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How The Israeli Government Thought of Dealing With its Arab Population, top of page Assennara,, March 6, 1998

Assennara [Arab Israeli journal] learned from reliable sources that the Israeli government in the late 50s and early 60s prepared a plan to limit the "birth rate" of the Arabs who remained in the country [after the 1948 war] in an effort to solve the demographic problems resulting from the increasing growth ratio among Arabs; which the Israeli government though of as a security danger that threatened the demographic balance in the country.

The sources said that the Israeli government under the leadership of Ben Gurion and with consultations from experts reviewed a proposal of "birth control" among Arabs, not for the sake of the Arab family welfare but in order to limit their numbers and banish whatever the government could amidst concerns of low numbers of Jews in the country, then.

Assennara learned that these documents are classified as "top secrets" that have not been published yet despite their decades ages. We also learned that certain documents were not allowed access to pertaining the plan although other parts were allowed access to for researchers and academicians.

For that reason, we spent all day yesterday asking top [Israeli] security officials that dealt with the Arabic affairs. But all of them strongly declined the story. One of the former advisors said "I never heard of or thought of a proposal like that. Even if the someone proposed it, I suspect that others would have executed it, or could have executed it."

Assennara submitted a written questionnaire to three former officials:- Former Prime Minister and Ben Gurion aide Shimon Peres who was, hitherto, the Defense Minister; former President and ex aide and secretary to Ben Gurion, Yitzhak Navon; and to Haim Yisraeli, a senior officer in the Defense Ministry who obtained the Medal of Israel this year for his contribution to the security of the state. The questionnaire was submitted in writing based on the requests of their secretaries.

The questions were:-

1. Is it true that the the government of Israel in the 60s, or at any other time, prepared a plan to birth control the Arabs? 2. Is it true that the basis for that plan was to distribute birth control pills for Arab women? 3. Is it true that imposing drugs for birth control on them was examined?

Yitzhak Navon answered us verbally by saying that "This story is a baseless lie. My suggestion to you and your newspaper is not to bemired with this story." Haim Yisraeli's response was obtained after several follow ups where he was quoted saying that "the subject is different." When we requested more information, an official spokeswoman told us that "He did not know. The entire subject is different." We requested a written response, but none was received till today. Shimon Peres did not respond either.

Upon contacting other officials who were outraged, we were told that they had nothing to do with the Arabic affairs or they were outside the country then on diplomatic missions.

But Assennara avers that it is quoting the story from reliable sources who stressed that the proposal was evaluated by political and security authorities in the government but after detailed discussions and perusal the proposal was dismissed by the majority.

Ben Gurion Was Entertained With The Idea of Judaizing The Arabs

One of the series of the TV show "The Enlightenment" produced by the Israeli TV on the 50 anniversary of the establishment of Israel is dealing with the Arabs. Yitzhak Navon is supposed to appear in one of the episodes; that has not been aired yet; that deals with a plan to solve the demographic problem. According to the show, there was a plan called "Jonathan Campaign." The plan was aimed at banishing the Arabs in the Galilee to South America. A top official (Yitzhak Navon- Assennara) was sent to Argentina to examine the possibility of trading Jewish land in the region of Mendusa with Arab lands in the Galilee. In his comments, Navon says:-

"Since Israel was created, Jews will come to it from Argentina, as they said... They have too much land in there and Arabs could be settled in it.... I said that first I will travel and examine the issue... and this took a long time.... we examined the issue and found it impractical and unrealistic.... because the Jews who settled there (Argentina) and were peasants are no peasants anymore..... and the Arabs in here (Galilee) will not rush to live there."

The above was a verbatim quotation of Navon in the show.

It is worth mentioning that Assennara published years ago a piece of news from a book titled "More Lands, Less Arabs" by Nurdin Masalha (page 34) about an Israeli government plan to exchange Arabs with Jews from Argentina, which Navon confirms these days.

The host, before Navon reads his comments announces the following:-

"After the birth of the state in 1948, more than 150,000 Arabs remained in the country who were considered by the Israeli and army leader as a dangerous "mine" with dual loyalty. Many different thoughts were proposed about their future. Even Ben Gurion was entertaining (himself) by ideas of Judaizing the Arabs or banishing them to South America." top of page

List of Palestinian Localities destroyed after the creation of the State of Israel (1948)

by Christoph Uehlinger

publ. by Association for the Reconstruction of Emwas Rue du Centre 74
Ch-1025 St-Sulpice
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(from the introduction)

The aim of the list presented here is to give an overview on Palestinian localities which were destroyed during or after the Israeli-Arab war of 1948. The information contained in the list has been brought together by a systematic study of various graphic documents or published writings, i.e. official topographical maps prepared by the British Mandatory Government of Palestine and by the Government of the State of Israel as well as three lists of destroyed Palestinian villages, one complied by the Palestinian geographer Kamal Abudlfattah of Bir Zeit University, another compiled by the Palestinian historian and geographer Aref El-Aref and published by the Israeli scholar Israel Shahak, a third one published by Walid Mustafa, the former head of the Geography Department of an-Najah University (Nablus).

