Hurricane Katrina Devastates Duke Headquarters
News; Posted on: 2005-08-31 07:49:28

Duke: "We face an incredible challenge."

by Ann Hendon

DAVID DUKE'S office building -- a well-kept older suburban home in Mandeville, Louisiana with most of the rooms doing office or dual duty -- sits just a stone's throw from Lake Pontchartrain. It has been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Representative Duke was travelling in Europe when the storm struck, and it is believed (though communications with the area are still difficult) there were no injuries or loss of life among his volunteers and staff. Mr. Duke is returning to the United States immediately to assess the damage, make temporary alternative arrangements to continue his work, and begin to rebuild.

According to Duke: "Unfortunately, preliminary reports did not fully reflect the damage to my home and office in the Mandeville-Covington Area of New Orleans. Information is still rather spotty as there is no phone service of any kind into the area, no electricity, and no Internet. A huge tree penetrated the roof of my house in Mandeville and, with the torrential rains, there is an expected heavy extent of water damage as well as physical damage. The office suffered three huge trees (and by huge I mean with a trunk diameter of at least five feet) falling onto the dwelling. These trees are very tall and stout old pines that have been there for generations! Finally, my old family home in New Orleans is completely under water and will be a total loss."

Flood waters continue high in the area, including Mandeville. In some areas the waters are actually rising, since earthworks and pumps designed to control water levels were destroyed or rendered inoperative by the storm. The governor of the state said "There's no electricity and won't be for quite a while. It is impossible to begin to estimate. There's no water. The 50-inch (water) main is severed. ... The streets are impassable. ... And there's no food to be had."

Rioters and looters have almost free rein as police and other authorities have their hands full trying to rescue stranded storm victims, and it was reported that some of the (almost entirely Black) rioters have set fires to cover their crimes -- smoke was reported last night on the New Orleans horizon. The National Guard has been called in, and parts of the region are under martial law.

On the subject of rebuilding, Duke said today "It will be a daunting, heartbreaking, and arduous task to say the least."

Efforts will be made to fill DVD, book, and other orders; and authorities state that the Postal Service will be able to deliver mail to and from Duke, even though operating without power at this time.

Duke's contacts in the area have painted a stark picture of what happens when a racially declining American city faces a major crisis: "The city of New Orleans is like Third World war-torn area right now. There is no electricity, no running water, massive flooding, no toilets working with sewage backing up... both storm-caused dead bodies as well as bodies from flood-opened graves are floating around; there are toxic wastes in the water; and massive looting is ravaging the city, with unchecked violence and stark barbarity. It like something out of a fictional nightmare scenario."

Despite what to many would seem crippling setbacks, Duke vows to continue his pro-White activities, and believes that his readers and supporters -- who gave him some 60 per cent. of the White vote in races for Governor and Senator in the state -- will help him do that. He says: "I must rely entirely on you, your sense of responsibility, and your generosity."

Duke Headquarters Damaged

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