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Opinion; Posted on: 2005-09-16 12:27:39

Bush speech reveals doom for White America.

by Warren Drake

The headache I received after watching Mr. Bush’s speech last night has yet to subside. Even now, the lies, propaganda, falsifications, and deceit that I’ve grown so accustomed to --and still abhor-- still take me by surprise. Occasionally attempting to buttress his sale to the American public by employing religiosity, the laundry list of federal excesses continues to pullulate. And when appeals to God don’t convince the taxpayer that billions of dollars spent on savages and degenerates is well worth the price, there’s always the racial discrimination trump card to bring everyone to their knees begging forgiveness.

“As all of us saw on television, there is also some deep, persistent poverty in this region as well. And that poverty has roots in a history of racial discrimination, which cut off generations from the opportunity of America. We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action,” Curious George remarked last night in a speech given in Jackson Square, New Orleans.

I’ve been to Jackson Square (historically known as Plaza d’Armas) and toured the remarkable Catholic Church that loomed large in the background just beyond the sculpture of a horseback mounted Andrew Jackson – dedicated to the hero of the Battle of New Orleans. Aside from the church and the sculpture, the Black vagrants and panhandlers who populate the entry ways to and from the square make any tourist wish they were somewhere (anywhere) else.

Interestingly, Jackson Square was used as a military parade ground due to its formerly large and open areas before the congestion of ethnic minorities quickly transmogrified a pleasant and beautiful area into a dangerous war zone. Today, the military is back and they are parading in full force as the majority White armed citizens of the Garden District are invaded by U.S. ground troops, labeled insurgents by the government, and taken hostage (in their own homes) at gunpoint. Upon entering their homes and creating terror, all weapons are confiscated leaving the poor families defenseless from not only the armed invaders themselves, but the criminal savages who roam the streets with AK-47’s and other assault weapons.

(Illustration: Prime Minister Geinbo, with toothy-grin, cons Whites to give up land.)

What White citizens in New Orleans may not be aware of is that losing a firearm is nothing compared to having your property confiscated by the federal government. All of their many years of hard work and dedication to help themselves and their families will be eliminated in one fell swoop and given to poor and desperate Blacks who have consumed considerably more than they have ever produced.

“To help lower-income citizens in the hurricane region build new and better lives, I also propose that Congress pass an Urban Homesteading Act. Under this approach, we will identify property in the region owned by the federal government, and provide building sites to low-income citizens free of charge, through a lottery.

In return, they would pledge to build on the lot, with either a mortgage or help from a charitable organization like Habitat for Humanity. Home ownership is one of the great strengths of any community, and it must be a central part of our vision for the revival of this region,” Bush said later in the speech.

If you are one of those poor ole chaps who believe this to be unconstitutional remember that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled [sic] a few months ago in their Kelo decision that the government may confiscate land for public and private use, which means they can essentially do whatever the hell they want.

There are plenty of Black squatters in South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe who felt they deserved White lands and would do anything (including murder) to obtain it. Then, the government sponsored their activities as if by divine mandate and there was a free-for-all with murder and rape astronomically sky-rocketing. Whites fled and continue to flee in terror.

Welcome America to your new reality.

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