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Political Correctness is a Jewish Crime Against Humanity
Because it is an attempt to keep people from telling truthful insights
and makes "hurting someone's feelings" into a crime. It is a form of verbal terrorist activity.

Political Correctness was the way of the
Soviet Union which was a Jewish controlled nation
which progressed from simply outlawing incorrect ideas
killing one hundred million Christians by Trotsky's 400 Jewish Commisars of Death.

Rev. Falwell apologizes for comments
on Antichrist at prayer breakfast

Wednesday, February 3, 1999, The Associated Press, NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell apologized Tuesday for saying last month that the Antichrist is a Jewish man who probably is alive today.

During an unscheduled appearance at the 18th International Christian Prayer Breakfast, Falwell said he "should have known better."

"I apologize to my Jewish friends here and around the world and I apologize to the Christians here for having created any kind of rift," Falwell said.

The breakfast was billed as a prayer for peace in Jerusalem and honored several Holocaust survivors.

"I apologize not for what I believe, but for my lack of tact and judgment in making a statement that served no purpose whatsoever," Falwell said.

According to the Bible, the Antichrist will spread universal evil before the end of the world but will be finally conquered at the second coming of Christ.

On Jan. 14, Falwell told a conference on evangelism that he believes the Second Coming probably will occur within 10 years.

As for the Antichrist, "If he's going to be the counterfeit of Christ, he has to be Jewish," Falwell said. "The only thing we know is he must be male and Jewish."

Falwell is the chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and founder of the now-defunct Moral Majority.

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