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Jews on Stage, Screen, Musicians, Artists, Etc.

Stage, Screen, Musicians, Artists, Writers, etc...

Murdoch, Rupert, Media Monopoly Mogul
Allen, Woody - Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer (real name: Allan Konigsberg)
Avital, Mili - Israeli actress (extremely beautiful), U.S. debut: Stargate
Berlin, Irving - Composer of "White Christmas"
Biafra, Jello (Singer of American HC punk band Dead Kennedys)
Bialik, Mayim - Actress (Blossom)
Borgnine, Ernst (Effron Borgnine) - an actor
Brooks, Albert - Actor, Director (real name: Albert Einstein)
Brooks, Mel - Actor, Director, Comedian, Writer
Bullock, Sandra - actress [Jewish?]
Cantor, Eddie - Vaudeville Singer, Dancer
Cass, "Mama" (Liz Cohen) - an actress
Cherry, Ruben (A man who raised Elvis in public)
Chessler, Deborah (Shirley Reingold)
Chomsky, Naom - an American philosopher
Cohen, Leonard -- Bohemian Song Writer
Crystal, Billy - Actor, Comedian
Davis, Jr., Sammy - Black Singer, Actor, Dancer (died)
DeNero, Robert - Actor [Jewish Mother]
Deutscher, Isaac - an author (biography of "Stalin")
Dreyfuss, Richard (Oscar Winning Actor)
Duchovny, David - Co-star of the hit show The X-Files
Duritz, Adam lead singer/songwriter for Counting Crows
Dylan, Bob - Musician
Escher, M. C. - Artist, Explorer of the Infinite
Feuer, Aaron Neal - wrestler, talmud scholar, debate champ
Fierstein, Harvey - actor, writer
Ford, Harrison - Actor (Jewish Mom, see interviews in cosmopolitan/playboy)
Frankel, Mark - Actor
Freed, Alan (first radio star in 50´s to play Rock n' Roll)
Geller, Sarah Michelle - Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV)
Geller, Uri - Magician who Bends Spoons & Levitates Objects
Gere, Richard (Top Movie Star)
Gershwin, George - composer (Rhapsody in Blue)
Goldblum, Jeff - Actor
Goldwyn, Samuel - Director, Executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Gordon, Tony (Manager UK punk band Sham 69)
Gere, Richard - Actor
Gifford, Cathy Lee Epstein - Talk Show Hostess
Hanson, Beck - Musician
Himmelman, Peter - Musician (and son-in-law to B. Dylan)
Hoffmann, Gaby
Keitel, Harvey (Actor: Pulp Fiction, The Piano, etc)
Kirschner, Mia - Actress/Exotica
Knopfler, Mark - Dire Straits
Jeremy, Ron - Porn Star
Joel, Billy - Musician, Winnner of Grammy Awards
Jolsen, Al - Singer, Mummer, Cantor
Klein, Calvin - Fashion Designer
Lee, Michelle - Actress - Knots Landing
Louis, Julia - Actress
Marcell, Bibi - Klezmer Singer extraordinaire
Marley, Bob - Reggae Artist (father was Jewish, mother negro)
Martins, Luciano Costa - brazilian musician (mother mulatta, father indian/jewish)
Marx, Groucho - Comedian
Marx, Harpo - Comedian
Mayer, Louis B. - Founder & Director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Meyers, Ari - Actress / Kate and Allie
Minelli, Liza - Singer/Actress
Neuwirth, Bebe - Lilith on Cheers
Newman, Paul - Actor
Newton John, Olivia - Australian Pop Singer
Nimoy, Leonard - Actor (Star Trek's 'Spock')
Owens, Ronn - San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host
Patinkin, Mandy - Actor (Chicago Hope)
Peck, Gregory - an actor
Perlman, Itzhak - World-Renowned Violinist
Portman, Natalie - actress
Raffi - childrens' entertainer
Reiser, Paul - Mad About You
Reudor - Cartoonist,author, creator of comic strip and books featuring The Doodle Family
Rhodes, Bernie (the first manager of The Clash)
Richards, Michael - Seinfeld
Rivera, Geraldo - Talk Show Host
Roth, David Lee - Van Halen Rocker
Ryder, Winona - Actress
Savalas, Telly - an actor (died)
Sandler, Adam - Comedian
Schlessinger, Dr. Laura - radio therapist
Seagal, Steven - action movie star, Under Siege, etc.
Seinfeld, Jerry - Comedian
Server, Josh - actor on the show All That
Seymour, Jane - Actress (father is Jewish)
Shatner, William - Actor (Star Trek's Captain 'James T. Kirk')
Shiraz - Israeli supermodel(pic on top model directory)
Shue, Andrew - Actor (Melrose Place)
Silver, Josh (keyboard player in goth metal band Type-O-Negative)
Silverstone, Alicia - Actress, Clueless Star
Simon, Paul - Musician
Sioux, Siouxie (female singer of British punk/goth band Siouxie & Banshees)
Singer, Isaac Bashevis - Writer (Yiddish)
Slash - Guitarist in Guns and Roses (Saul Hudson)
Smith, Raphael - Composer and Scriptwriter ('Search for Bokkie Rosenthal')
Sondheim, Stephen - Broadway lyricist/composer
Spacek, Sissy - an actress
Spielberg, Steven - Director
Sprinkle, Annie - Porn star and performance artist
Spungen, Nancy (girlfriend of Sex Pistols´s basist Sid Vicious) (died)
Steinman, Jim - Composer for Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion
Stern, Howard - king of all media
Stewart, Jon - Comedian
Streisand, Barbara - director, singer, producer
Ustinov, Peter - an actor
Williams, Robin - Actor (Said he was Jewish on "Oprah")
Yetnikoff, Walter (ex-manager of Michael Jackson)
Zuehra Elfassia - Famous Singer - Morocco
Mel Brooks - Actor, Director, Producer
Jacob Freedman -- WBZC's Sunday Morning Klezmer DJ
Iggy Pop, musician
Julianna Margulies - ER Actress
Lisa Kudrow - TV Star-Friends
Geddy Lee --lead singer and bass player of the band Rush
Lauren Bacall - Actress
Jeff Chandler - Actor
Lori Beth Denberg - actress on the show All That
Claude Berri - French film director
Bruce Boxleitner - actor
Joey Ramone - Lead singer of the Ramones
Noah Wyle - actor, E.R
Ofra Haza - Israeli Singer
Eddie Vedder - lead voaclist for Pearl Jam
Ellen Barkin - Actress
Lisa Bonet - ex-wife of Lenny Kravitz
Danny Kaye - philanthropist, song-and-dance man
Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky - real name)
Lou Reed - Musician
Paul Stanley - singer/guitarist player for Kiss, real name Stanley Eisen
Scott Wolf - Party of Five
Dominika Peczynski - TV star (Dominikas Planet), member of Swedish dance band Army Of
Lovers (Crucified, Isrealism)
Henry Winkler - Actor ('The Fonze' on 'Happy Days')
Bob Hopskins - Roger Rabitt, Cotton Club, ex-kibbutznik
Fat Mike - Singer, guitarist and songwriter for NOFX
Pat Benatar - famous singer
Yasmine Bleeth - actress (father Jewish)
Alan Rickman - Actor (Sense and Sensibility, Die Hard, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves)
David Oistrakh - Violinist
Gene Wilder - Actor
Debbie Friedman - songwriter and singer
Gary Dell'Abate - Howard Stern's Producer (Baba Booey!)