Such a documentary approach offers considerable advantages: First, the study of official graphical maps allow a rather detached look on the object of our enquiry, i.e. on a certain number of Palestinian localities attested to before 1948 which are later mentioned as 'destroyed', which change their names or which disappear completely from the map. Moreover, the fact that these maps are official documents confer a certain objectivity to our list. At last, indicating all documents used as well as precise topographical coordinates for each site mentioned allow for an easy verification of any data contained in the present list.

However desirable, it has not been possible for us to make an enquiry concerning these data on the very spot. Moreover, it is necessary to underline one most important limitation to this list: Topographical maps never mention neither reasons nor circumstances of the destruction and/or desertion of a house or a village. Our list thus cannot render even a fraction of the human suffering on both sides (remember, among others, the destruction of the Jewish quarter in the Old city of Jerusalem) which marked the events that finally led to the desertion and destruction of hundreds of Palestinian localities.

In order to denote the sites of destroyed settlements, we have consciously avoided the word 'villages' which could arise confusion. The present list makes reference to towns as well as to villages or even hamlets. However, indicating the number of inhabitants in 1945 (given in parenthesis after each toponym) may give an approximate idea about the relative importance of these localities (source: Statistical Abstract 1945, British Mandatory Government of Palestine, cited after Shukri Arraf, Al-qarya al-arabiya al-falastiniya ["The Palestinian Arab Village"], Jerusalem [Arab Studies Society] 1985, pp.163-279). We want to draw attention to the fact that the present list does not mention all the Palestinian towns (as, e.g., Safed/Zefat, Tiberias, Haifa, etc.) some of which have not been destroyed but are today inhabited almost exclusively by an Israeli population.

The official topographical maps issued by the State of Israel in the 1950s (1:100'000), inherited from the period of the British mandatory government but overprinted in Hebrew, mention almost 300 destroyed Palestinian localities. Each Palestinian locality having been in a state of destruction and abandonment at that time is marked on these maps by the Hebrew overprint HAROUSS which means 'destroyed, demolished'. These maps alone establish thus with absolute certainty the destruction of a great number of Palestinian localities. They present the most important evidence for our list.


In our list, the first column gives the names of destroyed Palestinian localities, with the number of inhabitants in 1945 mentioned in parentheses (x= no information available). The second column gives precise topological coordinates referring to the Palestine/Israel Grid (established by the Survey of Palestine [British Mandatory Government] and taken over by the official maps of the State of Israel).

The third column indicates the sources which attest to the destruction of a given locality (official topographical maps, earlier published lists).

The fourth column mentions the Israeli settlement existing today in the immediate vicinity of a given destroyed Palestinian locality, and which has, more often than not, inherited (sic) the land of the latter. With regard to the last point, the list is however not exhaustive. As a complementary information, we have mentioned whenever these Israeli settlements were founded after the 1948 war.

Please draw our attention to any possible error which could be contained in the present list.

Christoph Uehlinger

Fribourg, Switzerland, March 1989


In the following list posted to the World Wide Web, the third and fourth columns of the published list have been omitted. Those interested in these details can obtain the published list from the Association for the Reconstruction of Emwas (see address above).


District of al-Quds (Jerusalem): 37 localities

Al-Jura (420) - [Ora]
Al-Maliha (1940) - [Manahat]
Al-Qabu (260)
Al-Qastal (90)
Al-Walaja (1650) - [Amminadav]
Allar (x)
Aqqur (40)
Artuf (350) - [Naham/Har Tuv]
Beit Itab (540)
Beit Mahsir (2400) - [Beit Me'ir]
Beit Naqquba (240) - [Beit Neqofa]
Beit Thul (260)
Beit Umm al-Meis (70)
Bureij (720)
Deir al-Hawa (60)
Deir ash-Sheikh (220)
Deir Rafat (430)
Deir Yasin (610) - [Kefar Shaul]
Deiraban (2100) - [Mahseya]
Ein Karim (3180) - [Ein Kerem]
Ishwa (620) - [Eshta'ol]
Islin (260)
Jarash (190)
Kasla (280) - [Kesalon]
Khirbet al-Lauz (450)
Khirbet al-Umur (270)
Khirbet Deir Amr (10) - [Etanim]
Khirbet Ismallah (20)
Khirbet Nataf (40)
Lifta (2550) - [Me-Neftoah]
Qaluniya (910)
- [Mevassert Jerushal.]
Ras Abu Ammar (620)
Sar'a (340)
Saris (560) - [Shoresh]
Sataf (450)
Suba (620) - [Zova]
Sufla (60)

District of al-Khalil (Hebron): 15 localities

Ajjur (3730)
Al-Qubeiba (1060) - [Lakhish]
Barqusiya (330)
Beit Jibrin (2430) - [Beit Guvrin]
Beit Nattif (2150) - [Netiv B"L]
Deir ad-Dubban (730)
Deir Nakhkhas (600)
Kidna (450)
Mughallis (540)
Ra'na (190)
Tall as-Safi (1290)
Zakariya (1180) - [Kefar Zekharya]
Zeita (330)
Zikrin (960)
Ad-Dawayima (3710) - [Amazya]

