How Ernst Zundel Could
Walk Free And Help
Destroy The European Union
Telling The Truth In The Realm Of Lies

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By Michael James in Frankfurt, Germany
"Not one of the judges responsible for the arraignment, prosecution and imprisonment of Ernst Zundel is a legal office-holder under true German constitutional law. They are fakes. They are entitled to practise federal law no more and no less than a teenage student flipping hamburgers at McDonald's."
Those struggling to come to terms with Germany's absurd "holocaust denial" laws must first understand that they really have nothing to do with the alleged Jewish holocaust and the affirmation or refutation thereof. If that were the case, there would be no reason to use them, since the truth, being self-evident and requiring neither proof nor vast armies of supporting lawyers and judges, would stand on its own merits and win the day.
These statutes, which also require that a defendant charged with such "crimes" be represented by a lawyer who is expressly forbidden under the same punitive laws from introducing in court evidence that would support his client's arguments, fly in the face of basic human intelligence and make a mockery of the rule of law in the so-called age of reason.
Ostensibly designed to protect a controversial and hotly disputed post-war narrative written against the backdrop of contrary findings established by the Red Cross and British and American occupation tribunals, these ridiculous impositions on intellectual inquiry and the resultant show trial of the historian and patriot Ernst Zundel are now, despite an almost total nationwide media blackout, having the effect of exciting the curiosity of younger Germans who simply refuse to be told what to think without the benefit of a free and open public debate.
Ironically, Ernst Zundel has never denied that thousands or possibly millions of European non-ethnic Jews, together with communists, Gypsies and others out of favour with the regime, were persecuted and murdered by the fascist state.
His argument that the mysteriously magic, sacred occult number of six million is simply untenable is supported not only by Jewish academics such as Norman Finkelstein, it has been confirmed, albeit without fanfare, by the German government itself. The dramatic downward revision of the number of European non-ethnic Jews alleged to have died at Auschwitz and other detention centres is a case in point. I am mightily impressed by government statistics: 6 million minus 2 million still makes 6 million. Now, who could argue with that kind of logic - and not go to jail?
If statistics can be trained to sing "Puppet on a String" while leaping through rings of fire, why the hysteria and the recent police-state crackdown on professors of history, journalists and biographers? Such actions, unprecedented in any society that likes to think of itself as progressive, liberal, democratic and free, are in themselves clear evidence of blind panic and fear at the highest levels of government and among the elite who own and control the German and European mass media; for what is at stake here is surely more than the alleged iinfringement of an eccentric statute: it is the very existence of the Federal Republic itself and the despised European Union which its long-suffering taxpayers are forced to subsidise.
The cult of the Jewish holocaust is fundamental to Germany's officially imposed state religion: legalistic, political Zionism, propagated daily in the mass media and reinforced by a legion of judicious bureaucrats and self-obsessed politicians. Whether Social Democrat or "Christian" Democrat, neo-Marxist or neo-liberal, the government of the day is dutifully trained to look first to Tel Aviv for its legitimacy. It is instructive to note that, at least once a year, the incumbent German President or Chancellor must stand in front of the Knesset in Israel and, with quivering lower lip and a freshly peeled onion, throw his best Elizabeth Taylor act and read from the same worn script stapled together with exhausted and sometimes ludicrously inappropriate diplomatic cliches.
This perennial ritual is always embarrassing, obsequious and viciously humiliating to behold. Nonetheless, the German government at least acknowledges publicly that it is wealthy, globalist Israelis and their glove-puppets in the City of London who control Germany, not the German people. And those who control Germany control the dark, towering superstructure of the despised and hated European Union.
In the eyes of this grubby little Mafia of international criminals, which includes the uppermost doyens of the British and American elites, the German people, already saddled with an unpopular currency and wealth-destroying surcharges that only serve to pay the extortionate rates of interest imposed on the nation's spiralling budget deficit, are easy roadkill on the brave new highway to EU expansionism, globalisation and "world governance": naive, trusting and good for only work, taxes and blood-money.