Brian Austin Green -
Elizabeth Shue - Karate Kid, Back to the Future II & III, Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, etc...
Mordechai Richler - Famous Montreal writer
Jerry Walker - Disc Jockey, ABC Radio Network
Shemp Howard (Horowitz) one of the Three Stooges
Rita Hayworth (Rita Cansino) Source: Debrett's Goes to Hollywood (Cansino family Spanish
Walter Matthau - Comedian, actor
Stepfanie Kramer - actress /Hunter
Uri Geller - Spoon-bending Magician
Kirk Douglas - Actor
Jean-Pierre Barda - actor, TV star member of Swedish dance band Army Of Lovers (Crucified,
Elie Weisel - Author and Nobel Laureate
Pauly Shore - actor
Rodney Dangerfield - Comedian, Actor, real name Jack Cohen
Lenny Bruce - comic
Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress
Elvis Presley - Jewish maternal grandparent
(Jerome) Curly Howard (Horowitz) - one of the Stooges
Dinah Manoff - actress\empty nest
Mike Diamond - Musician (Beastie Boys)
Chaim Goldberg - World renowned artist of the Shtetl Culture. see site
Melanie Chartoff - actress
Sara Silverman - commedienne
Sophie Marceau - french actress Braveheart daughter of Marcel
Howie Mandel - Comedian
Carrie Fisher - Actress: Star Wars' Princess Leia
Phil Ochs - Topical Folk Singer of 's
Howard Ashman - lyricist Little Shop of Horrors, Disney animated features
Debra Winger - Actress
Clare Carey - actress, coach
Kevin Kline - Actor, Best Supporting Oscar in A Fish Called Wanda
Lenny Kravitz - singer, guitarist
Harry Houdini - World's Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist
Neil Diamond - Musician, Singer, Actor
Morie Amsterdam
Dustin Hoffman - Actor
Barry Horowitz: real name, professional wrestler in the WWF & WCW
Goldberg: name: Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler, WCW Champion
Raven: name: Scott Levy, professional wrestler, former WCW Champion
Dean Malenko, professional wrestler, former WCW champion
Jon Lovitz - Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Critic)
Isaac Asimov - world famous sci-fi writer
Susanna Hoffs - Singer in the Bangles
DiDi Conn - Actress
Christine Lakin - Step by Step
Herman Wouk - Author of War and Rememberance and other great epic novels
Gilda Radner - Comedian, Saturday Night Live
Jason Alexander -- Actor (George Castanza on 'Seinfeld')
Joseph Gordon - Levitt - actor on rd Rock From The Sun
Bette Midler - Actress/Singer
Michael Landon - Little House On The Prairie (Eugene Orowitz - real name)
Al Jolson - Singer, actor
Paula Prentiss - actress Jewish?
Robert Redford - Actor. Describes himself as 'half Jewish'.
Alan Jay Lerner - Lyricist (My Fair Lady)
Leslie Ann Warren - Actress Jewish?
Jonathan Silverman - actor/single guy
Marc Chagall - Painter, visual artist, Other site
David Harari- Bunghole Extradorinaire
Boris Karloff
Gene Simmons - singer/bass player for Kiss Israeli/Turkish, real name Haim Witz (or Gene
Jeremy Priven? - actor on Ellen
Joan Collins - Actress and Socialite Jewish?
Jerry Lewis - Comedian, Actor, Director
Gilbert Gottfried - Comedian
Jonny Clegg - South african musician Jaluka and Savuka
Hank Azaria - Cartoon voices in Simpsons and starred in Birdcage
Gilad Gelfond and David Cygielman- Rappers
Michael Jackson - ABC Talk Radio Host
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. - actor
Larry Fine - one of the Three Stooges
David Janssen - actor
Jakob Dylan - lead singer of The Wallflowers and son of the great Bob Dylan
Don Diamont - actor Young and Restless
Irving Berlin -- songwriter & writer of musicals (God Bless America, White Christmas, There's
No Business Like Show Business)
Marcel Marceau - Famous French mime
John Banner - Actor (Schultz from Hogan's Heroes) Jewish?
Aaron Lebedev - famous Yiddish singer and actor
George Burns - Comedian, Actor (Real name: nathan birnbaum)
Randy Newman - Composer performer ('Toy Story' soundtrack)
Heddy Lamarr- actress, Delilah in Samson and...
Isaac Stern - Famous Violinist
Jan Murray - comedian
David Helfcott - Musican
Roberta Peters - singer Metropolitan Opera
Goldie Hawn
Lawrence Hershon- little in the middle but he got much back
Allan Sherman - Singer/songwriter, humorist
Jamie Gertz -- actress
Harpo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
Lorraine Bracco - Actress (Goodfellas)
Brett Gurewitz - owner of Epitaph records and former guitarist for Bad Religion
diane venora - chicago hope
Bruno Walter - German conductor and student of Gustav Mahler. Had to change his name.
Giselle Fernandez (mother is Jewish)
Jenna Leigh Green - actress on Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Robert Goulet-Singer (Real Name: Robert Applebaum)
Naomi Shemer -- composer to Yerushalayim shel zahav
Stuttering John Melendezbaum - He looks as good as he talks!
Jeff Goldman - actor
katey segal - actress/singer married w/children
Neil Gaiman - Author (Sandman, Neverwhere)
Adam Sandler - Comedian/Actor
Isaac Mizrahi - Fashion Designer
Brooke Langton - actress (Samantha on Melrose Place)
Leonard Bernstein -- composer (West Side Story)
Peter Riegert - actor, Crossing Delancey
Gina Gershon - actress/Showgirls
Joel Grey - Broadway Actor (Emcee, Cabaret)
Joy Division (at least Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, Ian Curtis?)