District of Gaza: 45 localities

Al-Faluja (4670)
Al-Jiya (1230) - [Ge'a]
Al-Jura (2420) - [Ashkelon]
Al-Masmiya al-Kabira (2510)
- [Mashmia' Shalom]
Al-Masmiya al-Saghira (530)
- [Kefar Ha-Rif]
Al-Muharraqa (580)
As-Sawafir al-Gharbiya (1030)
- [Merkaz Shapira]
As-Sawafir ash-Shamaliya (680)
As-Sawafir ash-Sharquiya (960)
- [En Zurim]
Barbara (2410) - [Mavqi'im]
Barqa (890) - [Gan Yavne]
Batani al-Gharbi (980) - [Azriqam]
Batani ash-Sharqi (650)
Beit Affa (700) - [Yad Natan]
Beit Daras (2750)
Beit Jirya (940)
Beit Tima (1060)
Bi'lin (180)
Bureir (2740)
Deir Suneid (730)
Dimra (520) - [Erez]
Haj (810)
Hamama (5010) - [Ashqelon-Barnea]
Hatta (970) - [Rewaha]
Hirbiya (2240) - [Karmiya]
Huleiqat (420)
Ibdis (540)
Iraq al-Manshiya (2010)
Iraq Suweidan (660)
Isdud (4630)
Jaladiya (360) - [Zeharya]
Julis (1030) - [Hodiya]
Juseir (1180) - [Menuha]
Karatiya (1370)
Kaufakha (500)
Kaukaba (680) - [Kokhav]
Khirbet al-Khisas (150)
Najd (620)
Ni'iliya (1310)
Qastina (890)
Summeil (950) - [Nahala]
Sumsum (1290)
Tall al-Turmus (760) - [Arugot]
Yasur (1070)

District of Tulkarm: 10 localities

Kafr Saba (1270) - [Kefar Saba]
Kh. al-Jalama (70) - [Lahavot Haviva]
Kh. al-Manshiya (260) -[Giv'at Hayyim]
Khirbet Beit Lid (460) - [Nordiya]
Khirbet Zalafa (210) - [Giv'at Hayyim]
Miska (880)
Qaqun (1970) - [Yikkon]
Tabsar (x) - [Ra'anana]
Kafr Saba (1270) ' [Kefar Sava]
Umm Khalid (970) - [Netanya]

District of Ramleh: 54 ocalities

A.. Fadl as-Sautariya (x)
- [Talme Menashe]
Abu Shusha (870)
Al-Barriya (510) - [Azarya]
Al-Burj (480)
Al-Haditha (760) - [Hadid]
Al-Kheima (190)
Al-Kuneisiya (40)
Al-Latrun (390)
Al-Mansura (90)
Al-Mughar (1740)
Al-Mukheizin (200) - [Yad Binyamin]
Al-Muzeiri'a - [Mazor]
Al-Qubab (1980) - [Kefar Bin Nun]
Al-Qubeiba (1720) - [Kefar Gebirol]
Al-Tira (1290) - [Bareqet]
Aqir (2480) - [Qiryat Eqron]
At-Tina (750)
Bashshit (1620) - [Aseret]
Beit Jiz (550) - [Har'el]
Beit Nabala (2310) - [Beit Nehemya]
Beit Shanna (210)
Beit Susin (210) - [Ta'oz]
Bir Ma'in (510)
Bir Salim (x) - [Nezer Sereni]
Burfiliya (730)
Daniyal (410) - [Kefar Daniel]
Deir Abu Salama (60)
Deir Aiyub (320)
Deir Muheisin (460)
Deir Tarif (1750) - [Beit Arif]
Idhnibba (490)
Innaba (1420)
Jilya (330)
Jimzu (1510) - [Gimzo]
Jindas (x) - [Ginnaton]
Kharruba (170)
Khirbet adh-Dhuheiriya (100)
Khirbet al-Buweira (190)
Khulda (280) - [Mishmar David]
Majdal Yaba (1520) - [Rosh Ha-Ayin]
N... (1470)
Nabi Rubin (1420)
Qatra (1210) - [Gedera]
Qazaza (940)
Qula (1010)
Sajad (370)
Salbit (510) - [Shal'avim]
Sarafand al-Amar (1950)
Sarafand al-Kharab (1040) - [Nes Ziona]
Seidun (210)
Shahma (280) - [Qidron]
Shilta (100)
Yibna (5420) - [Yavne]
Zarnuqa (2380)

District of Jaffa: 19 localities

Al-Haram (520) - [Reshef]
Al-Kheiriya (1420)
Al-Mirr (170) - [Kefar Ha-Baptistim]
Al-Yahudiya (5650) - [Yehud]
As-Safiriya (3070)
Beit Dajan (3840) - [Beit Dagan]
Biyar Adas (300) - [Ganne Am]
Fajja (1200) - [Petah Tikva]
Jalil (470) - [Gelilot]
Jammasin (1810) - [Tel Aviv]
Kafr Ana (2800) - [Neve Efrayim]
Rantiya (590) - [Nofekh]
Salama (6670) - [Kefar Shalem]
Saqiya (1100) - [Or Yehuda]
Sheikh Muwannis (1930) - [Ramat Aviv]
Yazur (4030) - [Azor]

