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Art Bell's Jewish War Against Christians?

The following informative article was rewritten from the presently non-existent James Wickstrom's Posse-Comitatis Website ( in an attempt to be faithful to the original and to tone down possibly politically incorrect and offensive language in the report.

For those wishing to read the report, along with the language, it was found at on June 24, 1999, but is not there now. An historical copy of that site was available here on December 31, 2005. It is more extreme than what has been included here.

The reworked and toned down summary of the report follows, most of which has not been independently verified by Jew Watch as follows and Jew Watch has not been able to independently verify Art Bell's religion as reported by Wickstrom, and Art Bell is reported to have said on his radio shows that he is a Christian by religion. It is still possible that by birth, Art Bell might be Jewish, but since his family tree is not available, this cannot be independently ascertained at this time, so all of this is open to conjecture, which considering the large amount of conjecture on Art Bell's radio shows which seem to thrive on conjecture is probably quite appropriate in this case. In any case, here is what James Wickstrom reported, again rewritten slightly to make its wording more appropriate for this news archive and those who visit it. (Incidentally, we listen regularly to Art Bell's show. In fact, at least one of us presently subscribes to his streaming services, and we certainly wish Art Bell a long and prosperous life whatever his background and religion. He has provided years of radio entertainment that is provocative, interesting, entertaining, and appreciated.)

Art Bell's Jewish War Against Christians?

James Wickstrom who is a Christian Identity Minister who seems to preach to the Aryan Nations reported that, on a Thursday morning in 1999, Art Bell, whom is identified as a Jewish person who is also talk show host, was speaking against Ted Gunderson, David Hinkie and WWCR (a short-wave radio station). Art Bell and his lawyer called WWCR a member of a group of cults with their programming.

The site comments that some have said that Mr. Bell and the ADL may be working against WWCR not because of anything said about Mr. Bell, but because WWCR will sell time to Christian Identity preachers such as Pete Peters, which the Jews don't like.

Listeners said that the program started with an attack on the above but quickly diverted to an attack on a couple of other men whom I didn't get their names and the Internet.

Art Bell was heard by listeners to be constantly saying that I believe in free speech "BUT!"

Mr. Wickstrom's site reports, that this qualifier is a perfect example of Hegelian Dialectics, that says one thing (1) free speech should be allowed on the Internet, but (2) free speech should not be allowed on the Internet. They proposed to make people who use the Internet purchase a "LICENSE" to be able to use it.

"So Art Bell believes one should have free speech on the one hand, but not on the other, and that you should pay for a license to use the Internet."

The site reports, in the some 3 hours that they were talking about this thing it became quite apparent that Art Bell, his lawyer and some supporters not mentioned (want to bet this was not the ADL?) were suing WWCR, Ted Gunderson, and a couple of others for slander. However, some people in the Christian Identity Churches believe that the real thing behind all of this is not so much a slander suit, which Art Bell claims, but to hinder the Internet and to shut down WWCR. [World Wide Christian Radio]

Pastor James P. Wickstrom reports that it also becomes very apparent after listening to the show for several weeks that Mr. Bell's real motive is to destroy Christianity which is dear to all Jews' hearts. Wickstrom's website says, "And to foster upon the American people all sorts of weird beliefs that are in direct contrast and counter to Christianity such as Judaism."

"This I believe is the real reason for his show in the first place," says Wickstrom's website, "and is why it is carried on more than 400 stations across America."

Jew Watch Background Note: Some of the story above may be conjecture. In addition, writers other than Mr. Wickstrom, on the Internet and elsewhere, have said that Christian Identity and other Christian Conservatives believe that Jewish attacks on Christianity occur with the purpose of destroying it utterly so as to bring forth a world atheist government. The movements mentioned are consistent with what some of them refer to as the Judeo-Masonic-Illuminati Conspiracies dating back more than a century to the Jew who started the Illuminati, Adam Wieshaupt, in hopes of destroying Western Christendom through propaganda, subversion, and control of all of the ideas of Western Man via media ownership. These ministers say that the Founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola, was also a Jew who was the head of an organization associated with the Scottish Freemasonry Movement and that the Jew, Karl Marx, was a part fo the conspiracy. Marx invented communism to use it as a cover for Jews and Masons wishing to destroy Christianity by fomenting a war between Christians and Atheists, both of which were manipulated by Jews working behind the scenes into fighting several disastrous wars. This information is only mentioned for its historical background as related to the suing of Christian Churches and Other Organizations by Jews.

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