Ed Asner, Mr. Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Dennis Prager - radio talk host, essayist, moralist
Jerry Springer - Talk show host
Kenny G - Musician
Steve Lawrence - singer, skeptic, husband of Edie Gorme
Jonathan Taylor Thomas - real name Jonathan Weiss
Zero Mostel, actor, comedian, painter
Stephen Schwartz -- lyricist/composer
Richard Dreyfus - Actor
Jamie Luner - actress she was on the show Savannah
Jessica Tandy - actress, Driving Miss Daisy
Ari Telch, mexican actor
Joe Cocker - famous singer israeli/german
Barry Manilow - Musician, Singer
Beverly Sills - Opera Star(Real name: Beverly Silberman)
Theodore Bikel - actor / Fiddler on the Roof
Kathie Lee Gifford - (father was Jewish Epstien)
Sonia Benezra - Quebecer Talk Show host
Swoozie Kurtz - actress/Sisters Jewish?
The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) Nationally known radio shock jock
Shel Silverstein Children's author
Sandy Becker - late children's TV show host
melissa gilbert - actress
Jeff Beck - Guitarist
Louise Rainer-fine actress s and s
Amy Irving - actress
steven weber - actor (wings)
Dorothy Lamour - Actress
Michael T. Weiss - TV actor (The Pretender)
David Geffen - Dreamworks, Owns Geffen Records ( Israeli )
Donald Fagen - Steely Dan singer/composer
Nina Gordon - Musician, Veruca Salt
Moe Howard - one of the Three Stooges
Roseanne Barr - Comedian
Nelly Sachs - poet, Noble prize in literature
Stanley Kubrick- Director of '' and 'A Clockwork Orange'
Elliot Gould - Actor from Bay Parkway Brooklyn
Jeffrey Meyer - Yankee Hero
Suzanne Pleshette-Costar of The Bob Newhart Show
Fran Drescher - Actress (from The Nanny)
Julie Kavner - actress, voice of Marge Simpson
Effi - Israeli Hot Head ( MTV's Road Rules)
Joan Rivers - Comedian/writer/jeweler/actress
Scott Simon - host NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist
Rhea Perlman - Actress
Mara Wilson - child actress in Miracle on th St, Mrs. Doubtfire
Jim Bradley - Dog Trainer
Alan King - CNN king of talk
Barry Levinson - 'Diner' Director
Melissa Joan Hart- Mother's father devout orthodox Jew
Ken Wahl - Wiseguy star Jewish?
Jerry Herman - Composer of Hello Dolly!
Larry Adler - world famous harmonica player
Lorne Green - Bonaza star
Dan Blocker - actor, Bonanza
Fred Astaire (Fredrik Austerlitz - real name) Jewish?
Peter Sellers - Actor,Comedian
Ron Silver - Actor/Director
Perry Farrel - ne Bernstein. Musician, Porno for Pyros
Stan Getz - Jazz Saxophonist
Roman Polanski - Director
Super Dave Osborne - Comedian. Real name: Bob Einstein.
Tom Arnold - actor
Maury Chaykin - Actor -
Molly Ringwald - Brat Pack Actress
Jenna Von Oy -- actress who played six on blossom Jewish?
Paula Abdul - famous singer (Mother is French canadian Jew)
Phoebe Snow - Singer
Lorne Michaels - T.V. Producer (created Saturday Night Live)
michael mills (born Milstein) - cellist, brain surgeon, comedian, petty bureaucrat
David Copperfield - Magician
Lacey Chabert - actress on Party of Five
Barry Sisters - famous Jewish duet
Werner Klemperer (Klink on Hogan's Heroes, son of Otto K.)
Mel Blanc - Best-Known Cartoon Voices
Monty Hall - game show host
Soupy Sales - comedian
Leslie Howard - British actor, in Gone With The Wind, Killed as Pilot in WWII for Britain
Jo Amar - Famous Singer - Morocco
Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz - real name)
Pinky Lee(Pincas Levy)--Children Entertainer of the 's
Marc Bolan (Marc Feld) - UK singer: T. Rex Frontman
Sally Jessy Raphael-T.V. talk show hostess, (real last name: Lowenthal)
Marla Sokoloff - actress
Richard Beymer - 'West Side Story' - actor
Geena Davis - actress
Jonathan Larson-composer (Rent)
Ira Gershwin -- lyricist
Matt Lauer - NBC Today Show
Richard Avedon - Photographer
Brent Spiner - Data character on Star Trek Next Generation
Zeppo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
Matthew Broderick - Actor. Jewish Mom
Yehudi Menuhin, world class Violonist
Tim Burton - Brilliant Director
brian bloom - actor
Michael Bolton - Singer
Art Garfunkel - Musician
Bruce Springsteen - singer/songwriter (Dutch/Jewish) evidence anyone?
Beatrice Arthur - Actress (Dorothy, Golden Girls)
Hillel Slovak - Late guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers
Victor Borge (Borge Rosenbaum) Pianist and Humourist
Mike Wallace - Television journalist
joey slotnick - actor/single guy
Joe T Turri - Famous NY house music producer
Harry Reems- 'Big' porn star of the 's
Cindy Margolis- Model and Cyberpinup
Fyvush Finkel - Actor/Entertainer - Picket Fences
Jennifer Grey - Actress (Baby, Dirty Dancing)
justine bateman - actress
clio goldsmith actress
Totie Fields - comedienne
Bernie Bernstein - Musician, Punk Band,'Hector'
Matityahu Glazerson - Author of Mystical Books/Composer
Dinah Shore - singer and TV star
Marat Galperin - athlete, entertainer, and regulator.
Wolf Blitzer - CNN Journalist
Peter Lorre - ne Ladislav Loewenstein, Actor
Ben Stiller - Actor/Director
craig t. nelson actor-coach
Yaasha Heifitz - Famous Violinist
Robby Benson Robert Segal-actor/director
Giora Fiedman - klezmer musician
Richard Kaufman (Ricky The K) - Disc Jockey
Brody Stevens - Comedian and Cable Access TV host in Seattle
Judd Nelson - Actor, Suddenly Susan, The Breakfast Club
Tina Louise - Actress (Gilligan's 'Ginger' - origin of the Hebrew word 'Jinji')
larry david writer-producer
Keith Moon - The Who ( Reputedly Jewish )
james spader - actor Jewish?
Elsa Morante, Italian author
Barbara Walters - US television broadcaster
Irwin Chusid- Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality and Bon Vivant
donna karan - designer
Lawrence Harvey - born Skikne - actor
Judy Kuhn - Broadway Actress (Voice of Pocahontes)
Danielle Harris - Actress
sara gilbert actress-roseanne
patricia wettig - actress-thirtysomething
Leah Remini - actress , sitcom Fired Up
Ricki Lake - talk show hostess
Steven Spielberg - producer, director
Andrew Norden - Pre-Medical lover of women
John Garfield - actor
melanie mayron - thirtysomething
Pinchas Zuckerman -- violinist
Garson Gershon Kanin - actor
Cloris Leachman - actress
Franz Kafka - author
Francesca Neville - Shakespearean actress
Arnold Schoenberg - Composer
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen - author
Gary Schandling - Comedian
Mark Reizen - Great Russian bass, "probably the greatest bass voice Russia ever produced"
mike ogulnick - one on one sports radio network anchor
Burt Ward - actor, Robin from Batman Jewish?
