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Frank Weltner

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Frank Weltner, known on WGNU radio as "Couch Potato" since 1992, is a scholar of Jewish history and organizations who has been openly castigated by many persons of Jewish descent, especially in the press, because of his openness and honesty.

Frank Weltner is an activist who is committed to promoting and encouraging European Advocacy along the lines of the NAACP for Blacks, ADL for Jews, and La Raza for Hispanics.

Frank Weltner has an M.A. English 1969 from the University of Missouri at Columbia and a previous B.S. Education with an English Teacher and Journalism major. He also has 18+ hours in Library Science and is certified as a teacher for life by the Department of Education of the State of Missouri in English, Journalism, Social Studies, Librarian / Media Specialist, and CORE Curriculum. He has appeared in person before the Missouri dual House-Senate Integration Committee two times to report on Education in Missouri and the United States as it pertains to minorities and court ordered integration programs and their outcomes and has presented factual reports to these committees.

Mr. Weltner's website became the object of media attention in 2004 when Stanley Weinstock, a Jewish real estate specialist, noticed that the site was listed as #1 on Google for searches for the word "jew." Hundreds of newspapers and magazines publicized the furor over "the anti-Semitic website Jew Watch."

According to Frank Weltner, Jew Watch is a scholarly site. As a librarian, Mr. Weltner says he set out to create a library of materials, mostly articles from magazines, books, pamphlets, and newspapers, which would become the definitive archive of information relating to little known positive as well as infamous aspects of Jewish history, their organizations, publications, and leaders. Said Mr. Weltner, "I wanted to create a massive compendium of information for scholarly research so that people could go to a single web site for all of the information they sought, bundled together with an easy to use interface."

Mr. Weltner considers the feud between Steven Weinstock, Wikipedia, and Google to be friendly. "I support Google, because they fought off alot of pressure and stood firm. They were fair and honest with their users." Mr. Weltner says that he has never spoken either with Google or with Wikipedia employees concerning the matter.

Jew Watch was #1 on Google for "jew" searches for three years, until Wikipedia started a clever Google bomb campaign which often unseats Jew Watch as #1. "If I had done with Jew Watch what Wikipedia has done," Mr. Weltner said, "I would have been removed from Google for abusing its algorithm. But for Wikipedia, being a Jewish-owned site, it is possibly okay. This is the usual double standard that we are all used to in America and that you can read about on Jew Watch."

Mr. Weltner's other sites include which a teacher once called "the civil rights site from hell," which is his main web hub to most of his sites, which contains links to his own Northern European religious writings and audio productions including and, which contains his political writings in book form,, and which contains ready-to-use complaints for whites who have been racially harrassed by the anti-white hiring practices of companies with whom they had originally considered doing business.

Mr. Weltner is a racial separatist who believes that all races should live in their own nations, free from all other races. Frank Weltner has written and spoken many times on the issues of integration, immigration, and miscegenation. "Tolerance," Mr. Weltner says, "Is a measure of the amount of racial, cultural, religious, economic, and social poison you can 'tolerate.' Tolerance is a medical term which describes how America has been systematically and purposely poisoned by its government forcing citizens into living side-by-side with hostile races, cultures, attitudes, and religions. These are people who constantly hate, argue, vote against, and otherwise pick on the majority and work against its interests. This is why majorities should remove all minorities from their midst, for in this way only comes peace and quiet for anyone."

Frank Weltner used to be a Freedom Rider in Mississippi, registering blacks to vote, in the early 1960's. It was then that he became aware of racial differences, activist methods, and the involvement of Jews, Quakers, and leftwing mostly black Christians in the civil rights movement. "Although Martin Luther King's organization was called 'The Southern Christian Leadership Conference,'" Mr. Weltner says, "It is really a Jewish Leadership Conference. Fifty percent of its membership was Jewish and nearly 3/4th of all members were atheists and agnostics including Mr. King who confessed that he had given up fundamentalist Christianity at Morehouse College. The main benefactor and bankroller of the SCLC was a Jew named Stanley Levison who worked with the Jewish communist Bayard Rustin in controlling Mr. King and writing his speeches."

