Igniting the Spark: An Interview With David Duke
Radio/Audio; Posted on: 2004-05-15 10:42:16

by Kevin Alfred Strom
American Dissident Voices broadcast of May 15, 2004
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The imprisonment of pro-White political activist and writer David Duke (pictured) is now at an end, and an international conference is being held in New Orleans over the Memorial Day weekend to welcome him home and to take a public stand on the crucial issues that we face as men and women of European descent. On this week's program, Mr. Strom speaks with David Duke about his struggles, his ideals, and his ideas for the future.

KAS: Today we welcome to the American Dissident Voices microphones Mr. David Duke, a man who has been raising the consciousness of European-Americans since the early 1970s. He was the first openly pro-White elected representative since the 1960s, and he garnered over 60 per cent of the White vote in runs for the Senate and Governor in Louisiana in the 1990s.

More recently, he has been the author of the books My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism and is just now in the process of being released form an imprisonment widely viewed as politically motivated by Zionist forces within the Bush Administration. Welcome to American Dissident Voices, David Duke.

DD: I'm so glad to be here, Kevin, and I'm very honored to be here. I've really admired your program and your commentary, and your dedication to our Cause for a very, very long time. It's really a great pleasure for me to be on your program, and to share my thoughts with your audience.

KAS: It's a pleasure to have you, David. Now you've been shut in for more than a year, but I know from our correspondence and our conversations that you haven't been idle. What have you been doing during your involuntary sabbatical?

DD: Well, I feel like I've been in a monastery, in a sense -- a very crazy monastery. I was in a room with approximately 72 other prisoners. I'd say 90 per cent of them were non-European -- either Mexican or Black. You could imagine the amount of noise in that kind of facility; the kind of conditions that exist there. The bunks were only about 30 inches apart, so it was a very difficult situation. But, when you're in prison, you're basically stripped to your core. You go into prison and you don't even have a wristwatch, you basically come in there with your skin and what you are inside -- what's in your soul. If you go into prison, and you have some strength inside you, you're made stronger. If you're weak, you're made weaker. Prison, for me, was a very strengthening experience.

Being away from the physical pleasures of life -- not eating tasty food, not having any of the basic enjoyments of even the small pleasures of life which we take for granted on the outside -- causes you to examine your own soul, your own spirit, and to look for the really greater pleasures of life, the most important pleasures of life: and that's really satisfying the inner longing we have in our genes, the values that we have, the beliefs that we have, the commitments we have in life. So, in a way, I was in a very obscure place; and I had a chance to do a lot of thinking. It was a monastery, but it was kind of a monastery in a zoo.

KAS: Last week I mentioned your Unity and Leadership Conference, which is coming up this Memorial Day weekend. I imagine that a lot of your time since you've been able to get back to your office has been taken up in getting ready for that. Can you tell us a little about that, and also about the purpose of the conference? http://www.davidduke.com/welcome_home.html

DD: It's really twofold. The idea for it was begun by a lot of my friends here, who wanted to have a good welcoming home meeting for me. I've got many friends around the country, including yourself, Erich Gliebe, Dr. Edward Fields… So many people around the country and the world that wanted to welcome me back from the American Gulag, and I thought to myself, well, if we're going to have this kind of get-together, this homecoming, we should also have a meeting in the process. An international meeting of Europeans and European-Americans who are involved in the struggle for the preservation of our heritage, our way of life, and our freedoms.

I also have been thinking for a long time over the years that we do need some sort of code of action between us, some sort of a code of conduct in terms of how we're going to treat each other, an integrity that we're going to have between our organizations. We don't need to merge into one group -- in fact, that might be a dangerous thing because if we all did get into one group, it'd give the Jewish supremacists a more clear target at which to aim, and it could destroy all of us.

European mankind is in an absolute crisis. We are literally being wiped off the face of the Earth. It's hard for people to understand this and I'm sure there are some people new to the Cause and new to these ideas who are listening to your program, but they've got to get it into their mind that what's happening here is an absolute battle for our survival.

