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The American Way of Freedom

By Huda Majeed al-Yassiri

The Baghdad Observer

January 6, 1998, No. 8901

Baghdad - "Human rights", "democracy" and "freedom" are among the numbered catch words in the American code of ethics. The US claims that it has always been an advocate of human rights and democracy throughout the world while the US presidents used to speak of a democratic and oppression-free world, stressing their country's example of freedom prosperity and democracy. Hence the US has installed itself the defender of human rights and announced that it has the right to punish any country violating human rights. But the fact is quite different. The United States is not this flawless society where freedom and democracy flourish and bloom. There is in fact evidence of injustice and lack of freedom and oppression, and the maltreatment of, and the injustice done to the American author James Taylor is a clear cut evidence of the US hypocrisy.

The author, who has resided in Scottsdale, Arizona for many years, has his name etched in the intelligence files of the Israelis who have labeled him a clever buccaneer and a spy for the Arabs because he spoke out publicly and wrote about Israeli terrorism and his opinion about the Middle East crisis. After 25 years as an editor, TV Guide fired him for his strong stance in favour of the Palestinian people and for his book Pearl Harbor II, providing, via the testimony of two Israeli colonels, that Israel deliberately destroyed the USS liberty in 1967.

During more than 500 television and radio appearances , Mr. Taylor examined Israeli terrorism so thoroughly that the Israeli Lobby, frightened members of the congress and Zionist-oriented talk-show hosts pressured Washington D.C. publisher Michael Davis into deleting his name from the year book of program guests. Mr. Davis said that he was told if he did not drop Jim Taylor, all Jewish advertising world be removed and he would be put out of business.

This incident proved to Taylor that where Israel is concerned there is NO freedom of speech in the United States.

Taylor, who is a native-born, American citizen, whose ancestors lived in the US for more than 300 years, immediately began to be harassed by threatening messages from the Jewish Defence League and other radical Zionist organizations.

"The harassment directed at me is due to my commentary about the USS Liberty due to my exposure of Israeli slave-labour camps in the north western Sinai and my writings about the giant Israeli concentration camp at Abu Zuneima, where families of suspected but unapprehended Palestinians are sent to be held as hostages until the suspects are caught, tortured or killed", Taylor explained.

"I believe that Israeli aggression and what has been done to the Arab population in the Middle East since 1948 is one of the greatest injustices in the history of mankind", Taylor noted.

After Taylor's book Pearl Harbor II was published, in November 1980, several US senators, including Sen. Adalai Stevenson of Illinois, as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was prompted by Pearl Harbor II and James Ennis's Attack on the liberty to put pressure on Israel to pay for the American ship it destroyed in 1967. Under protest, and after threats that drastic reductions in America's longstanding aid to Israel could result, it was agreed that $6 million would be paid for the $25 million ship.

Since he was booted off the staff of TV guide in 1982, he has not been allowed to work in his own native land and when he attempted to find a new job he found that he had been blacklisted by Israelis who, he says, "control the policies of the US government and all types of businesses".

"I have been unable to find any US newspaper, magazine or publishing company which is willing to hire me", Taylor explained. "Not only am I unable to work in the United States, no newspaper there can mention my name or the name of my new book", said Taylor.

"When every newspaper in the US, without one single exception, agrees never to mention an author or his book, you do not have any freedom of the press, as it is supposed to be guaranteed by the US constitution", Taylor said, adding "Americans like to condemn the Soviet Union for the lack of freedom for its people, harassment of individuals, various thought control programs and suppression of the news. How different has the US done to me? wondered Taylor. Due to the fact that no one will hire him, Taylor is in dire financial straits and has been threatened with the loss of his home. "The reason for all this is because I had the courage to break the US conspiracy of silence about Israeli terrorism and the destruction of the USS Liberty", he said.

"If radicals succeed in taking my life, I want the world to know that it was for a good cause and that I still believe that what has been done to the Arab population in the Middle East since 1948 is one of the greatest injustice in the history of mankind", he added.

To have his book published, Taylor had to go to England. He was attacked by four Israeli Mossad agents and has long recovered but said he was fired from TV guide after 25 years for stating four words. Those words were, "Palestinians are human too".

