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"During the revolutionary upheavals of 1848, Jews were also prominent among those calling for a democratic (or even socialist) republic in Germany. Among the Jewish participants in the Viennese student revolution were August Silberstein, Secretary in 1848 of the Academic Legion; Adolf Buchheim, an Editor of the Studentenkurier and grandson of the Rabbi of Austerlitz; Mortiz Ilabrosky, President in 1848 of the Student's Committee; Joseph Unger, a leader in that body; Ludwig Frankl, author of the most successful poem of student revolt of all time, "Die Universitat"; and Dr Adolf Fischhof, Chairman of the student-citizen Committee of Security, and as such, the virtual ruler of Vienna, and indeed, Austria."

-- Philip Mendes, THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972, Lazare Press, North Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, p 9-10, from information in three Jewish authored historical studies: Feuer, Lewis. The Character and Significance of Student Movements. New York.1969. pp7I-72; Wistrich, Robert. Socialism and the Jews. Associated University Presses. USA. 1982, pp'73-74; Rothman, Stanley & Lichter, Robert. Roots of Radicalism. Jews Christians and the New Left. Oxford University Press. New York. 1982, p84.

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