District of Haifa: 45 localities

? Ein Ghazal (2170) - [Ofer]
Abu Shusha (720) - [Mishmar Ha'Emeq]
Abu Zureiq (550) - [Nahala'ot]
Al-Buteimat (110) - [Regavim]
Al-Kafrin (920)
Al-Khureiba (x)
Al-Mansi (1200) - [Midrakh Oz]
Al-Mazar (210)
Al-Tira (5270)
Al-Waraqani (x) - [Kefar Barukh]
Ar-Rihaniya (240) - [Ein Ha-Emeq]
As-Sarafand (290) - [Zerufa]
As-Sindiyana (1250) - [Ammiqam]
Balad ash-Sheikh (1420) - [Tel Hanan]
Bureika (29) - [Zikhron Ya'akov]
Daliyat ar-Ruha (280)
- [Ramot Menashe]
Ein Haud (650) - [En Hod]
Ghubaiya at-Tahta (1130)
- [Mishmar Ha'Emeq]
Ijzim (2970) - [Kerem Maharal]
Jaba (1140)
Jalama (x)
Kafr Lam (340) - [Ha-Bonim]
Khirbet ad-Damun (340)
Khirbet al-Burj (x)
Khirbet al-Majdal (x) - [Sede Yitzhaq]
Khirbet al-Manshiya (260)
Khirbet al-Mansura
Khirbet Qumbaza (x)
Khirbet Umm ad-Daraj (x)
Khubbeiza (290) - [Even Yitzhaq]
Lidd (Al-Awwadim) (640)
Qannir (750)
Qira wa Qamun (410) - [Yoqne'am]
Qisariya (960) - [(Caesarea)]
Sabbarin (1700) - [Ammiqam]
Tantura (1490) - [Dor / Nahsholim]
Umm ash-Sha'uf (480) - [Giv'at Nili]
Umm az-Zinat (1470)
Wadi Ara (230) - [Barqai]
Yajur (610) - [Nesher]

District of Akka (Acre): 25 localities

Ad-Damun (1310)
Al-Bassa (2950) - [Shelomi]
Al-Birwa (1460) - [Ahihud]
Al-Ghabisiya (690)
Al-Kabri (1530) - [Kabri]
Al-Mansura (360)
Amqa (1240) - [Amqa]
An-Nahr (610)
Ar-Ruweis (330)
As-Sumeiriya (760) - [Regba]
Az-Zib (1910) - [Gesher Ha-Ziv]
Deir al-Qasi (1250) - [Elqosh]
Iqrit (490)
Kafr I'nan (360)
Khirbet Ja'atun (x)
Khirbet Samah (360)
Kuweikat (1050) - [Beit Ha-Emeq]
Manshiya (1080)
Mi'ar (770)
Nabi Rubin (1420) - [Even Menachem]
Suhmata (1130) - [Zuri'el]
Suruh (x)
Tarbikha (1000) - [Shomera]
Umm al-Faraj (800) - [Ben Ammi]

District of Nazareth: 4 localities

? Indur (620)
Al-Mujeidil (1900) -[Migdal Ha-Emeq]
Ma'lul (690)
Saffuriya (4330) - [Zippori]

District of Jenin: 6 localities

Al-Lajjun (1103) - [Megiddo]
Al-Mazar (270)
Ein al-Mansi (90)
Khirbet al-Jaufa (x)
Nuris (580) - [Nurit]
Zir'in (1420) - [Yizre'el]

District of Beisan (Beth Shean): 22 localities

Al-Ashrafiya (230) - [Sheluhot]
Al-Bira (260)
Al-Hamidiya (220) - [Hamadya]
Al-Murassas (460)
As-Samiriya (x) - [Sede Terumot]
At-Taqa (x)
At-Tira (150) - [Gazit]
Danna (190)
Farwana (330)
Hakimiya (520)
Jabbul (250)
Kafra (430)
Kaukab al-Hawa (300) - [(Belvoir)]
Khirbet al-Mazar (x)
Khirbet az-Zawiya (x)
Khirbet Umm Sabuna (x)
Khirbet Umm Sarhan (x)
Khirbet Zab'a (1931:143) - [Doshen]
Qumiya (440) - [Ein Harod]
Sirin (810)
Tall ash-Shauk (120) - [Nir David]
Yubla (210)

District of Taburiya (Tiberias): 24 localities

Al-Hadatha (520)
Al-Hamma (290) - [Hammat Gader]
Al-Manara (x) - [Menora Hospital]
Al-Manshiya (1938:362)
Al-Mansura (x)
Al-Ubeidiya (870) - [Beit Zera']
An-Nuqeib (320)
As-Samakiya (380) - [(Cafarnaum)]
As-Samra (290) - [Ha-On]
Ash-Shajara (770) - [Ilaniya]
At-Tabigha (330) - [(Heptapegon)]
Ghuweir Abu Shusha (1240) - [Ginossar]
Hittin (1190) - [Kefar Zeitim]
Kafr Sabt (480) - [Sede Ilan]
Khirbet al-Wa'ra as-Sauda (x)
Lubiya (2350) - [Lavi]
Ma'dhar (480)
Majdal (360)
Nimrin (320)
Samakh (3460) - [Ma'agan]
Ulam (720)
Yaquq (210) - [Huqoq]