The holocaust denial laws were introduced as a social experiment to see how far ordinary people could be pushed to accept outlandish Catch-22 legislation, with the proviso that such laws would be adopted into the main body of EU statutes in a process of creeping, scarcely articulated gradualism. They will eventually apply to England, Scotland and Wales, despite the opposition of the Freemasonic British-Israel movement, an occult order patronised by royalty that believes Caucasian British people to be the only real descendants of the biblical ethnic Jews. Political and economic Zionism will then become the state ideology of the emerging European Soviet and play a role commensurate to that of the former communist Soviet Union under the auspices of the Bolshevik Politburo, which was in turn dominated by European non-ethnic "Jews" who supervised the murder of 13-17 million Russian Christians, patriots, Cossacks and other "undesirables". It remains the holocaust that dare not speak its name.
Strange things happen to people who understand this clandestine agenda and seek to expose it. Christian patriots in public life, men such as the late Juergen Moellemann, who are brave enough to voice their criticism of the state of Israel and its unremitting warmongering and continuing genocide of the Palestinian people in the illegally occupied territories have a strange habit of committing suicide without due cause or of leaving this world in bizarre accidents that defy forensic science. Then their reputations are trashed by means of scurrilous innuendos disseminated in a series of unsubstantiated newspaper revelations that cease once the damage has been caused.
I'm sure my readers in the United States and in England can think of many more fine men and women who have had their careers destroyed or their lives snuffed-out for just one brave, defiant act of courage: telling the truth in the Realm of Lies. Telling the truth, because the moment you kiss the whip of their cruel deceptions or go along to get along, comfortably partitioned from the outside world in the warmth of your living room, you are no longer free, but a slave by default, a slave by choice. Telling the truth, because it's the right thing to do. Telling the truth, because there's no other way to live.
Whoever hates genuine patriots and men of integrity, hates them with a vengeance and a bloodthirsty viciousness that goes well beyond the pathological and borders on the Satanic. The message is clear. If you love your country, your family and the cultural values that nourish and sustain the vitality and sovereignty of the society in which you live, you are a target. If you oppose laws that penalise free-speech, you are a de facto enemy of the European Union. If you believe that citizens should have the right to discuss their history in a free and open debate and allow all sides to bring their evidence to the table in a grown-up analysis of the facts, you are a threat to the emerging European Soviet and a heretic in the church of Zionist orthodoxy. And that, my friends, is what these holocaust denial laws are all about.
So now that we have the enemy, the master manipulators behind the European Union, firmly in our sights, with which questions should we pull the trigger? Would it not be true to say that if even one of the signatories of the founding Treaty of Rome represented an unconstitutional government, then the entire European project would be illegal, having no substance in international and local law? Having spent many months studying the German constitution and the framework governing its relations with the rest of Europe, the United States and the United Nations, I can now reveal an amazing little secret that the Zionists and architects of the European Union don't want you to know.
The modern Federal Republic of Germany is illegal. It does not exist in real constitutional terms. It isn't even recognised by international institutions as the legitimate nation state of Germany.
On 5 June 1945, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) accepted Germany's declaration of defeat and quickly moved to recognise the legitimacy of the Zweite Deutsche Reich (Second German Reich), which had been illegally displaced by Hitler's Third Reich. The SHAEF laws underpinned a treaty between the occupation authorities and the Second German Reich, in which the latter was invested with full administrative rights and governmental sovereignty throughout most of Berlin and in all of the German states. A parallel state, founded by ambitious lawyers and Zionist activists and still known as the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), competed with the Second German Reich for legitimacy but officially lost its right to grant citizenship and issue passports in 1954, just as was the case with East Germany (DDR) thirty-six years later. Technically, any German with a passport issued by the BRD is now stateless: around 70 million of them.