Audrey Landers - actress
James Concord Douglas
Estelle Getty - Actress (Sophia, Golden Girls)
Matthew Kuchta -- first porn star with inch penis
Harlan Ellison-Science fiction writer
Morley Safer - Television journalist ( Minutes)
Jack Carter - Comedy
Bill Graham - Late rock promoter extrodinaire
Howie Morris - comedian (Your Show of Shows)
audrey hepburn
Sophie Tucker Abuza - performer ''last of the red hot mamas'
Pee Wee Herman (Paul Rubens)
Paul Auster - author and poet
Steven P. Greenberg - songwriter (Funkytown)
paul michael glazer - actor/director starsky and hutch
Country Joe McDonald - singer (mother)
Robert Downey Jr. - Actor Jewish?
jeffrey archer author
Neil Simon - Broadway playwright
Jonathan Mostow - Screenwriter and movie director
David Harari- Film Maker
Peggy Lipton - Mod Squad Actress From Lawrence N Y
Debra Winger actress
Buddy Hackett - Actor/Comedian
Mark Dixon - Counts cars in Nissan in Sunderland,UK
Neil Sedaka - Singer
Al Cohn - famous saxophone player now deceased
George Segal - actor
Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie's son, mother Marjorie was Jewish
Richard Rogers - Composer
Carolyn Summerlin-Comic/Concert Pianist
amy brenneman actress
Joe Dytko--the first founder of the turrles
Judd Hirsh actor-Taxi
Stan - South Park (Comedy Central) character (Wed. pm EST)
Philip Roth - Author
Jerry Orbach- Briscoe on Law and Order
Alan Alda - actor Jewish?
Al Kooper - Founder, Blood Sweat and Tears
Rodd Keith (real name:Rod Eskelin) song-poem auteur
Matt Fraiberg - owner Guardian Alarm
Chico Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
Chaim Potok - Author
David Broza --Israeli singer/songwriter
Mr. Rogers - TV star... plays with little kids
Are Thue-Jones - Founder of Jew-Tang
Camille Pisarro - Artist
Kathy Levine - QVC Hostess
audrey hepburn actress
Jessica Savitch - NBC News' Former Golden Girl
Peter Mark Richman - Actor/writer/artist
adam arkin actor/chicago hope
Marilyn Michaels - Impressionist
Alan Menken -- composer
george jessel - Toastmanster General
Dani Behr - S.African/British presenter(Giggs' girl)
Yasha Heifetz - Violinist
Lorne Greene - Actor
Pamela Anderson - Playboy model (born Joan Goldstein)
Gustav Mahler - Composer
Phoebe Cates-Costar of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Real last name: Katz) Jewish?
Judy Blume - Children's author
Bronco Billy Anderson-silent film cowboy star
Richard Benjamin - actor and director
Charles Bronson - Movie Star
Joey Bishop - comic
MCA (Adam Yauch)- Rap musician, Beastie Boys
Josef Schmidt, Rosa Raisa, Leonard Warren, opera singers
Norm Crosby- Standup comic
James Caan - (Actor) Rollerball etc.
Emma Samms - actress on Dynasty Jewish?
Louise Wener - Frontwoman Britpop band Sleeper
Omri Katz - actor
Richard Lewis - Comedian
michael fishman actor-roseanne
Barbara Amiel - writer
Walter Mathau-Actor and Comedian
Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit in the Sky' musician
Joanna Going - actress
Otto Klemperer - Orchestral Conductor
Randy West - Porno Star
Ralph Lauren
Paul Mazursky - Director, beautiful, meaningful films
Ed Asner - actor
Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits lead vocal and guitarist
Richartd Belzer-actor/comedian
Eddie Cantor - Singer, actor
max weinberg - drummer, bruce springstein, conan o'brien
Mike Nichols - Director ( The Graduate, Catch , The Birdcage )
Patrick Bruel - French Singer
Yaakov Agam - modern painter/sculptor
Rowan Atkinson(?)- Comedian (Mr. Bean, Voice of Zazu in Lion King) Jewish?
Salim Hallali - Famous Singer - Morocco
Benny Goodman - King of Swing
danny jacobson writer/producer
Jean Jacques Goldman, french musician et singer
Adam Duritz - lead singer of Counting Crows
Paul Cohen - Quebecer guitarist
Joan Lunden, real last name Blunden
saul rubinek actor
michael wolf musician
Marty Feldman - actor, comedian
Dave Ehrman - actor
ADRIAN KAPLAN - South African actor
Maurice Schwartz - major figure in Yiddish Theatre
Corey Feldman - Actor
Milton Berle - Comedian
Madeline Kahn - actress (Clue, Nixon)
Matthew Bratter - Musician, Daisy's Red Gravy Train
Donna Karan - designer
Justine Frischman - Frontwoman Britpop band Elastica
sally field - actress Jewish
Arthur Fiedler - Former Boston Pops Conductor
Laurence Tolhurst - Original drummer of The Cure
Brett Sommers - The Match Game
Stanley Kubrick-movies director (clockwork orange,the Shining...)
Richard Tucker - Great hazzan and operatic tenor
Buddy Rich - worlds greatest drummer
Richard Simmons- Live-it, health guru
Aaron Copland - Composer of Appalachin Spring and other great classical music
George Solti-conductor (Chicago Symphony)
Maury Yeston- Musical composer of shows like Nine, Phantom and Titanic
gabriela karteris -
Irving Layton - Canadian poet
Gary Lewis - Rock Singer ( Jerry's Son )
Ernst Lubitsch- Polish film Director of classic To Be Or Not to Be
Don Adams - agent , Maxwell Smart
Oscar Levant - pianist
Arturo Jimenez - Columbian Real Estate Magnate
Jan Peerce (Pinchus Perlmutter) - great operatic tenor
Mike Gordan-Bass for Phish
Joe Elliot- Def Leppard lead singer
ken olin actor\thirtysomething
David Horowitz - T.V. Personality
Phil Glasser- Actor- An American Tail (Fievel)
Debbie Gibson - Singer Jewish?
Wallace Shawn- actor (Princess Bride, Toy Story, Clueless)
Moshe Weinberg (Vainberg) Russian composer and contemporary of Shostakovitch. Relatively
unknown in USA but popular in Former USSR.