Mr. Weltner has outed several persons as Jews including Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who had been claiming to be of Christian stock during her Senate confirmation hearings (He outed her in the NY Times & Washington Post.), Rupert Murdoch (the son of Ms. Elizabeth Greene said by many Australians to be Jewish), and Pope John Paul II whose mother was the alleged Jewess, Emily Katz, of Krakow, Poland. �I think it is wrong for Jews to hide their background by changing their names and making a fuss about privacy when they only do it to confuse us.� Mr. Weltner says. �Behind our backs, they know who they are and they hire each other without letting us know that it because of their racism, which is unfair to all of the other races. It is, in fact, intolerant and discriminatory of them to do this. There is nothing private about a person who runs for office, works in a corporation or bank, owns hundreds of newspapers, or in any other way is in a position to see, mix with, and deal with non-Jews. We need to be �in the know� about these people. It should be a crime to hide the fact that you are Jewish, because it is a lie which might become a deceitful business practice. After all, we are open about our Christian background, and all Jews need to be just as open about their personal histories as well. Anything else is a form of dishonesty. It is, therefore lewd, disgusting, and deceptive. It should not be tolerated.�

Mr. Weltner�s life is an open book on the Internet. A search for �Frank Weltner� on Google turns up hundreds of articles. Perhaps this article in Wikipedia will soon be one of them.

Mr. Weltner�s new Bible for Northern Europeans, entitled �Adam�s Bible,� is published by The House of Adam Ministries. It depicts a universe created by a God who makes Adam, the first White man and the Father of The Holy Race of Men, in order to redeem the world from the failed Dark Races who are really the Sons of Satan and his band of fallen angels. His religious publications can be sampled at

Frank Weltner is possibly one of the most prolific writers and thinkers on the Internet. He is one of the most famous website owners. Stories about his Internet presence have appeared in the New York Times, New York Post, Associated Press, Reuters, Pravda, Izvestia, The Singapore Times, Times of India, Newsweek, New York Times News Service, and hundreds of other domestic and international newspapers and magazines.

Mr. Weltner is an outspoken member of the National Alliance. He has volunteered as the local Public Relations Representative for the St. Louis Unit of the National Alliance. He has hosted more than 50 Internet radio shows for the National Alliance, entitled "National Vanguard Radio." He has organized numerous protests in the St. Louis Area for the preservation of the White Race which he says lives in "hostile territory surrounded by persons of alien cultures who hate them and want to kill them through massive immigration, integration, and miscegenation."

On going censorship furor / discussion on Wikipedia on removal or "deletion" of article submitted on "Frank Weltner" who is the Jew Watch Librarian as of August 6, 2004 as printed at and included here under the "fair use" provision of the copyright law for material used for scholarship, educational, and research purposes. NOTE: Wikipedia was part of a campaign to get its own site moved up from the 4th page of Google to #1 on page #1 to unseat

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The Wikipedia should not be a platform to publicise people with minority views so abhorrent to a civilized society, that the Wiki is the only place they are able to air them. Sorry if this sounds pompous. It's Delete: Giano 20:44, 3 Aug 2004 (UTC)

This seems like an information well written biography. Why in the world would anyone want to delete it? There are alot of people with unpopular views. The Jews were hounded out of Spain for their views and opinions. I can imagine the Viceroy saying arrogantly, "Look at the abhorrent anti-Christ views of these Jews. Let's ban them!" What are we talking about here? One man's abhorrent views are another man's truths. His site seems to be on the mark. I check 15 of his links. They all check out. It seems to be a humongous clipping library of newspaper articles. He just reprints standard journalism for scholars to study. Is that really abhorrent? Then whoever did what is reported is the abhorrent one, not the messenger. He is only a messenger. Keep the article. It's a good one. Well written. Besides, nobody cares, and Wikipedia hit on this guy pretty hard to take his place on google. See a search for "Wikipedia + Jew Watch" on Remember Jew Watch is Weltner's site. It does seem to be a scholar's site. So shoot me.

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