Following the collapse of the DDR, a treaty known as the "2 Plus 4" confirmed that only the Second German Reich, now led by Reichskanzler (Prime Minister) Dr Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel, represented the legitimate German State. In July 1990, the Secretary of the US Department of State, James Baker, confirmed in writing to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl that the BRD had come to the end of its lifetime and should be dissolved. From that moment on, the United Nations destroyed all of its stationery and placards that carried the words "Federal Republic of Germany" or BRD and replaced them with use of the broader term "Germany" in lieu of the anticipated "German Reich". Almost everyone in diplomatic circles around the world expected the re-emergent German Reich to take over where the BRD had left off. Yet the government in Bonn, and later in Berlin, continued and still continues to act and behave as if nothing really happened: a sort of disembodied ghost that has no idea that its corpse perished many years ago.
Despite this highly unusual situation, the Second German Reich continues to issue its own passports and driving licences. Over the last two or three years there has been a sharp increase in the number of motorists who have been acquitted for speeding or parking offences, simply on the strength of their having produced a German Reich driving licence. The illegal German government in Berlin is so worried about the publicity, it has leaned heavily on newspapers not to report on such matters and it has instructed judges to dismiss cases where a defendant is likely to prove that his citizenship of the German Reich permits him not to recognise the BRD and its courts as legitimate administrative constructs. They are horrified at the publicity each of these cases brings. Quite clearly, the Zionist German elite and their fellow conspirators in Brussels and Tel Aviv and in every major bank and insurance company in the western hemisphere are terrified lest the people come to know the truth, for it would presage the unravelling not only of a dogma reinforced by secular excommunication, but of two major administrative constructs built on lies and subterfuge: the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.
The very real fact of the matter is this: Not one of the judges responsible for the arraignment, prosecution and imprisonment of Ernst Zundel is a legal office-holder under true constitutional German law. They are fakes. They are entitled to practise federal law no more and no less than a teenage student flipping hamburgers at McDonald's.
Mr Zundel has every right to instruct his lawyers to submit a deposition to the state attorney, outlining in clear language his decision not to recognise the writ of the court on the grounds that it has never had the constitutional authority to try domestic or foreign citizens, ceased to exist as a constitutionally validated regulator of citizenship in 1954 and became absolutely and irrevocably illegal on the same day that the already unconstitutional Federal Republic of Germany (formerly West Germany, BRD) merged with the German Democratic Republic (East Germany, DDR), automatically reverting to its true constitutional status as the Second German Reich under the legitimate Chancellorship of Dr Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel.
Zundel may also wish to point out that United Nations protocols still define Germany as "the enemy state". That's because no peace treaty was ever ratified between the Second German Reich and the occupation authorities. The United Nations, by its own admission, thus recognises the Federal Republic for what it was always meant to be: nothing more than a temporary holding operation for the central banks and private banking cartels until a competent body representing the Second German Reich would be in a position to conclude a peace deal. The BRD was never granted the constitutional instruments necessary to conclude a peace treaty, and as long as it pretends to exist, Germany is still considered to be an occupied nation at war with the "international community".
On 31 July 1973, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) was forced to concede the following ruling in regard to an upcoming treaty between the BRD and the communist DDR: "It remains the case that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 and did not cease to exist, neither through capitulation nor the exercise of foreign power in Germany on the part of the allies; it possesses today, as it always has, legal and judicial sovereignty, although as a State it is lacking in organisation. The BRD is not the legal successor of the German Reich."
Please allow me to re-state the ruling handed down by the Federal Republic's own Supreme Constitutional Court in 1973. It deserves to be written large and draped from every official building, monument and highway bridge in Germany: THE BRD IS NOT THE LEGAL SUCCESSOR OF THE GERMAN REICH.
And here's the really nice part.
Since the Second German Reich is not liable for the banking debts accrued by the BRD or for any legislation enacted by the BRD, including obligations attendant to every EEC and EU treaty signed by "government" representatives of the BRD since 25 March 1957, the German people, if only they would pay attention, are being offered a clean slate to start over: free of debt, free of the United Nations, free of the European Union, free of "reparations" to Israel and free of repressive Zionist legislation such as the notorious "holocaust" laws. All they have to do is learn about the fraudulent nature of the state in which they live and issue an immediate Cease and Desist Order requiring the expeditious stand-down of the illegal Berlin government. Incredible though that may sound, it really is just that simple.