District of Safed (Zefat): 76 localities

Abil al-Qamh (330) - [Yuval]
Ad-Darbashiya (310)
Adh-Dhahiriya at-Tahta (350)
Al-Abbisiya (830) - [Kefar Szold]
Al-Amir (x) - [Amir]
Al-Buweiziya (510)
Al-Ghabbatiya (60)
Al-Ghuraba (200) - [Gonen]
Al-Hamra (730) - [Lehavot Habashan]
Al-Huseiniya (340)
Al-Khalisa (1840) - [Kiryat Shemona]
Al-Khisas (530) - [Ha-Gosherim]
Al-Madahil (1931:100) - [Kefar Szold]
Al-Malikiya (360) - [Malkiya ]
Al-Manara (490) - [Menara]
Al-Manshiya (1938: 362)
Al-Mansura (360) - [She'ar Yashuv]
Al-Muftakhira (350)
Al-Qeitiya (940) - [Beit Hilel]
Al-Ulmaniya (260)
Al-Waiziya (x)
Alma (950) - [Alma]
Ammuqa (140) - [Ammuqa]
An-Na'ima (1030) - [Kefar Blum]
Ar-Ras al-Ahmar (620)
- [Keren Ben Zimra]
Arab az-Zubeib
As-Salihiya (1520) - [Kefar Blum]
As-Sanbariya (130) - [Ma'ayan Barukh]
Ash-Shuna (170)
At-Tuleil - [Hulata]
Az-Zawiya (760) - [Ne'ot Mordekhai]
Az-Zuq al-Fauqani (160) - [Yuval]
Beisamun (20)
Biriya (240)
Dallata (360) - [Dalton]
Dawwara (700) - [Amir]
Deishum (590) - [Dishon]
Ein az-Zeitun (820) - [Ein Zeitim]
Fara (320)
Farradiya (670) - [Parod]
Fir'in (740) - [Hazor Ha-Gelilit]
Harrawi (x) - [Qeren]
Hunin (1620) - [Margaliyot]
Ja'una (1150) - [Rosh Pina]
Jahula (420)
Jubb Yusuf (170)
Kafr Bir'im (710)
Khan ad-Duweir (1938:150) - [Senir]
Khirbet al-Hiqab/Uqeiba (x)
Khirbet al-Muntar (x)
Khirbet as-Samman - [Shamir]
Khirbet Kharraza (x)
Khirbet Khati (x)
Khiyam al-Walid (280)
- [Lehavot Habashan]
Kirad al-Baqqara (360)
Kirad al-Ghannama (350)
- [Ayyelet Ha-Shahar]
Lazzaza (230) - [Beit Hilel]
Mallaha (890)
Mansurat al-Kheit (200)
- [Kefar Ha-Nasi]
Marus (80)
Meirun (290) - [Meron]
Mughr al-Kheit (940)
- [Hazor Ha-Gelilit]
Nabi Yusha' (70) - [Ramot Naftali]
Qabba'a (460)
Qadas (290)
Qaddita (240)
Safsaf (910) - [Sifsufa]
Saliha (1070) - [Yir'on]
Sammu'i (310) - [Kefar Shamma'i]
Sasa (1130) - [Sasa]
Shauqa at-Tahta (200) - [Dafna]
Teitaba (530) - [Dalton]
Yarda (20) - [Mishmar Ha-Yarden]
Zangharriya (840)
Zuq at-Tahtani (1050) - [Beit Hilel]
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The Jewish View of a Kingdom--Racist

Tyranny, Racism, Genocide, Apartheid top of page

The truth of how Jews view the entire inhabited world will be made manifest in this post. Below is a House Concurrent Resolution in which Jewish Charles Schumer wants the United States Congress to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish kingdom. This document does not exclude gentiles per se but notice that it only addresses worldwide Jewry.

"There are no English, French, German or American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America." Chaim Weizmann, Zionist Leader, on August 29, 1897, at the First Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland.

(There will be those that complain that this bill is from the 104th Congress BUT that was when the "3000th Anniversay" took place. This is evidence of the power of AIPAC, The Jewish Lobby, on American Congress!)

FILE hc36.ih
1st Session
H. CON. RES. 36

Concerning the 3000th anniversary of King David's establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish kingdom.

March 9, 1995

Mr. Schumer submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations


Concerning the 3000th anniversary of King David's establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish kingdom. Whereas 1996 is the trimillennial anniversary of King David's conquest of the city of Jerusalem and establishment of the city as the capital of the Jewish kingdom; Whereas since this time Jerusalem has been the spiritual, cultural, and historic focal point of Jewish devotion; Whereas during this anniversary world jewry will celebrate, commemorate, and sponsor educational activities about the holy city in Jerusalem; Whereas Jerusalem has been the capital of the State of Israel since Israel's independence was declared in 1948; Whereas from 1948 to 1967 Jerusalem was a divided city and Israeli citizens of all faiths as well as Jewish citizens of all states were denied access to holy sites in their historical and religious capital; Whereas in 1967 Jerusalem was reunited during the conflict known as the Six Day War; Whereas in 1990 the United States Senate and House of Representatives overwhelmingly adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution 106 and House Concurrent Resolution 290 declaring that Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, `must remain an undivided city'; Whereas in 1996 the Jerusalem 3000 celebrations begin as negotiations on the future status of Jerusalem, as called for in the Declaration of Principles signed by the Palestinians and Israelis on September 13, 1993, also begin; and Whereas Jerusalem is and will remain the eternal capital of the State of Israel: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress--

