Free Speech Hypocrisy
Posted on: 2006-09-21 18:50:46

The hypocrisy noted in Europe over the free speech issue has also drawn the attention of libertarians.

As mentioned on this page before, Europeans have complained about Turkish laws which effectively ban discussion of the Armenian Genocide and prohibit "insulting Turkishness" while at the same time European governments have laws which prohibit discussion of the Holocaust and German occupation of France which do not follow the official line, as well as, "anti-hate" laws which are designed to stop discussions and facts which don’t comply with Social Marxist theories.

The linked blog mentions the cases of Michel Houellebecq, David Irving and Oriana Fallaci. In addition to these cases, one must remember Ernst Zundel, Gehrmar Rudolph, Jean_Marie Le Pen, Mark Collett, Nick Griffin and the numerous others.

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