Happily, more and more Germans are coming to learn about their true constitutional rights and are renouncing citizenship of the fictitious BRD in ever greater numbers. Year on year, the offices of the Second German Reich are increasingly inundated with applications for Reich passports and driving licences. With passports selling for 100 euros a piece, some are being deliberately scammed by online pretenders. The Zionists will make sure that those stories are given the widest publicity in the press with the intention of discrediting by association Dr Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel and the living reality of the Second German Reich. But their mischief is driving curious minds to learn more about their secret, hidden history and the wealth of opportunities that awaits them and their children should they decide to bail out of the New World Order and its globalist nightmare.
A much better world is possible, and the more the Zionists move against us, the more they will eventually lose. They are their own worst enemies. Their holocaust laws are making ordinary people gasp in shock and disbelief: "What are the authorities afraid of? What are they trying to hide? What sort of a country puts a man on trial for his scientific review of statistics and recorded history and then denies him a lawyer who can provide the evidence that's been in the public domain for years?" The Zionists have been caught wallowing in their own arrogance, and the backlash is building.
A frail old man is sitting in a prison cell all alone. In the eyes of God he has committed no crime, yet those who hate him call him a Nazi and a holocaust denier simply because he made the "mistake" of translating his love of country and the German people into a passionate search for the truth. When his supporters quote from the New Testament and admonish, in the words of Jesus, those who hide in the dark "for fear of the Jews", they are labelled as anti-Semites and Hitlerites, which, by implication, would make God a Nazi. In Canada and Scandinavia, Zionist lawyers and their allies in government and big business have very nearly criminalised the New Testament as "hate literature". In August 2000, two Zionist lawyers in Germany almost succeeded in winning an injunction against publishers of the Bible in an attempt to redact the words of Jesus because they regarded them as "anti-Semitic". Family Minister Christian Bergmann eventually rejected their application to have the Bible banned or placed on the "dangerous books" list.
Yet millions of Christians send cash, guns and moral support to the Zionist state of Israel each year because their ministers, influenced by the heretical Scofield Bible, tell them that Jesus and his followers do not represent the true Israel. They believe that Jesus' sacrifice was insufficient, making him a failed Messiah, and that he must return only to rescue a few million European non-ethnic "Jews" whose forefathers were neither of Hebrew descent nor ever lived in the Middle East, but hailed from Asia, converting to Judaism in AD 740 for financial and strategic reasons.
Many Christians are slowly waking up to this diabolical, Satanic deception and are beginning to see that it was secular, political Zionism that tricked them into believing these lies and distortions, finally listening to our beloved Brother Judah - real ethnic Jews who read the Torah daily and lament each and every hour that the God-forbidden state of Israel exists. They are learning the truth about all the Zionist wars and acts of terror that have wracked our little planet over the last century, from the 1916 blackmail of the British establishment and the audaciously premature claim that King Wilhelm of Germany had secretly murdered six million Jews before 1914 to the financing of Hitler's rise to power through banks in Wall Street and the City of London, from the complicity of the Zionist Party of Germany in the persecution of their own kind to the Israeli false flag attack on the USS liberty, from the Lavon Affair and the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1948 to the possible involvement of Mossad and their ad hoc "Urban Moving Company" in steering the horrific events of September 11, 2001.
They have the cleverest minds, the best weaponry and all the money they need. They own the banks, the media, the telecoms, the Christian church and the film industry. They own governments and treasuries and have their hands on all the important levers of power. They retain all the best lawyers and judges, and what they cannot win in any of the courts they own they settle with an assassin's bullet. They make who they please and break those who displease. They are the hidden hand in every act of terror. They are ruthless and vicious and their evil and mischief know no bounds.
But they have neither God in their hearts nor the truth on their lips, and therein lies their undoing.
Open the door to your prison cell, Mr Zundel, and walk away a free man. There is nothing and nobody to keep you there.
Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, resident in Germany for over 13 years and patiently awaiting the sound of Zionist jackboots and the inevitable knock on the door at midnight.



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