Holocaust Lawyer Faces $3.2 Million Malpractice Judgment
News; Posted on: 2004-08-12 21:24:29

Attorney Edward D. Fagan (photo), a lawyer well known for his role in Holocaust extortion scams, is facing a $3.2 million legal malpractice judgment for suing the wrong party in a personal injury case and failing to oppose its dismissal.

Fagan rose to fame as one of the attorneys profiting from Swiss banks and German corporations connected with Nazi Germany of the 1940s. The banks and corporations settled the suits for more than $6 billion.

But a former client, Allen C. Tavel, claimed in a 2001 suit that Mr. Fagan's involvement in the Holocaust cases led him to neglect a case against Honda Motor Corp. and the manufacturer of a seat belt that allegedly failed.

Following the Holocaust cases, Mr. Fagan has gone on to sue corporations that he believes had connections with apartheid in South Africa and slavery in pre-Civil War America. In June, he announced he was filing a suit asking for $18 billion from the German government over artwork which Jews claim they owned in the past.

In another case against Fagan, a client has won a $167,000 default judgment against Mr. Fagan. Other suits by former clients are also pending.

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