Simone Signoret - French actress ('Diabolique')
Clea Lewis - actress/ Audrey on Ellen
Saul Zaentz - Producer ( One flew over..., Amadeus, The English Patient )
Rachel Rosenthal - Los Angeles-based performace artist
Richard Belzer - Comedy
Will Self - British writer (mother)
Roger Hannin - French actor
Fritz Lang - German director of classics as Metropolis and The Vampire of Dusseldorf
Dr. Laura Schlesinger - Radio host and author
rena sofer actress
David 'Dudu' Fisher - Popular Israeli Singer and Cantor
Vic Tayback-T.V. Costar of Alice
Daniel Day Lewis, British actor (Jewish mother)
Graham Gouldman - member of cc, 's pop songwriter
Dina Meyer - Actress-appears in upcoming film 'Dragonheart'
Abe Vigoda - Fish From Barney Miller
Felix Mendelssohn, composer
Marcel Proust - Second most important writer (after Kafka) this century
Mark Volman co-founder of the turtles
Yul Brynner - definitely Jewish screen actor
arye gross - actor
Michael Gelman - producer of Regis and Kathie Lee
Rain Pryor - actress daughter of Richard, mom Jewish
Howard Kaylan co-founder of the turtles
David Cronenberg - Canadian director/writer (The Fly)
David Birney - actor-St. Elswhere Jewish?
Rina Mor - Messinger - Israeli Miss Universe -
Randy Spelling - actor son of Aaron Spelling and brother of Tori Spelling
kim zimmer actresss/guiding light
Carl Reiner - Comedian
Mike Bloomfield - Blues Guitarist
Lee Grant - actress/director
Sam Wolff - Mayor Elect/Atlanta (Rabbi Cheamcheese)
Alicia Markova - Ballet dancer (nee Alice Marks).
S. J. Perelman - Writer - Screenplays for Marx' Comedies: Monkey Business; Horse Feathers, etc
Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody Award-winning radio dramatist of the s and s.
Edward G. Robinson-Actor(Realname Emmanuel Goldenberg)
Anouk Aimee - French actress ('A Man and a Woman')
Enrico Macias Algerian-French jew Famous?
Melissa Rosenberg - Joan Rivers' daughter/Host E! Entertaiment
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Joely Fisher - actress/Ellen. Half-sister of Carrie.
Mitul Patel - Jewish/Indian actor
Adam Yauch - Musician (Beastie Boys)
Mark Bomer-Jewish Activist and Historian
Pincas Zuckerman
Joe Belgrade - stage and screen actor
Elliot Goldenthal - Movie Composer - Batman and Robin and others
Kent Brockman - TV anchor on The Simpsons Kenny Brockelstein
Henri Bergson - noble prize winner (literature)
Stan Getz - world famous saxophonist
Jim Shapiro - Musician, Veruca Salt
Arthur Koestler - author
Kurt Weil - composer (Three Penny Opera)
Jennifer Jason Leigh - actress
Mark Walberg - Game Show Host(The Big Date)
Al Waxman - actor / Cagney and Lacey
Max Fleischer - Animation Producer (Betty Boop, Popeye, etc.)
Julius Lester - author and professor Jewish?
David Halberstam - Author
Kirk Douglas, nee Isadore Demsky
Fritz Reiner, George Szell, conductors
Joe Besser: one of the three stooges, for a while.
Ronn Owens -San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host
Lorraine Newman - Saturday Night Live
Aaron Freeman - Chicago radio talkshow host
Stephen Evans - Writer/Director/Actor
Helen Hunt (Father Jewish; Mad About You)
Albert Cohen, French language author
Josh Niehaus - Musician/entertainer/player
kinky friedman -country singer and mystery author
Felix Mendelssohn - composer
Todd Suchman, Styx drummer
Laurin Sydney - Showbiz Today CNN
Michael Kinsley -- syndicated columnist
Robert Merrill - Opera Singer
Jeff Daniels - actor Jewish?
Jerry Stiller - Mr. Costanza and Ben's dad
Helen Shapiro - British singer
Justine Frischmann - lead singer of well known UK indie band Elastica
David Steinberg - comedian/director
Steven Tyler - lead singer in the music group Aerosmith
jackie mason
Shecky Greene - comic
Harvey Korman-Comedian, Costar of The Carol Burnett Show
June Allyson Ella Geisman - actress
Harrison Ford - one Jewish parent
Alain Boublil - Lyricist of Miss Saigon
Sakari Topelius - Old finnish national fairy-teller
Ringo Starr - Beatles drummer.
Isaac Mizrachi -- fashion designer
Jack Klugman - Oscar from The Odd Couple
Paul McKellar-Nazi Hunter, Nationally recognized lectur on Holocaust events.
Fanny Brice - comedian
Doc Severenson - Tonight Show
Jessica Lundy - actress (Hope and Gloria)
Alan Wilder - keyboards player of Depeche Mode
Andrew 'Dice' Clay - Comedian, Actor. Real name is: Andrew Silverberg
Nina Rodzynek - Musician
Justin Wilson- Mais, Cher, ANOTHER famous Cajun
Aaron Rosand, concert violinist
Jennifer Doctorovich - theater actress in Houston ,Texas
Jack Spector - Disc Jockey
Joanna Gleason (daughter of Monty Hall) actress
Elliot Gould- actor, M.A.S.H.
Jon Stewart- Hilarious Jew
Pittsburgh Pete - Radio Actor
Jerry Bock - Composer( Fiddler On The Roof, She Loves Me plus more)
john stossel /
Ross Martin- actor(TV's 'The Wild, Wild West').Real name Martin Rosenblatt.
Lee Konitz - musician (jazz saxophonist)
Charles Grodin - actor/writer
Dan Futterman- Actor (The Birdcage)
Michael Ovitz - Disney
Charles Orange - Poet
Ben Elton - comedian and writer.
Arthur Schnitzler - Viennese playwright, novelist and doctor
Leslie Stahl - Sixty Minutes
Laura Shaff - Bon Vivant, Girl About Town
Debbie Goad - Writer (Answer Me!)
Haim Topol - Actor (Fiddler on the Roof)
Helena Bonham-Carter--her mother is a Rothschild
Hans Rosenthal -- showmaster
Don Black - lyricist of Sunset Boulevard
Laura Bertam, actress on the Disney Channel's 'Ready or Not'
Sid Ceasar - Your Show Of Shows
Jamie Lee Curtis (Father is Jewish)
Robert Clary - Actor (LeBeau from Hogan's Heroes)
Steven Adler-ex drummer for guns n roses
Michael Tucker - Actor, LA Law etc.