European birthrates now -- both in America and Europe -- are about 1.25. That means for every hundred European men and women, you only have about 68 children. That generation, at 68 children, only has somewhere around 40 children. In short, in four or five generations we go from a hundred European-Americans down to less than ten. We're being wiped out -- in the blink of an eye, we're being wiped out.

KAS: Those figures don't even take miscegenation into account.

DD: Exactly. And it doesn't count the massive influx of Third Worlders into European countries. What's happening is that, at the same time the people of European descent are not having children, a population explosion is going on all over the non-White world. And these people are not just staying in their own countries, but they're flooding into European lands.

The reason we want to preserve our heritage isn't because we hate these Third Worlders or these non-Whites that exist in South America or Mexico, or China or South Asia, or India, or wherever. We don't hate them -- but we certainly believe that we have a right to preserve our heritage, our way of life, our freedoms, our culture, our genetics.

KAS: We need our own exclusive living space to do that; do you agree with that?

DD: I think absolutely we do. And I think that can be worked out between the races.

I think one thing that's been keeping us from coming to a fair agreement [is the hatred caused by our pro-Zionist foreign policy.] You know, I've been around the world, and of course I've traveled to the Arab countries. One reason why I went to the Gulag was because I went to Bahrain and spoke before a group called Discover Islam, which was an anti-Israel organization, and I appeared on al-Jazeera. In fact, the US State Department -- and this is admitted in Newsweek magazine by the way, in their Periscope section of November 2002 -- actually tried to prevent my appearance on al-Jazeera. They threatened the al-Jazeera network, and said 'If you have David Duke on we're not going to give you White House credentials, we're not going to let you set up an office in Washington, DC in the United States, and so forth, which your network needs for credibility around the world.'

KAS: Sounds like they're afraid of you -- or somebody is.

DD: It seems that way, and the interesting thing was that the network didn't cave in. The State Department never followed through on their threats, but they tried to keep me off the air over there. Within thirty days, I was prosecuted by the Justice Department in this case, and the pressure from that came out of Washington and Michael Chertoff's office.

And Michael Chertoff was the same individual whom I had exposed for releasing the Israeli spies linked to 9-11. As most of your listeners know, there was a huge Israeli spy network in the United States operating before -- and after -- 9-11 and they were spying, very closely spying, on the so-called al-Qaeda individuals who were here, the hijackers. Five of these Israeli spies lived on the same street as Mohammed Atta, the hijackers' leader, and five Israeli Mossad agents were arrested on a rooftop filming the attacks on the Trade Center and cheering those attacks. In fact, they were posing in front of the burning Trade Center flicking their lighters… you know, acting out "how great this is"… and I think there's no question about the fact that there were early warnings to Israeli citizens in the Trade Center.

This has been exposed by the Washington Post and exposed by the FBI. There were early warnings to Israeli nationals who were at the Trade Center. I think the Mossad were completely aware that these attacks were going to go on and I'm certainly suspicious that they might've had something to do in terms of instigating these attacks through their infiltrators in the al-Qaeda network. I can't prove that fact, but we do know, without any question, that the Mossad had prior knowledge that these attacks were going to take place. They treacherously let these terrible attacks go on, knowing that these attacks would better Israel's situation and make America support Israel in its oppression of Palestinians.

They didn't want me talking about these issues and these facts on al-Jazeera and throughout the world. The State Department tried to prevent me from talking about these issues.

I also exposed this war, as you know. And you did the same thing, so it's not just David Duke. I traveled the world. I spoke at many international conferences in Europe, and I was well respected at those conferences. I spoke with Heads of State, ambassadors to major nations -- they shared the podium with me -- and I discussed the Israeli acts against the Palestinians, and I discussed this coming war against Iraq. I said from the very get-go that's there's no evidence that Saddam has any 'weapons of mass destruction.' If they did have evidence, they'd produce it; they'd have the inspectors go find them. I said that Saddam had no ties with al-Qaeda. I said this war would be a quagmire -- it would be destructive to America. I said it would really help terrorism, and endanger America rather than help America, and that it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. At that time Wolfowitz, and Perle, and the rest of this Jewish supremacist cadre in Washington, were saying 'Oh no no, this is going to be an easy war; It's going to cost 20 or 30 billion dollars, the people are going to welcome us with flowers, and this is going to be a great blow against terrorism.' But, as you know, what this war has created is a hundred million young men around the world who are growing up dreaming of becoming a Bin Laden.

