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The Rockefeller Liberal Connection

In many ways, the Rockefeller Family works step-by-step with the Jewish Zionist and Sovietizing conspiracies. John D. Rockefeller was a monopolist who followed in the way of many Jews whose control of industries, especially banking, demonstrated the manner in which power, once achieved, might be forever wielded "from the top," high above the citizens of the world's nations.

Although the Rockefellers claim to be Christian Protestants, their activities are so similar to those of their Jewish brethren that there seems to be little mistake that they then to follow the leader. Perhaps this is because their mentors in monopolizing the oil industry and the many conglomerates which they control have lead them into the deepest realms of the grand conspiracy to control the nations of the world through leftist political approaches, one world orders, and Soviet type top/down planning.

The Rockefeller fortune is so large that it literally eclipses the income of entire nations where Rockefeller Oil is pumped, countries like each and every African nation, the Southeast Asian countries, and small nations in the Southern Hemisphere of The Americas. Its operations are streamlined top/down and down/up/decide/down, a manner typical of communist regimes.

The Rockefeller's job as conspirators seems to be penetration and compromise of the Republican Party. The Rockefellers are representative of the Left Wing/Liberal/Soviet side of Republicanism. Some think that the Rockefellers are a part of the internationalist conspiracy, because their holdings are international, and a war would disrupt their revenue streams significantly and might threaten all of them. Peace by any means is the method used by internationalists to maintain their power and wealth.

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