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Announcement; Posted on: 2005-06-15 07:54:11

Sampler of neo-folk music offered online

The magazine and forum is proud to present the official release of "Neo-Form I", the folk, industrial and avant-garde online compilation.

This CD covers a variety of styles, but all the artists featured on it, in one way or the other, have got something to do with the website. They were interviewed, there was a review about their work on or they've got a account themselves. All the material on this compilation is exclusive in this form. The requirements were to submit something "special", like a live-track, a cover-tune,a remix, a demo-version or an exclusive song. Also we've asked all the projects to submit a picture or graphic design for the online gallery to accompany the release.

The website is dedicated to Neofolk, Industrial and Culture. Both the webzine part as well as the forum community are steadily growing and flourishing. So far most of the material is available in German only. But there will be more and more English content as time goes by, making the project even more international, so to say. All non-German visitors should check out our English section with a lot of exclusive interviews.

We, the team of, would like to thank all the participants for letting us share their work with You.


NF Sampler

Source: Troy Southgate • Printed from National Vanguard
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