Arlene Dahl - Actress
Linda Rondstat -Singer Jewish grandparents
Suzy Mamann Greenberg - Producer of Seinfeld and some other NBC shows
Mick Jones - Musician from the Clash/B.A.D. -- mother Jewish
Rick London (London's Times Cartoon in Mississippi
Sid Caesar - comedian
Steve Guttenberg - Actor
Jay Diamond - Radio Talk Show Host (used to be on WABC)
Lorenzo Lamas - Actor ( Jewish Mom )
Hy Berkawitz - Owner of Rogers in Grand Rapids MI
Bruno Schulz- writer
Adam Faith - British singer
Christopher Lambert - actor (father)
Jackie Kallen - manager of James Toney
Barbara Hershey (Herzstein)- actress- one-time hippie/flower child, now likes her lips to be big!
Sasha Mitchell - Actor (Step by Step, Kickboxer )
Sam Levinson - humorist/TV panelist
Ann B. Davis - Actress (Alice in The Brady Bunch)
paula zahn - broadcast journalist cbs
Ramblin' Jack Elliot-folk singer/guitar player
Wendy Mallick - actress ( mostly sitcoms)
Carnie Wilson - former singer (wilson phillips), former talk show host, and daughter of beach boy
brian wilson (mother marilyn rovell is Jewish)
Arnold Stang - Film Actor
chevy chase -actor comedian
Carly Simon - Singer
Jackie Mason - Comedian
Martin and Charlie Sheen
Ken Berry-T.V. star-Mayberry R.F.D., F Troop
Rob Reiner - Comedian and Movie Director
Totie Fields - Comedienne
Steve Levy -- (ESPN-Sportscenter)
Pope John Paul II -He's the spitting image of my Galitzyaner grandfather
Richard Salwitz - aka Magic Dick, Musician J Geils
Milton Berle - comedian
Chuck Barris - Creator Of The Dating Game
Ian Ziering - actor,
Gene Barry - starred on TV Bat Masterson
Adam Rich - Eight Is Enough
jane kaczmarek actress
Linda (Epstein) Eastman - Paul Macartney's wife
Rona Barret ( Bernstein ) - Gossip Reporter
paul shaffer musician-letterman show
Red Aaron Buttons - comic
Ivan Reitman - Canadian director - meatballs
Tori Spelling - Donna in Beverly Hills
Shelley Berman - comedian
Yves Montand - real name Ivo Livi, famous french singer
Florence Henderson - Brady Bunch, singer
Lyle Waggoner-Comedian and former costar of The Carol Burnett Show
Allen Funt - Host of 'Candid Camera'
Woody Strode - black man from spartacus
Alfons Halim -- yeah... this one is surely Jewish.
Jeff Chandler -- 's movie star
Tony Kushner- Playwright (Angels in America)
Stephanie Powers - Actress
Buzz Aldrin - former US astronaut
Samy Elmaghribi - Famous Singer - Morocco
Art Buchwald - author and columnist
Jonathan Brandis - actor
William Goldman - screenwriter (The Princess Bride)
Walter Lippman - journalist/ founded the New Republic
Josef Szigeti, violinist
Rob Cohen, Director Horror Films
David Helfgott - Brilliant Australian pianist
Jerry Seinfeld -- comedian, tv star
Haim Topol - actour
Dani from Cradle Of Filth (Mother is Ethiopian,Father is Jewish)
Andrew Mark Berman - Actor that was on The Wonder Years and other shows
max weinberg - drummer for bruce springstein, conan o'brien
Lawrence Harvey - Famous actor
Michael Berrin - M.C. Search formally of rd Bass
Arlene Sorkin - Caliope Jones On Days Of Our Lives
Gene Wilder, actor, Silver Streak, Gilda Radner's husband
David Schwimmer - Actor (Ross on 'Friends')
King Diamond - american singer (Mercyful Fate)
Herschel Savage - Porn Star
Julie Kanver- voice of Marge Simpson
Jenna Jameson - porn star/mother teresa protege/wife of SQS
Shelley Winters Shirley Schrift - actress
Tony Randall (Leonard Rosenberg - real name)
Jerry Orbach-actor
sylvia sydney - actress
Jay Black - Jay And The Americans
Samuel Avital - Founder, Boulder Mime Theatre
Dustin Diamond - screech from saved by the bell
Mircea Crisan (Kraus?) romanian entertainer
Paulette Goddard - famous movie actress of the past
Trevor Rabin - Yes
David Gahan - Lead for Depeche Mode
Sydney Rome- Famous Actress
Arnold Schoenberg, famous composer
Josef Von Sternberg - Actor/Director
Robert Clary - actor (Hogan's Heros)
Joel and Ethan Coen - producer, director, writers (Raising Arizona)
fred savage actor-wonder years
Jackie Vernon- comedian
Liv Tyler - actress daughter of Steven Tyler
Mitzi Gaynor - Actress, Dancer, Singer
Neriah Davis- porn star
Mark Feuerstein - actor (comedy Fired Up)
Courtney Love - America's sweetheart
Mickey Hart - Drummer for Grateful Dead (also Mystery Box)
Bess Myerson - first Jewish Miss America
Carole King - nee Klein. Songwriter
Herschel Bernardi - actor
Moe Kauffman - Canadian jazz great
Michele Landsberg - newspaper columnist and Jewish Womens' activist
tony goldwyn - actorghost
Melissa Manchester - Singer
Shlomo Mintz - violinist
Mark Moran - Talk Show Host
Shaun Weiss - Kid Actor(Heavyweights,Mighty Ducks +)
Ross Gelman-actor,comedian,adult entertainer
Vladimir Horowitz - Pianist
Ron Leavitt - Married With Children Creator/Producer
Jason Marsden - actor
Jack Gilford - Comedian/Actor
Serge Koussevitzky - conductor
dianne weist actress
Michel Berger, french composer and singer (tycoon)
Barry Sonnenfeld - director Get Shorty, Addams Family
ron rifkin - actor
Sheldon Harnick - Lyricist (Fiddler On the Roof, She Loves Me plus more)
Lee Zurik (CBS Sports Anchor)
Mr. G - WPIX New York weatherman
Selma Diamond - late gravelly voiced actress from Night Court
Polly Draper - actress (Thirtysomething) Jewish?
Dorothy Rothschild Parker - author and Algonquin wit
Joshua Redman - saxaphonist, Jewish mom
Malcolm McLaren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols
Allen Garfield (Goorwitz) - actor
Zohra Lampert - actress
Peter Wolf - Musician
David Susskind - producer
Dan Greenburg - author ('How to be a Jewish Mother')
Sheldon Leonard - late actor/producer
michael lembeck - actor/director
Sonny Fox - children's TV producer/host
Stuart Pankin - former host of HBO *Not Necessarily the News
Bruno Bauer - conductor
Sherwood Schwartz - Creator Of Gilligans Isle
Renee Taylor - Actress (The Nanny) Jewish?