(1) congratulates the residents of Jerusalem and the people of Israel on the 3000th anniversary of King David's conquest of Jerusalem and its subsequent establishment as the capital of the Jewish kingdom;

(2) strongly believes that Jerusalem must remain an undivided city and the eternal capital of the State of Israel; and

(3) calls upon the President and the Secretary of State to issue an unequivocal statement in support of paragraphs (1) and (2). top of page

Gentiles do not have any stand 
in the racist Jewish Kingdom

The Jews do not recognize the New Covenant nor do they acknowledge its presenter, Jesus Christ. The Jews still adhere to the Old Covenant as presented by Moses. Jews still view themselves as the "chosen people" and they still view the Gentiles as lessers. To appreciate the Jewish view and how they view the current physical and Earthly Jerusalem let's consider the following:

Acts 10: 28 
(The Apostle Peter said) "You must know that it is not proper for a Jew to associate with a Gentile or to have dealings with him. But God has made it clear to me that no one shall call any man unclean or impure.")

Deuteronomy 6: 10,11 
"When the LORD, your God, brings you into the land which he swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that he would give you, a land with fine, large cities that you did not build, with house full of goods of all sorts that you did not garner, with cisterns that you did not dig, with vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant; and when, therefore you eat your fill....

Isaiah 60: 9-12, 16 Isaiah 61:5,6,9 Isaiah 62:1 
All the vessels of the sea are assembled, with the ships of Tarshish in the lead, to bring your children from afar (Diaspora?) with their silver and gold, in the name of the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, who has glorified you. Foreigners (Gentiles) shall rebuild your walls, and their kings shall be your attendants: Though I struck you in my wrath, yet in my good will I have shown you mercy. Your gates shall stand open constantly; day and night they shall not be closed but shall admit to you the wealth of the nations, and their kings, in the vanguard. For the people or kingdom shall perish that does not serve you; those nations shall be utterly destroyed. You shall suck the milk of nations, and be nursed at royal breasts... Strangers shall stand ready to pasture your flocks, foreigners shall be your farmers and vinedressers. You, yourselves, shall be named the priests of the LORD, ministers of our God you shall be called. You shall eat the wealth of the nations and boast of riches from them. All who see them shall acknowledge them as a race the LORD has blessed. For Zion's sake I will not be silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not be quiet...."

[Our modern 20th century Jews still believe the Old Covenant promises made to them. You only need to look at how they "seized" Palestine in 1948. The Jews now live in houses which they did not build, they've occupied cities which they did not build and they eat the fruits of other's labor, as if all of it is owed to them! This belief would also explain the Jewish leaning towards communism which holds the same desires for its ruling elite.]

On Jewish Racism as described in the Bible:

Acts 10: 28
Apostle Peter said: "You well know how unlawful it is for a Jew to join himself to or approach a man of another race.." 

John 4: 9
Look at what the Samaritan woman told Jesus at the well: "..the Samaritan woman said to him [Jesus]:'How is it that you, despite being a Jew, ask me for a drink, when I am a Samaritan woman?' For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans." 

Ezra 9: 1,2
For further reading go to Ezra 9: 1,2 and see how the Jews drove away their foreign wives!

Ezra 10: 10
You must also see Ezra 10: 10 to see the final casting off of non-Jewish wives.

Nehemiah 7: 61,64
One other example of Jews' desire for racial purity is Nehemiah 7: 61,64 : ".. they were not able to tell the house of their fathers and their origin, whether they were of Israel.. These were the ones that looked for their genealogy publicly, and it was not found so that they were barred as polluted from the priesthood." [Does this not sound like the Jews are into racial purity themselves?!]

To achieve this Jew World Order the Jews have to remove "their sub humans" from their "Holy City" and this is how they seek to make Jeruslaem Arab free.

Subject: Israeli agression against Palestinians continue
From: [email protected]
Date: 1997/08/13
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13 August 1997

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Today ten homes were demolished in Jerusalem and the West Bank, in a stunning attack on Palestinian homes during the visit of US peace envoy Dennis Ross. The homes were demolished for having no permit, although both the Israeli military authorities of the West Bank and the Jerusalem municipality only very rarely issue building permits to Palestinian residents.