Angry Israelis have threatened his life and assured him that they would make certain that no US newspaper, radio or TV station would ever mention it and no American book store would sell it, a total boycott against the truth. Is this the American way of freedom ?

On March 30, 1998, Jim Taylor sent a letter to the editor of an Iraqi paper criticizing his country's acts of terrorism against the people. Following are excerpts from Taylor's letter.

I am writing to let the brave people of Iraq, the government and President Saddam Hussein know that many Americans do not agree with the inhuman and very terrorist treatment of Iraq by the United States of America, the UN and Israel.

Never before in history has one nation been treated so harshly and for so little reason as Iraq, with all the sanctions, CIA terrorism, starving of over 500,000, mostly children, air strikes killing civilians and the withholding of crucial medical supplies by the U.S. as it does Israel's bidding. And do not let the U.S. press tell you this is being done solely by the United Nations. Not true: It is only the U.S., England and Israel that want to kill President Hussein and drive Iraqi citizens into the dust. Why do you think there are no neutral observers on the inspection teams from China, France or Russian - or from any European country? It is because the U.S. does not want fair play. The U.S. government and many brain-washed Americans enjoy seeing Iraqis die from bombs or starvation. And the U.S. is never going to lift the sanctions until the rest of the world rises up and demands that America do what is right and just.

When Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked if the deaths of more than a half-million Iraqi children and older people because of the sanctions was justified. This very cruel, Arab-hating woman of European Jewish descent answered "yes" that it was necessary and that she did not regret their deaths. That's about as blood thirsty as a person can get.

It is now time for some Americans, no matter how afraid they may be of the Zionists who control Washington, to speak the truth and put a stop to the killing and the starving of Arab and Muslim people. That is my reason for writing this letter to the Iraqi people, which I hope you will be kind enough to publish so it will become known that not all Americans want to harm the Iraqi people.

Don't forget that it was Mr. Bush who personally ordered. The deliberate killing of women and children's in a bomb shelter in Baghdad. And, of course, he never did apologize for the murder of these innocent people. He merely blamed untrue reports from the CIA. Also, when he bombed the only milk plant for children in Iraq, that was not a mistake either. This was done at the suggestion of the Zionists as a means of breaking down the morale of the Iraqi people and turning them against President Hussein. It was not accidental.

But Mr. Bush and Bill Clinton are not the only war criminal types to occupy the White House. President Ronald Reagan, in a fit of anger after the U.S. Marines were blown up in Lebanon, ordered the heavy guns of the USS New Jersey to fire on civilian areas of Beirut in retaliation. He made about 40,000 people homeless and killed or wounded about 4,000, mostly women and children.

As everyone knows, every member of the U.S. Congress is totally controlled by the powerful Israeli Lobby (AIPAC). That is exactly why lately many senators have said that they want to keep all the sanctions against Iraq forever. If they have their way, the sanctions will remain for a thousand years. Washington does the bidding of Israel and the Zionists want Iraq tortured to death. But, I believe, despite the U.S. and Israel, eventually the sanctions will be removed because the rest of the world is fed up with the extreme cruelty of the U.S. government toward Iraq. So take heart, you brave people in Iraq, because world opinion favors you and not the criminals in Washington and Israel.

As for the future of Iraq, I can assure everyone in the Muslim world that the United States cannot always bulldoze the United Nations and continue to rule the world for the benefit of the state of Israel. My view is based on an ancient Arabian proverb. It goes: "You may have many friends in the morning, but at the end of the day, you may die alone".

All Americans have the responsibility to act upon a higher patriotism, which is to love our nation less for what it is than for what we would like it to be in the future.

The essential fact remains that the United States of America has willfully squandered its wealth and its moral standing in the world through constant interference in the affairs of other countries. In the process, America has prolonged wars, fought unnecessary conflicts, overthrown legitimate governments, destroyed ancient cultures and invariably left conditions much worse than they were before. And all this cost over a million lives. I don't think it was worth it.

Americans seem to stand tall for human rights of all groups on this earth - except for Arabs and Muslims. We stand up for rights of blacks, Jews, Latin-Americans, Indians, homosexuals, women, etc. But it is almost impossible to find an American who will stand up for Arab rights. And, right now, Iraq typifies this biased belief. Some Americans even want to kill everybody in Iraq as a means of "solving the problem", you hear about it every day in the news media. But that does not make it right.

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