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French Saint-Simon's Movement

"Jews were even more prominently involved in the Saint-Simonist movement. Among Saint-Simon's closest disciples were Olinde Rodgrigues who was the real founder of the movement, the Pereire brothers, Leon Halevy, Leon Simon, Sareles and Oustave d'Eichtal. Alexandra Weill was active as a Fourierist in spite of the anti-Jewish character of this movement, whilst Aniantle Levy was one of the pioneers of the French labor movement."

-- Philip Mendes, THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972, Lazare Press, North Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, p 9, from information obtained via Lichtheim, George. "Socialism and the Jews" in Dissent," 15 (1968), pp318 & 336; Talmon, J.L. Political Messianism. The Romantic Phase. Secker & Warburg. London. 1960, pp77-81; Wasserstein, Bernard and Malino, Frances. The Jews in Modern France. Brandeis University Press. Hanover and London. 1985, p83.

JTA Admits Jewish Terrorist Murder of German Ambassador
In the Paris Embassy Started Kristalnacht

1 9 3 8 : K R I S T A L L N A C H T

25,000 Jews Under Arrest In Wake Of Worst Pogrom In Modern German History; 4 Dead

BERLIN, Nov. 11, 1938 (JTA) An estimated 25,000 Jews were under arrest today in the wake of the worst outbreak of anti-Jewish violence in modern German history, which left throughout the nation a trail of burned synagogues, smashed homes, wrecked and pillaged shops, and at least four known dead. Police seizures of Jews continued throughout the night and this morning. Three thousand were in custody in Berlin alone.

[…snipped copy…]

Controlled by the Nazi high command, bands of Nazis carried out nationwide depredations against the Jews for 14 hours, in revenge for the fatal wounding of a German Embassy official in Paris by a Polish Jew, before Propaganda Minister Goebbels called a halt and promised legal reprisals against the Jews. The attacks, however, continued several hours after Goebbels issued the following statement:

"The justified and comprehensible indignation of the German people over the odious Jewish murder in Paris expressed itself during the night in measures of reprisal against Jewish establishments and shops. I now appeal to the entire population, urging it to cease immediately all demonstrations and actions against the Jews. A definitive answer will be made to the Jewish attack in Paris by legislative means.''

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