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Opinion; Posted on: 2003-09-15 23:57:37

Introductory note: Like the Jewish establishment's own ploys, it is sneaky. It is Machiavellian. It is thought-provoking. It sets out to erase a unique genome in the name of the moral good of the possessors of that genome. To implement it, our White community would have to grow much larger and become deeper and more multi-layered than it is now. But -- could it work? It is a plan to defeat the Jews by using their own beloved "culture of critique" and ad hoc morality. Could racially-conscious Whites attempt to carry out such a program? And, granting that, could they yet appear sincere? Read on...

by John Young

The White race ... is a great race. Bred in the harsh climate of Ice Age Europe and forged in the furnace of adversity, the White race is the one responsible for all of the greatest achievements attributed to Mankind. Whether we speak of antibiotics, anesthesia, airplanes or lunar landings, it is White man who has brought these dreams to fruition. And truly, only White man has the unique characteristics that make such achievements possible. Others may benefit from, copy, or build upon our works; but they would have no benefit, and nothing to copy or build upon, were it not for the White man.

White man is the salvation of not only his own Nation, but of all the others on this planet as well. It is the White man upon whose shoulders every other race stands. Some races, like the Jews, depend most of all upon us and could not survive without us.

Yet, we are not perfect. As Kevin MacDonald has pointed out in numerous publications, White man is the least ethnocentric of all human variations. He is the most prone to self punishment. He is the most trusting and naive. He is the most altruistic, even to a fault. As Matt Nuenke pointed out in "The Myth of Racism," it is only White man who will deprive his own community to send supplies to people of other races far away. It is only White man who will acknowledge 5000 specific instances of Jewish harm to the Western world, and yet say: "but we can't treat Jews as a group. We must treat them all as individuals."

And yet, these imperfections had adaptive value in a northern land that nobody else wanted come wintertime. They helped us build community, and they helped us build a very special character of exploration, trusting in our fellow man to watch our back while we forged ahead, and the unheard-of level of fairness that led to legal systems where people were considered innocent until proven guilty.

But this very tendency to trust in other people, so beneficial in homogeneously White environments, often becomes a liability in the mixed-race environments in which, due to Jewish machinations, we find ourselves today. Unfortunately, in spite of the culpability of Jewish interests in this regard, Jewish influence alone would not be enough to bring about these destructive changes. At every step along the way, White man has lent a hand in his own destruction. It is Whites who elect the weak-willed or traitorous White people who sit in our legislative bodies, collect big checks from AIPAC, listen to ADL lies, and throw away our money, our heritage, and ultimately our precious genome which, once gone, can never be replaced.

But even worse than this, our tendencies to moral universalism, our sense of fair play, and our fear of harming the innocent -- tendencies that are strongest within the White man -- have led us to fight a strictly defensive war against the destroyers of our culture. Instead of fighting the enemy itself, we won't even identify that enemy by name for fear of casting our net too wide and harming the innocent. And so we limit ourselves to a rearguard defensive action against specific attacks. By taking this atomistic approach, where we wage defensive battle on numerous fronts, we have guaranteed our loss. We have guaranteed our loss by failing to identify the enemy into which the Jewish people have made themselves, and by failing to conduct a war in such a way that it can actually be won. Over the past 100 years of using these methods, we have lost ground on every issue, and the most we have accomplished is some slight delay of the enemy’s agenda.

We need to understand that the only way to win a war is to destroy the enemy's ability to fight. You cannot limit yourself to defense -- you must have an offense, too, because only an offense can take the battle to the heart of the enemy and destroy his ability or will to fight. MacDonald's Culture of Critique has extensively documented the Jewish offense against us. But what is our offense? If we don't develop one soon, our precious genome will pass from the earth.

Here is where we have to be careful. We are not involved in a war of direct violence. We are instead involved in a war of subversion, deceit, and plans within plans. We are in a war where, as Kevin MacDonald pointed out in Separation and its Discontents, if you attack the enemy directly, as the enemy it only serves to increase his unity and concentrate his power. We are not in charge of our own government, and as such, it can be used against us if our attack is too obvious.

And here is where we have something to learn. We need to learn ideas that will help us to prevail within our current context of a battle of subversion and stealth. There are three sets of ideas already in existence that I believe we can employ to bring our battle to the heart of the enemy, and destroy him, or at least his ability to wage war. The following applications may or may not turn out to be suitable to our task, but I believe it is important to be thinking ‘outside the box’ to develop plans for gaining our self-determination. Part of developing these ideas and applications is exposing them for peer review and critique, which is what I am doing today.

The first ideas come from the great Englishman, Sir Basil Liddel Hart. Hart, as you may recall, was the inventor of the blitzkrieg; but he also wrote a book -- very controversial for its time -- called The Strategy of Indirect Approach in which he documented battles from ancient Greece to contemporary times in which the decisive factor was not the size of the force, but the creative application of stealth, both in terms of the intended targets and the methods employed.

The next ideas come from Antonio Gramsci, the Italian whose conception of Critical Theory gave rise to the Frankfurt School, whose ideas have been used so effectively to our detriment. The underlying theme of his philosophy was to destroy everything in a society, except for class, through constant critique; and thus break all other bonds of loyalty, thereby creating a more peaceful transition to communism. While this theory has been applied to family, race, religion, and other facets of Western culture, it is equally applicable within other contexts; most importantly, against our enemy. An overview of Critical Theory is contained in Pat Buchanan's The Death of the West.