Therefore Palestinian residents must build illegally to alleviate extreme overcrowding, particularly in refugee camps. Because they cannot take advantage of the low mortgage rates or the low-interest loans available to the Jewish settlements of the West bank and Jerusalem,

{"He [the Jew] should not press his fellow [Jew] for payment.. the foreigner [Gentile] you may press for payment..." Deuteronomy 15: 2,3 "You must not make your brother pay interest, interest on money, interest on food, interest on anything on which one may claim interest. You may make a foreigner [Gentile] pay interest but your brother [fellow Jew] you must not make pay interest." Deuteronomy 23: 19,20}

they must invest their life savings into their homes, adding to the economic as well as human devastation caused by these demolitions. These demolitions follow the construction of thousands of new units in the Jewish-only settlements of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In Jerusalem:

Five homes were demolished in Shu'fat Refugee Camp. The homes of Sobhi Ali Al Baya, Mazen al Mimi, Kamal Abdel Ghani al Mimi and Ibrahim al Salayma were all in various stages of completion. The home of Talal Hussein Arar housed 9 people, and was destroyed as well. Two other homes were slated for demolition today in the camp, but were postponed until their hearing on their applications for building permits. One home belongs to Asma Adnan Hoshya, who lives in her home with her 8 children. One of her children is very ill, and cannot be moved. The other home belongs to Ahud al Bashiti. Both have hearing dates for their building permit applications on 19 November. In addition, the Jerusalem municipality decided to postpone the demolition of the home of Omar Faqieh, as his nephew was injured in the recent bombings in Jerusalem.

All 8 of these houses lie on the very edge of Shu'fat Refugee Camp, which faces the Jewish settlement of Pisgat Zeev. This illegal settlement, which houses 30,000 Jewish settlers, has recently enjoyed a building boom onto the lands of neighboring Shu'fat and Anata villages, and construction in this settlement is subsidized by the Jerusalem municipality. The Shu'fat Refugee Camp is the sole refuge for nearly 8000 Palestinian Jerusalemites and their children who were expelled from their homes in 1948.

The comparison between this beautiful housing area and the refugee camp reveals the appalling neglect resulting from the discriminatory policies of the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality.In Anata, two homes also were destroyed.

In the West Bank:

Two homes were destroyed in Furdeis village near Bethlehem, and one home was demolished in Hussan village, near the settlement of Betar Illit.

In the past week, the Israeli government demolished 32 Palestinian homes. This large-scale attack on Palestinian homes comes in the wake of the US government's demands on President Arafat to crack down harder on his own people. These demolitions demonstrate once again Israeli PM Netanyahu's total contempt for his Palestinian "partners", for the American mediator, and for the negotiations as a whole. top of page

50 years of independence?
Ha, how about 50 years of injustice?

By Charley Reese

Commentary published in The Orlando Sentinel, April 30, 1998

This is the 50th anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe, when Zionists 'ethnically cleansed''Palestine of 720,000 of its residents. Those people and their descendants have never been allowed to return and have never been compensated for the land, the businesses, the farms, the shops and the money they had to leave behind.

This is particularly ironic in view of the World Jewish Congress's attempt to extort billions of dollars from the Swiss government and banks on the grounds of compensating Jewish refugees from Europe.

The crime against the Palestinians was carried out in 1948, in the words of one historian, by a campaign of psychological warfare and terror punctuated with a few well-timed massacres, such as the one at Deir Yassin where villagers were slaughtered by gunmen from the Irgun and the Stern Gang terrorists.

This wrong done to a people who were peaceful and largely agrarian is the root of the conflict, the violence, the deaths and the suffering of the past 50 years.

You will note, as American Zionists celebrate Israel's 50th Anniversary, that they will take great care to ignore Palestinians. One television show has already trotted out the old Zionist lies -- Palestine was a land with no people for a people with no land, and the Jews made the desert bloom.

Palestine was well-populated with Palestinians long before the British decided to colonize the area under the guise of assisting Zionists. And the Palestinians had already made the desert bloom with citrus, olives and other fruits and vegetables. The birth of Israel, far from a miracle, was just the culmination of another European colonization plan based on the racist belief that indigenous people simply didn't count. There had not been a Jewish state in that area since 135 A.D.

The worst thing the Zionists did, however, was to blame the victim and, with incessant propaganda, attempt to make the Palestinians nonexistent. For years, Zionist propaganda studiously used the word ``Arab'' rather than Palestinian. The existence of Palestinians presents the Zionists with a problem. If they exist, then their land was stolen, and they were ejected from it. Better to foster the myth of an ``empty land'' -- or the other lie, when the empty land ploy became untenable, that Palestinians were just Arabs who moved in to enjoy the economy created by the Jews. If that had been true, then Jews would have owned more than only about 7 percent of the land as late as 1946. (John Chapple's Jewish Land Settlement in Palestine, 1964.)

``We came and turned the native Arabs into tragic refugees,'' said Nathan Chofshi, an honest and compassionate Zionist. ``And still we dare to slander and malign them, to besmirch their name. Instead of being deeply ashamed of what we did and trying to undo some of the evil we committed ... we justify our terrible acts and even attempt to glorify them.'' (Chofshi was quoted in an article published in the Spectator, May 12, 1961).

Tragically, 37 years later, the situation has not changed. Israel's government has no interest in making peace. It feels confident that, with the backing of the Jewish Diaspora, Israelis can continue to act, to paraphrase one Jewish critic, more like Prussians than Jews.

But let's at least inject one bit of honesty into this foreign- government-sponsored propaganda festival. The celebration is the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of Israel. It is not a celebration of 50 years of independence, for Israel has never been, and isn't now, an independent state.

It has from day one depended on superpowers (initially both the Soviet Union and the United States) and still depends on billions of dollars of annual subsidies from the American taxpayers, from German taxpayers and from Diaspora Jews. Prepare for another 50 years of conflict. There is no escape. No justice for Palestinians, no peace for Israelis.

