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The following quotations may be validated by searching at the State Department Web Site at which is entitled "Report on Global Anti-Semitism" which was forced by legislation demanded by what some sources have reported was the hate-filled anti-Gentile Jewish Lobby.

Anti-Christian Prejudice in Report:

The State Department's 40-page Report on Global Anti-Semitism cites a recent example of "anti-Semitism" in Poland. "...the pastor of St. Brigid Church in Gdansk told parishioners during services that Jews killed Jesus and the prophets." (p.22)

Anti-Right Wing Prejudice in Report:

In Western Europe, traditional far-right groups still account for a significant proportion of the attacks against Jews and Jewish properties...

Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Report:

Disadvantaged and disaffected Muslim youths increasingly were responsible for most of the other incidents.

Anti-Muslim Combined with Class Discrimination in Report:

This trend appears likely to persist as the number of Muslims in Europe continues to grow while their level of education and economic prospects remain limited.


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