communism.

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