KAS: Our ideas, Dr. Pierce's ideas, were revolutionary. I believe your ideas are revolutionary, and so are mine. We want a reordering of values, a new civilization based on the ideals of racial integrity, racial progress, and self-determination for Whites. Now there must be tremendous pressure on someone in the political arena, as you've been in the political arena, to water down those ideas and to say that we just want "equality" or "fairness." How have you avoided doing that?

DD: First off, and let's make it very clear, politics is a little bit different than a person presenting a philosophical idea. When you're in a political race, what you've got to talk about -- and this is just simple political dynamics -- are the issues that are motivating the voters. When you're in a race, you're not trying to change fundamental perceptions of the world. What you're trying to do is present specific ideas that are in line with your philosophy so that you can get elected and then present the entire worldview that you've got to present. In other words, every election has to be geared towards winning that election. At the same time, you can't compromise what you believe.

I remember in the races that I ran for Senate and Governor, my whole speech wasn't of course about the Middle East and Israel. People weren't going to vote for me for Governor of Louisiana because of our Israeli policy. But if people asked me about Israel in the course of my discussions, I would talk about the fact that our policy in Israel was wrong -- that it was hurting America, that Israel was a treacherous country, that it committed terrorism against our nation.

As far as fairness is concerned, I think we also have to consider our own approach on these issues. I don't think that in my approach, in my desire to preserve my European-American heritage, that I'm being 'unfair' to Blacks, or 'unfair' to non-Whites around the world. I think what I represent is actually the best for them. I think the best thing for them, at some point, is to live in their own society where White people are not ruling over them, where White people are not determining how they live. They can make their own world, their own country, their own society, their own community, that can reflect their own deepest desires and values.

KAS: There must also be tremendous pressure not to talk about the Jewish question. However, far from being a typical politician in that regard, you've made that issue the centerpiece of your most recent work.

DD: It is the ultimate issue.

We have lots of different people in the movement. We have Jared Taylor, for instance, of American Renaissance, and we've got other people that are concentrating only on the racial issue, and that's fine. Different people can take different approaches. But in my mind, the critical issue is the issue of Jewish power. Jewish supremacist power.

By the way, this is not simply Jews, it's an ideology that these Jewish leaders have, and most Jewish organizations have. They believe that they have a divine right to rule us, to be supreme over us -- it's truly a kind of supremacy. It's not separatism, it's not egalitarianism, it's a supremacist position. Judaism at its root is a racial supremacist religion.

Their power in media, and their power in government today (not only in America, but in England and in other European countries, though their influence is not as great as it is here) -- influences every other issue. Whether you're talking about gun control, whether you're talking about abortion, whether you're talking about world trade, or whether you're talking about the Iraq war, or whether you're talking about 'affirmative action,' this issue is the critical issue. Because by controlling our mass media to such a great extent, they're able to dictate what happens. By controlling the politicians, they will dictate what happens -- and not just on the issues affecting Israel, but on many issues affecting America.

For instance, a lot of typically conservative Americans -- who are essentially very much opposed to this mass immigration which is transforming our nation into a Third World country -- are very surprised to learn that the change in America's immigration policy which resulted in opening our borders was almost entirely led and effected by the Jewish supremacists. Almost every Jewish organization was involved in this for more than 70 years. They started their work to undermine our immigration policy literally at the turn of the last century -- the turn of the 20th century. So starting from around 1900, it took them 65 years. For 65 years they worked to destroy America's demographic base, to make European-Americans into a minority.