Paul Muni - Actor(Realname Muni Weisenfreund)
Shalom Aleichem-Yiddish Writer
Emma Lazarus - poet ('Give me your tired, your poor,..' from the Statue of Liberty)
Jonathon Lipnicki - child actor/ Jerry Maguire
Alan Gratzer and Kevin Cronin-musician of REO Speedwagon
Doug Feiger - Musician, The Knack
John Leguizamo-Colombian actor/comedian (Jewish?)
Menahem Golan - Israeli producer/director
Phobe Levy Pember --Confederate Civil War Heroine
Gregg Woodman - The Sidewinder
Jean-Luc Godard- filmmaker
Rick Moranis actor
kim greist - actress: chicago hope/homeward bound
Anthony Newley - singer/composer/actor
Kitty Carlisle-panelist on What's My Line (real last name: Conn)
Claude Rains - Actor (Casablanca)
David Mamet - director-writer (The Verdict, Hoffa)
Allen Ginsberg-all time greatest American poet
Artur Rubenstein - piano virtuoso
Andy Kaufmann - taxi-comic
Dina Sfat, Brazilian actress
William Daniels - actor St. Elswhere
Jerry Ohrbach - Actor
David Milch - Co-producer/writer of NYPD Blue
Bill Pullman - actor Jewish?
Yaphet Kotto - famous actor
Adam Horowitz - Musician (Beastie Boys)
Amos Elon - Israeli writer and journalist
Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity
Boris Pasternak - Russian writer
Camryn Manheim - actress (The Practice)
Rick Rubin - Record producer/Def jam co-founder
Andy Ackerman - producer/director (Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld)
Eddie Fisher - Singer
Georges Bizet-composer of Carmen, Symphony in C
Clifford Odetts-playwright (Golden Boy)
Michael Rappaport - actor
Eugene Ormandy- conductor (purveyor of the Philadelphia sound)
rob schneider - actor/comedian
Roy Lichtenstein- painter
Artur Rubinstein- pianist
John Rubinstein- actor (Family; son of Artur)
Jessica Walter- actress
J.D. Salinger- author (Catcher in the Rye)
F. Murray Abraham- actor (Amadeus)
Sam Jaffe- actor (Ben Casey)
Norman Lear - All In The Family Creator
Marvin Hamlisch - composer of A Chorus Line
EdIsaiah Wynn - actor
Peter Green - Blues guitarist, founder of Fleetwood Mac
Gummo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
Marianne Faithful - singer, girlfriend of Mick Jagger
Steven Lovy - writer/director of Circuitry Man
Richard Dix - famous movie actor of the twenties and thirties
Mickey Cohen - Gangster
Florenz Ziegfeld - theatrical producer
dan lauria - actor/wonder years
Carl Bernstein - author and journalist
richard masur - actor
Don Rickles - Comedian
joseph papp public theatre
Harold Prince - Broadway Director (Phantom Of The Opera, Cabaret, and many more)
Benjamin Mor - Benyad from the rap group Blood of Avraham
D. Saevitz - Mazik from the fap group Blood of Avraham
Max Aranoff (sp?), violist of the Curtis String Quartet
Goldie Hawn - Actress
Primo Levi - Writer(Holocaust Survivor)
Adam Goldberg - actor (TV-Relativity, Movies-Higher Learningunfortunetlyand The Prophecy)
Shimi Tavori - Outstanding Israeli Singer and Performer
Stephen R. Kuntz - famous attorney at law
Karl Haas-pianist, conductor, acclaimed host of Adventures in Music
Polly Bergen - Actress
hal linden hal lipshitz actor
Arthur Miller - Writer (Death of a Salesman)
Beverly Sills--opera singer and director
Al Jolson--singer and actor
Daniel Stern - Actor
Carly Simons -singer
Fredrick Loewe - Composer( Camelot, Gigi, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon)
John Rubenstein - actor
Tom Bosley - Mr. C. on Happy Days Jewish?
Roberta Peters -- Opera Singer
John Garfield -- 's movie star
Mark Banks - South African comedian
Susan Strasberg, daughter of Lee, stage and screen actress
Betty Friedan - author/ feminist
Stanley Drucker World-ranked clarinetist, NY Philharmonic Orchestra since
Deborah Raffin - Actress
Kevin Pollack - actor
Theda Bara - Silent Actress, original 'vamp'
Natalio Finkelstein - famous violinist in tango orchestras- Argentina
Norman Corwin - pionerr writer, producer, director of American radio drama
Paul Rubin - Comedian and...
Alan Rachins - LA Law
Fania Fenelon -- singer, author, Holocaust survivor;*Playing for Time* is her autobiography
Max Weinberg - drummer
Lee Strassberg - Actor
Larry Storch - F Troop Actor
Jeannie Becker - Fashion Television
Phil Silvers - Sgt. Bilko
Kenny G - World renowned Musician(sax)
Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskin - musicians from Bauhaus, British goth band
Billy Wilder - Director (Sunset Boulevard- the movie)
Josh Niehaus - Musician/Entertainer
Yaki Margulies - Well known artist in sea-town
Pierre Monteux - Orchestral Conductor
Mel Tilles--Country and Western singer
Rita Rudner - commedienne
Faye Kellerman - author,wife of jonathan
Herb Edelman - Police Chief on 'Murder She Wrote'
Chip Zien - Broadway actor (Falsettos, Into The Woods)
Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor
Bruce Adler - singer, dancer, comedian
Yascha Heifetz - violinist
Abigail Van Buren - dear abby
Peter Falk - actor (TV's 'Columbo')
Robert 'Mutt' Lange- owner Flood/Mute records (Depeche Mode)
Martin Gore- songwriter (Depeche Mode)
Stacy Earl- singer
Josh Meisels -- marathon runner
Bill Maher - comedian
maeve kinkead actress-guiding light
Jule Styne - composer of Gypsy
Yarema Hutsaliuk - famous American/French writer
Louie Nye (Neistat) - comedian
david mamet- pulitzer winning playwright
Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)-advice columnist
Ralph Bakshi- cartoon director (Fritz the Cat, Cool World)
Lindsey Crouse - actress (Daniel)
Judy Cavitez-actress
Greg Hetson - guitarist for Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks
Jerome Kern - composer of Show Boat
Matt Groening - Creator of the Simpsons
ben savage actor
Robert Lansing - Actor
Claude - Michel Schonberg- composer of Les Mis
Sidney Lumet - Film Director
DENISE KATRINA SMITH(aka Vanity) -mother is jewish
Mark Rothko - Abstract Expressionist Painter
Jane Wiedland - Member of the Go-Gos.
