Guts: A White Man Who Won't Back Down
News/Comment; Posted on: 2003-10-21 13:50:19

by Mark Neufeldt

A brave young White man is facing a media storm for his decision to fly two flags celebrating his ethnic heritage and racial pride in tiny McKittrick, California. The Bakersfield Californian condemned Matthew Wires for his decision to display two flags--a Confederate flag and a small modified Swiss flag, with the words, “White Pride” written in black inside the white cross--above his own home. To his credit Wires did not back down: “Yeah, I’m proud to be White. Damn right.”

His courage and refusal to back down apparently angered reporter Steven Mayer so much that he chose to characterize Wires as a “redneck," print Wires' street (in a town of 160), and contact the anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for comment -- all this despite the fact that Wires stated he is not engaged in racial politics.

“Displaying the 'white pride' slogan alongside the Confederate banner," Mark Potok, Jewish spokesman for the SPLC said, "sends an ominous message, one that would be offensive to some and might inspire feelings of fear and intimidation in others." Potok, in a wild stretch even for him, tried to imply that the Swiss flag looked vaguely similar to a "Klan flag" and that there was some significance in this.

The language Potok used to describe the presumed effects that a non-White may or may not feel when passing a symbol of White heritage was nearly identical to the language used by the Californian in a sidebar accompanying the story which purported to help readers identify “hate crimes.” This was done despite the fact that Wires disavowed any such activity and no evidence of a link between pride in one's heritage and “hate crimes” was provided in the story or in fact even exists. Potok’s choice of words was no accident, either: the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Jewish ADL, and other anti-White organizations are engaging in concerted and disingenuous efforts to outlaw any speech that they do not like -- and they do not like speech which evinces a pride in European heritage -- while simultaneously remaining silent when other racial groups, like Mestizos and Blacks, market slogans such as “Brown Pride,” “Black Power,” and “Mexican Power” on commercially made shirts, displayed openly by organizations, street vendors, and 'bodegas' around the country.

Local members of the National Alliance will be contacting Mr. Wires to offer our support soon. We may not be as influential and powerful as, say, a Sean Hannity, who can make the issue of flying a flag on one’s own property a cause celebre, but we will let Mr. Wires and other members of the White community know that they are not alone in confronting our racial enemies and their slavish mouthpieces in the controlled media.

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