French culture in vice grip of Muslims both internally and externally
Report; Posted on: 2004-01-03 17:38:55

On Friday, thousands of Muslim worshippers in Tehran shouted "death to France" during weekly prayers, in response to a sermon denouncing a proposal to prohibit Muslim schoolgirls in France from wearing headscarves, reports The Tocqueville Connection.

“Ayatollah Ahmad Janati called on Islamic countries to ‘threaten France with canceling contracts and to reconsider their relations with France’ over the issue. After months of heated debate, a committee of French experts recommended in December banning ‘conspicuous’ religious insignia from state schools, which are secular. This would include the hijab, or headscarf; the Jewish kippa, or skullcap, and large crucifixes. In a subsequent speech, French President Jacques Chirac came out in favor of the ban, which he wants written into law by the start of the next academic year. But Janati assured worshippers that all that was necessary was ‘a roar from Muslims, and the French would back off.’ He called on the French authorities to ‘let Muslim women express their freedom and carry out their religious obligations.’ His comments were welcomed by shouts of ‘death to France.’”

“Death to France” as a White nation is an additional threat being made against the native French people, by multiracialists, and is another struggle that White activists in France’s pro-White National Front are up against.

Associated Press writes that Muslims in France have accused the government of pandering to France's pro-White National Front in targeting Muslims “and of failing to evolve with a French society changed by decades of immigration from North Africa and elsewhere. ‘We are being undressed. We have no more freedom," said Djamila Bekioui, who wore a headscarf in the colors of the French flag. ‘We feel that we are considered second-class citizens.’"

Estimates place the number of Muslims in France at up to 8 million, the vast majority of whom are of non-European races. Whites in France have witnessed a dramatic increase in crime, racial tension, and cultural discord with their ongoing multiracialist experiment. Many observers see the rise of the pro-White National Front as a response to the discord and suffering associated with France’s growing multiracial, multicultural environment.,2933,106382,00.html

Source: Henry Reese • Printed from National Vanguard
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