American-Born Palestinian Teen
Goes on Trial in Israel

BEIT EL, West Bank, Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1998, By Laurie Copans (AP) - The trial of an 18-year-old American-born Palestinian charged with membership in an Islamic militant group opened Wednesday in an Israeli military court.

Hashem Mufleh's lawyer argued the crimes his client is accused of - membership in the Islamic militant Hamas group and distributing Hamas leaflets - would not hold in the United States, where Mufleh would be protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech and assembly.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as part of the U.S.-brokered peace accords, have been cracking down on Hamas, the group that opposes peace and has carried out deadly attacks against Israel.

As part of such measures, Israel arrested Mufleh, who has lived with his mother for 16 years in the West Bank city of Ramallah, in August as he tried to board a flight to the United States to attend college in Gallup, N.M., where his father lives.

A few days after Mufleh's arrest, the State Department protested his detention, his interrogation and the conditions under which he was being kept. His family said because of the intervention of U.S. officials in Israel, Mufleh's prison conditions have improved.

``It's ironic that Americans are getting Palestinians to crack down on Hamas and they totally support these military orders and military courts, and then they find an American citizen who is being arrested and held without bail, basically for practicing American freedoms,'' Mufleh's attorney, Jonathan Kuttab said.

At his trial in an Israeli military court in Beit El in the West Bank, Mufleh was accused of membership in Hamas, throwing a stone and other objects at Israeli vehicles, distributing Hamas leaflets and participating in a demonstration commemorating Hamas bomb-maker Mohyedin Sharif, who was killed in an explosion earlier this year.

Wearing a Miami Dolphins T-shirt, glasses and Nike basketball shoes, Mufleh fingered Muslim prayer beads as he listened to the Arabic translation of the proceedings, which were conducted in Hebrew.

``I'm not involved with Hamas. I'm religious. I'm a Muslim,'' he told The Associated Press.

Two Israeli policemen testified that Mufleh had confessed of his own free will but Kuttab claimed the confession was ``extracted under torture.''

Moshe Levy, a police officer who took Mufleh's statement after he was questioned by interrogators from Israel's Shin Bet security agency, said Mufleh did not appear to have been ill-treated. ``As far as I remember, he looked fine. I don't remember seeing any marks on him,'' Levy told the court.

His mother, Itaf Mufleh, said her son ``studied the Koran and prayer. Does that mean he belongs to Hamas?''

Kuttab argued that Mufleh's actions would have been legal in the United States and would be protected under the Constitution.

Kuttab's request to release his client on bail was denied two weeks ago by a military judge.

A Brutal Routine


Friday, January 3, 2003; Page A18

THERE HAS BEEN a lull recently in Palestinian attacks against Israelis; a shooting attack that killed four in a West Bank settlement last week was the first major incident in a month. But almost every day, Palestinian civilians, including many children, are being killed by the Israeli army and police. An 18-year-old high school student named Amran Abu Hamediye was found beaten to death in the West Bank town of Hebron on Monday; family and neighbors say he had been detained by Israeli forces a few minutes before. On Sunday, an 11-year-old boy was shot and killed by troops in the town of Tulkarm. The day before, a 9-year-old girl was killed as she played outside her home in the Gaza Strip. At least four other Palestinian children under the age of 16 were killed by Israeli fire in Gaza during the past month. In one case, an 11-year-old girl was shot in the chest and killed as she leaned out her bedroom window to watch the funeral of a teenage boy who had been gunned down the previous day.

Israeli explanations of this grinding carnage long ago acquired a routine quality. Youngsters are often accused of having thrown stones at troops; in other cases, soldiers are said to have been responding to sniper fire in the vicinity. Investigations are invariably said to be underway -- but rarely are results reported. According to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, only one Israeli soldier has been convicted of brutality since the latest Palestinian uprising began 15 months ago. During that time, some 2,000 Palestinians have been killed, compared with 700 Israelis.

Israeli officials point out that their forces, unlike the Palestinian suicide bombers, do not deliberately set out to kill children and other civilians. That is mostly true; but reports of calculated brutality by soldiers have been growing ever since the army reoccupied the West Bank six months ago. In Hebron, where Palestinian terrorists ambushed and killed a dozen Israeli soldiers and security guards on Nov. 15, Israeli paramilitary forces have reportedly been operating something they call "the lottery," in which they detain Palestinians and order them to choose from pieces of paper labeled with punishments such as "broken leg" and "smashed head." The practice was reported by an Israeli newspaper on Dec. 22, more than a week before Amran Abu Hamediye was beaten to death. But Israeli authorities as yet have taken no action in response to the reports.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered the reoccupation of Palestinian towns and territory, and the destruction of most of the security infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, after Israeli forces failed to stop waves of suicide bombers from assaulting Israel. Now running for reelection, Mr. Sharon is claiming success: Suicide bombings are less frequent, and beleaguered Palestinian militants are discussing the possibility of declaring an end to attacks inside Israel. Mr. Sharon recently promised that his tactics would lead to "victory" over the Palestinians. But he and his army cannot give Israelis real security in this way, only a relative respite -- and at a high cost in Palestinian lives.

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