Al Cooper - Musician
roxanne hart actress-chicago hope
Rod Serling - Twilight Zone Creator Jewish?
Ethel Merman - ethel zimmerman performer
Herb Alpert - musician and mogul (Russian Jewish)
Abe Vigoda -- Fish on Barney Miller
Sue Mengers - Agent
David Brenner Comedian
Edward G. Robinson - actor
Paul Muni - Actor ('Louis Pasteur', 'Fugitive from a Chain Gang')
Boris Thomashevsky - Actor (Yiddish theater)
Walter Mosley Writer (mother is Jewish)
Dictators-'s NYC punk rock pioneers-Handsome Dick Manintoba (Richard Blum) Andy Shernoff
Ross (The Boss) Friedman Scott(Top Ten) Kempner Richie Teeter
Ted Koppel - television newscaster (ABC Niteline)
Goldy Hawn-actress, First Wives Club
Zachary Hines - son of Gregory and Jewish wife
Adam Sandler- Comedian, songwriter
Erynn Hubbard - actress/comedian
Dr. Ruth - Famous Sex Therapist
Alexander Kipnis - Opera Singer
Emanuel List - Opera Singer
Marie Rappold - Opera Singer
Barbra Streisand-actress, singer
Rita Shane, Norman Mittelmann, Met opera
Jerome Kern, Frank Loesser, Bway composers
Gregor Piatigorsky, Emanuel Feuermann, cellists
Josef Szigeti, Mischa Elman, violinists
Thomas Shlamme - director
Franz Kafka
Joel Grey, actor
Georgia Brown, actress
Judy Holliday, actress
nora ephron - writer/director
Morris Carnovsky, actor
Goddard Lieberson, President of Columbia Records
Adolph Green, lyricist
Bonnie Franklin - Actress
Moira Shearer - famous actress now deceased
Chaim Topol -- singer and actor
Robbie Kreieger - Doors guitarist
Bruce 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow- great 's+'s NYC disc jockey
Richard Hell-punk rocker-Television Heartbreakers Voidoids
Jonathan Silverman - Actor
Mike Diamond - (Mike D.) band member of Beastie Boys
Adam yauch - (MCA) band member of Beastie Boys
Adam Horowitz - (Adrock) band member of Beastie Boys
Amos Oz - Israeli writer philosopher
Silvio Santos- Brazilian humorist
Leo Genn-Famous British actor(Quo Vadis)
Duncan Renaldo - Tv's Cisco Kid (born in Roumania)
Efrem Zimbalist Sr.- World-class violinist
Ricardo Cortez -Film actor (born Jacob Krantz)
Francesca Annis -British actress
Douglas Fairbanks Sr.- Silents star (real name Ulman)
Stuart Whitman- Film actor
Larry Gelbart - Mash producer
Jack Benny, comedian
Alan Klein - briefly manager of both The Beatles and The Stones
Joel Siegel - film critic ABC
Bernard Kalb - CNN Host of 'Reliable Sources'
hart bochner actor-director
Armin Shimerman- 'Quark' on Deep Space Nine
Jonathan Larson - composer of the musical RENT
Matt Groening - Genius Creator of The Simpsons
gary david goldberg - producer
Barbara Walters - Journalist
Shalom Harlow - model need confirmation of being Jewish?
Frank Hope- From Oddville he is the host on the show.
Joseph Brodsky - Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,
Natasha Lyonne- jewish actress
Claire Bloom - Actress
Sydney Pollack - Director/Producer
Katrina Neville- soprano- star of Penn State Opera Theatre
Patricia Richardson actress/home improvement
Henry Jaglom - Director of off-beat films
Amy Heckerling - director-writer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Arthur Rubinstein - Pianist
Sarah Berhardt - famous French actress-early 's
jason bateman - actor
Isaac Babel - Writer
Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein) - Writer - Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust,
Shari Lewis - Children's Entertainer
All the members of The J.Geils Band except for J.Geils
Lisa Loeb - Singer with band Nine Stories (spelling?)
David Schwimmer-in Friends
jessica hecht actress-single guy
Bert Bachrach - popular American composer
Aaron Abel-singer
Serge Gainsbourg-French comoser and singer
Larisa Oleynik - Secret World of Alex Mack
Gertrude Berg - actress (TV's 'The Goldbergs')
Oscar Hammerstein - deceased composer of Broadway musicals
Gene Siskel - film critic (Siskel and Ebert)
Arthur Hiller (director of Love Story)
David Notowitz - Film producer, writer, editor
paul kossoff, guitarist english group free
Barbara Bach - Ringo's Wife Jewish Father
Syl Sylvain - Member of New York Dolls
Shmuel Yosef Agnon - Writer, Nobel Prize Winner
Judy Landers - actress
Linda Lavin - TV Show Alice
alan arkin actor-father of adam
Elmer Bernstein - musician (composer/conductor)
Daniel Benzali - Actor (The Series: Murder One)
Jill Clayburgh-Actress (An Unmarried Woman, Silver Streak)
Brett 'Da Hit Man' Moses - Proprietor of Atlanta's Tattletales
Rod Steiger - actor (Oscar Winner) Jewish?
Wendy Liebman - commedienne
mel baron -- hero in WW
Estelle Harris - Yiddish actress plays George's Mom on Seinfeld
Larry Floyd Matthews - Country singer/accordianist
Norm Crosby - comedian
Lena Brenner-story teller
Bill Dana - comedian
Manfred Mann - musician
The King Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz)- rap musician, Beastie Boys
Harry James - bandleader (husband of Betty Grable)
Dave Katz - Lead singer of Ekoositk Hookah
Tristan Tzara ( real name Sami Rosenstein ) - french poet (-); begginer of the Dadaist Movement
of arts.
Al Lewis - TV Show The Munsters
António José da Silva, o Judeu - Portuguese playwriter, his work is the most important collection
of portuguese dramatic theatre of XVIIIth cent. Killed by the Inquisition.
Harold Pinter -- English actor and playwriter; founder of the 'absurd theatre'.
Kim Iglinski - Israeli top-model, discovered in Paris with y/o.
H. Leivick -- Russian poet: 'The Golem'
Steve Lawrence -- popular singer-real name Sidney Liebowitz
mitterrandestein french actor
Michel Boujenah - famous french actor
Arthur Hiller - director (silver streak et. al. )
Louise Lasser - Mary Hartman
Eric Johnson -- solo artist (guitarist)
Gabriel Kaplan - Comic/welcome back kotter
Henny Youngman - Comedian
Malcolm Gets - actor (Richard on Caroline in the City)
Earl Pomerantz- executive producer for the Larry Sander's Show,