Houston: Turf War Breaks Out between Katrina Refugees, Locals
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-13 17:07:55

Early developments in the long-range demographic crisis of Katrina relocations

Five teenage 'students' at Houston's non-White Jones High School were arrested and three put in hospital after a brawl pitting New Orleans evacuees against locals flared on September 13. Two of the arrestees were Katrina refugees, as was one of those hospitalized with facial trauma. The incident occurred less than a week after displaced 'students' were placed in Houston-area schools. The five arrested are charged with 'disruption of school activities.'

The incident highlights the jungle-like conditions of America's public schools, exacerbated even further by the strain of Katrina refugees on scarce local resources.

The New Orleans school system was one of the worst in the nation, with rampant drug and gang activity, metal detectors, teenage pregnancies, abysmally low test scores and high drop-out rates. Federal officials and private agencies are working hard to move the area's 'underprivileged' school population to White areas.

Jones High School used to be an all-White facility. Now, with a non-White 'student' body it has been forced to reduce its goals for 'students' to the slogan 'Expectation: Graduation.'

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