Free Speech Can Be Fatal
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-11-28 18:33:24

Siegfried Verbeke of Free Historical Research arrested by joint German-Belgian thought-police.

by Armin Müller

That Father Stalin would be innocent of the planned starvation of up to eight million Ukrainian peasants, may still be proclaimed and commercially published by the likes of the Flemish communist Ludo Martens. That the Hutu’s have decapitated their Tutsi bro’s by the hundred thousands can also be denied in the official media circuit.

That Hitler-Germany first gassed and then cremated a total of six million Jews is a statement that may not be refuted, denied, questioned, approved nor minimalized according to Belgian legislation of 1995. Although the Free University of Brussels claims to withstand “every form of dogmatic thinking” in its statutes, this is a mere fait divers [diversion], since hardly any academics protested the limits imposed on free speech and on academic freedom vis-à-vis the alleged “judeocide”.

After a decennium of bullying, house searches, the Flemish revisionist publisher Siegfried Verbeke (pictured; founder of Free Historical Research, or VHO, which was previously shut down by the corrupt Jewish politician André Gantman) was convicted in the end and sentenced to one year and a half of probation and a rather large fine. The investigation that took seven years could hardly convince any serious jurist, but the judge must have felt the breath of the judeo-liberal ruling class down his neck.

If this were not harsh enough, Siegfried Verbeke was arrested again on Saturday 27th of November 2004 in his Flemish town of residence, Kortrijk on the same charges. Given the recently established "European Arrest Warrant" Belgium will pass this martyr of free speech on to the Germans, who was very eager to prosecute him to even further lengths. The 63-year old revisionist scholar will then probably spend his last days in a German jail. In the best case scenario, he will sit in the same prison block as Ernst Zündel once he is extradited.

This is the state of affairs for freedom of speech in the so-called European democracies. Belgium, with its tradition of 170 years tyrannizing its Dutch-speaking majority by the French-speaking ruling clique, recently sent an investigative panel to the US presidential elections. The current uproar in Ukraine is also highly noted on the agendas of these Politkommisars. Maybe it would be better fitting if they investigated their proper democracy prior to “investigating” other worldly states. A logical consequence would be to release the famous protagonist of free speech and make Siegfried Verbeke an honorary citizen of the town of Kortrijk.

Two years ago the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was murdered for his anti-immigration stance. Early November 2004 the Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh got likewise murdered for his critique of Islam. it seems all known protagonists of freedom of speech are getting liquidated, both legally and extra-legally.

In the Low Countries, freedom of speech seems to be at an all time low and may turn out to be fatal.

--Armin Müller on behalf of the Committee for Protection of Free Speech.

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