In my book, Jewish Supremacism, I quote from many Jewish leaders bragging about the fact that they led this effort. They led it not only in terms of the actual Congressional legislation, they also led it from the standpoint of the media trying to popularize this opinion -- trying to tell people in America that somehow multiculturalism was a great advantage, that it was going to be of great benefit to people -- though we know that so-called multiculturalism leads to greater crime, dislocation, and, in fact, racial insensitivity. Racial tensions arise from it. A community's sense of -- well, a community's sense of community -- a community's sense of brotherhood and togetherness and unity is destroyed by so-called multiculturalism. When we look around the world and we see multicultural states and multicultural communities, they tend to be far more violent, they tend to be far more disruptive. There's a lot less love and a lot more hate in those kinds of environments, because it's human nature: people are different. The people who have been the architects of this change have really been Jewish supremacists.

Unless we strike at that core ideologically, unless we expose the Jewish supremacist domination over our media and government, we're really never going to have any victories in these other peripheral areas.

KAS: Now the very Jewish-controlled media you're speaking of stereotype pro-White people as unthinking 'haters,' 'bigots,' and advocates of mindless violence. I've been talking on this program about how we need to avoid confirming those media stereotypes -- especially since those things are not what we're about anyway. We've discussed this; we are men of peace and justice.

DD: I think that's absolutely correct. The media, for 40 years now, have been portraying White opposition to, say, forced integration of education or to 'affirmative action' or to integration as violent, hateful, bigoted -- that kind of a presentation. And so a lot of White working people see this image on television and they think 'Oh, you're supposed to oppose this by standing up and yelling racial epithets,' because that's what the media say. And there are some people in the so-called movement, who call themselves White racialists, who are doing nothing more than presenting some sort of a Jewish version of what we are, rather than what we really are.

I'll give you an example. There was an article recently on myself and on the convention, and they referred to me and to the people coming to the conference as "White supremacists." That's a term that Jewish supremacists have coined to label any [racially conscious] White person. I am not a "White supremacist" and I know that you're not, because 'supremacy' means that you want to rule over other people. And none of us, none of the real thinkers and leaders of this movement are "White supremacists." We don't want to be 'supreme' over others. We simply want our own. Maybe White separatist would be a better term. Or simply White self-determinationist. Or White heritage advocate. Or White preservationist. But "White supremacist" is not what we are. We're not trying to rule over Blacks or Jews or Mexicans or any other group. We simply want our own communities, our own society, to reflect that of our forefathers -- what every other race on this planet wants. If we're "White supremacists," then the Japanese are "Japanese supremacists" and the Indians are "Indian supremacists." We are simply White preservationists who believe that we have a right to preserve our heritage, our culture, our freedom, our land, and our values.

And the truth is -- and this is what my book Jewish Supremacism points out -- the real supremacists on this planet are the Jewish supremacists. Because they not only want their own state of Israel -- and, by the way, they want to be totally supreme in that state and in the territories they conquer, where millions of people live under their thumb -- they want to be supreme over our lands, they want to control our media, they want to dictate to our government what it does. Just as they dictated our moves in this terribly destructive Iraq war, which has done nothing but harm the basic interests of our country.

KAS: Besides their unity, one of the strengths of the Jewish supremacists is, as Robert Kavjian has pointed out http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=2747, is that they constantly play on the emotions of the people. They didn't just buy up the TV networks and immediately start pushing their multiracialist agenda, they entertained people with stories and comedies. They're pushing the emotional buttons. How can we overcome that advantage?

DD: We have got to resurrect the spirit of our people. Our liberation -- the European-American liberation -- is in our genes. The same genes that are in every cell of our body were in the cells of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They were in the cells of Davy Crockett at the Alamo. They were in the cells of Leonidas at Thermopylae, and Charles Martel at Tours when he turned back the Moorish invasion. We have inside of us the seeds of liberation and freedom. And we have the seeds to go to the stars. And we have got to present to our people a way that will bring out that passion, that beauty. Because what we represent now, and what we believe in, is truly the way to the stars -- not only the way to freedom in terms of a decent land with freedom and decent schools for our kids and a clean, healthy environment, and all the rest of the things that are so important -- but we're talking about some of the most basic aspects of what life's all about. And we have to bring out that passion in our people.

