How Many More Nations Will Israel Attack?
Report; Posted on: 2006-07-20 00:17:32

For decades, thoughtful and intelligent observers have been predicting some kind of major meltdown in the Middle East.

by Ian Mosley

It may be beginning this month. Several weeks ago, Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier and demanded the release of Palestinian women and children held by Israel. Israel had two choices to make: They could admit the Palestinians outfoxed them this one time and release the women and children or they could behave like an 800 lb gorilla smashing things and throwing a fit. They -of course- chose the latter. It’s possible the Israelis were waiting for an “incident” so that they could launch a major punitive attack against the Palestinians in Gaza to get back at the Arabs for voting for Hamas.

Since the attack on Gaza, two more Israeli soldiers have been captured in the north near Lebanon. Israel has responded by launching a major attack on Lebanon -- even bombing their airport. At least twelve Israeli soldiers have died trying to rescue the three Israeli prisoners. Clearly Israel would have been better off releasing the Palestinian women and children prisoners rather than launching these attacks. But blind hatred seems to trump a rational response.

The Zionists want a permanent state of war between Jews and Arabs. They also want to drive all the Palestinians out of Gaza. What better way to get people to move than to destroy their power station and deprive them of air conditioning in the summer? The Geneva Convention prohibits the wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure (such as the power station and three major bridges Israel destroyed in Gaza) but nothing will be done to punish the bandit state of Israel since the Israeli Lobby tells our government what to do. A UN resolution against Israel has once again been blocked by a sole vote from the US.

What we see happening in the Holy Land today is not simply another intifada, where Palestinian youths with nothing but guts, rocks and Molotov cocktails take on the Israeli arsenal of American-made and American paid-for tanks, jets, helicopter gunships, missiles and other heavy weapons. As Israel bombed various parts of Lebanon, the Muslims responded with missiles that reached 43 miles into Israel and a possibly home-made anti-ship missile struck an Israeli warship, setting it on fire with four Israeli sailors missing. On top of this, the Israelis lost one of their “invincible” M1 Abrams tanks as they advanced into Lebanon. If the Muslims keep upgrading their weapons, the Israelis may eventually be forced to behave like a civilized nation.

Israel is screaming hysterical threats at Iran, claiming (without evidence of any kind) that Hezbollah is moving two captured Israeli soldiers to Iran. This fits in neatly with the oft-proclaimed goal of invading or bombing Iran. Americans have been told hundreds of times that Iran wants to make nuclear weapons. The truth is that Iran has uranium deposits and developing nuclear power makes perfect economic sense for them.

To process uranium to use in reactors, it has to be enriched. The neocons and Fox News have been telling Americans that the low-level enrichment of uranium for reactors is no different from the much higher enrichment needed for nuclear weapons. The high-level enrichment can take ten to twenty years of additional effort. The enrichment is dependent on the number of high speed centrifuges that Iran has bought from the West and there are monitoring agencies in place to make sure Iran does not start making an atomic bomb. There are dozens of nations with nuclear reactors, but only a handful have gone on to make nuclear bombs. The raving by Bush and Condoleezza Rice about an imaginary Iranian nuclear threat to the United States in order to prep for an invasion doesn’t seem to be getting much traction in Congress or with the American people.

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