This is the analogy I always use: Islam came along in about the 7th century AD, and it fit the Arab nature. The Arabs were a bunch of warring tribes at that time, and they had tremendous conflicts and different religions. But Islam fit their racial makeup. And it literally spread across the entire world from the shores of Spain practically all the way to India in one generation. In one single generation. And that was a time of very slow communication and slow transport and travel -- and no videotapes and no telephones and satellites and the rest of it.

I really believe that if we come up with the right formula, and we are able to touch the spirits of our people with the deeper meanings of what this struggle is all about, and if we show them the crisis that our people are in around the world, this crisis of existence, I believe that we can create something that will sweep our people faster than Islam swept the Arabs.

KAS: You're talking about more than just emotions, now. You're talking about something spiritual, David.

DD: Absolutely. Like I say, I believe that it's in our genes. In the spiral of our DNA, I believe that we have a stairway to the universe. It's a stairway to the stars.

We do have to look at the immediate threat to our people: the immediate losses that we're taking in terms of victims of crime, and the terrible losses we're taking in terms of our genes and our culture and our freedoms and our way of life. Look at the 'Patriot Act' -- taking away the basic freedoms that we Americans have enjoyed for 200 years.

But we are also talking about something to aim at and to fight for. Because what we represent is something that's beautiful. I hate to sound like some sort of a 'liberal' here, but it's really based on the highest ideals of love and beauty. Dostoyevsky, who is one of my favorite novelists and one of the greatest writers of Western civilization, wrote "Only beauty can save us." And what he meant was not just a surface physical beauty, but a beautiful vision -- a beautiful ideal -- and beautiful people. And that ideal in our hearts is what gives us passion. That's what brings out the courage in men. And the only thing that can save us at this point is passion.

The hour is late. Our people are being driven to destruction. Every European nation has massive immigration. Every one has low birthrates. Every one faces miscegenation. Our enemies control our mass communication network. They're involving us in this terrible 'Clash of Civilizations' which might end it all for us. We are in a position of crisis. The only way we can win is by bringing out the passion that's in our people. But it's in our genes. We have to touch the spirit in our people. Certainly we have the greatest Cause on Earth. We have a Cause that represents everything noble and great and beautiful in mankind. We represent a people that is exquisitely beautiful in form and spirit and culture. Look at the great art of Western Civilization. Look at the work of Michelangelo or DaVinci. Look at the writing of Shakespeare, the music of Mozart and Wagner. Look at the magnificence of our people. And all this beauty, all this greatness will be cast aside, will be lost forever unless we win.

We have lots of reasons to be passionate. We can look into the eyes of our children and feel this passion and this love. And that's all we need. There are literally millions who we can reach with that passion.

And I've seen it. I ran for office in Louisiana, and finally someone had come along who defended the European-American, and the passion became contagious. At every other house across the state, suddenly there were 100,000 Duke signs that sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. This is what can happen in our lifetimes. In fact, this is what could happen this year, or next year, or within this decade.

And this is why this conference is so important. I hope that every patriot who is listening to this program will come down to New Orleans and meet me and meet you and meet Erich Gliebe and meet other leaders like Dr. Fields and John Tyndall, the founder of the British National Party, who is going to be there. Let's forge a way to make a victory for our kind over the next decade. It's feasible to win this cause in a decade. We just have to put together a formula that brings out that passion in our people -- that love, that tradition, and that spiritual strength which is inside every one of us, if we just touch it.

KAS: David, I am sorry to say that we're running out of time, but let me thank you now for being a guest on American Dissident Voices. And I thank you also for all that you've done for the love of your people.

DD: Thank you, Kevin. I admire your work and I look forward to seeing you down here in New Orleans very soon.

KAS: We'll see you there.

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