The final idea comes from Master Morihei Uyeshiba, the founder of Aikido. Aikido has many underpinnings, but central to our usage is its principle of control and extension of power; where the power of the attacker becomes controlled by the defender and extended into an area never intended by the attacker, and, much to his detriment, is used against him. A solid examination of the principles of Aikido can be found in Westbrook and Ratti's book Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere.

Before we can use the strategy of Indirect Approach, Critical Theory and redirection of power against our enemy, we must first understand the areas of our enemy's greatest vulnerability.

A reading of Kevin MacDonald's Separation and its Discontents combined with Alan Dershowitz's The Vanishing American Jew yields important information. Jewish behaviors that are adverse to the host society and culture generate ‘anti-Semitism,’ which then serves as the basis for Jewish group cohesion. In America, arguably the least ‘anti-Semitic’ country on earth, the impact of the lack of ‘anti-Semitism’ is being felt, and felt deeply, by the Jewish community in terms of a staggering 50% rate of intermarriage with Gentiles. Even in New York City, the heart of American Jewry, the intermarriage rate is over 20%. NO group can long survive as a genetically distinct entity under such conditions for more than a couple of generations.

And that's important. As Philippe Rushton reveals in Race, Evolution and Behavior, and as Kevin MacDonald points out in A People that Shall Dwell Alone, there is a significant body of scientific evidence for Genetic Similarity Theory, which posits that the high degrees of in-group altruism and in-group cooperation which the Jewish people demonstrate are dependent upon genetic relatedness. The odds of a person who is 1/4 Jewish being willing to sacrifice his own immediate self-interest for the good of bringing various Jewish machinations to fruition is very slight. Extrapolation from Dr. Frank Salter's work indicates that two 1/4 Jews are no more related than two random strangers. Most importantly, Judaism won't be able to rescue them, because Judaism only works for people with certain racial characteristics, and 1/4 Jews won't have them in sufficient abundance.

But the staggering rate of Jewish intermarriage reveals another very important fact. It reveals that Jews are not immune to their own poison. It means that a vast majority of Jews fully believe the pseudo-scientific garbage spewed by Franz Boas, to wit, that there are no significant genetic differences between different groups -- even though there is plenty of science that states otherwise. So while Jewry as a monolithic entity may maintain a double standard that prohibits interbreeding with Gentiles; individual Jews have drunk a good dose of the poison from their television that was originally intended for Gentiles.

In an era in which fully 70% of Jews are not religious at all or are explicitly atheistic, and in which over half of them don't believe there is anything unique or worthy of preservation in their genome ... the only thing that holds them together at all is a perception of common interest that is different from that of White Gentiles. The primary tool for conveying that idea is the myth of the ‘Holocaust.’ While the 200+ movies made about the ‘Holocaust’ certainly serve the purpose of delegitimizing racial thought among Gentiles and inspiring White guilt, their single most important purpose is the fostering of Jewish group cohesion in a country and era where there isn't enough ‘anti-Semitism’ to prevent assimilation.

Most Jews on the street are, of course, completely unaware that the ‘Holocaust’ is a hoax. They are likewise completely unaware that the treatment of Jews under the Third Reich was directly precipitated by the Jewish role in Bolshevism and its tens of millions of deaths inflicted on White Gentiles, the Jewish role in bringing the U.S. into WWI in exchange for the Balfour Declaration -- and thus guaranteeing the loss of Germany's national honor, or the fact that world Jewry had declared a worldwide economic boycott against Germany before a single one of the infamous Nuremberg laws had been passed. They are likewise completely unaware of the support of German Jewish leaders for those very same laws, so widely decried today, but implemented almost to the letter in Israel.

Raised in an environment of such ignorance, the average Jew then sees the ‘Holocaust’ myth in a very different light. He sees a situation in which, at any moment in time, the accursed goyim may rise up and slaughter Jews for no reason whatsoever. Every Gentile is suspect, because we all, as you know, keep a can of Zyklon handy under the bed, just in case.

So all of the ‘Holocaust’ hogwash is far more important from the standpoint of facilitating Jewish genetic continuity than for any other purpose.

But the ‘Holocaust,’ as we here know, is a farce. A lie. A huge lie. The fact that it is a lie is practically proven by the censorship laws in Europe that make questioning it a crime. The fact that it is a crime to question it demonstrates the importance that organized Jewish groups place upon it. And this, then, is their first vulnerable spot; vulnerable because it is a lie. The lie must be revealed -- not just to Gentiles, but to Jews as well. In fact, to Jews most importantly. The destruction of the ‘Holocaust’ myth, if accomplished in a manner that is non-violent and far from ‘anti-Semitic,’ will effectively nullify the only thing that remains outside of criminal syndicates for fostering Jewish genetic continuity.

And this can be done in a way that is not overtly ‘anti-Semitic’ at all. Take the myth of the Jewish soap [soap allegedly made from the fat of Jewish victims of the Germans during WWII -- Ed.], for example. Now, even the foremost Jewish authorities recognize that it is a complete fabrication. But for years following WWII, many Jewish families tearfully buried bars of soap with full ceremony, firmly believing that they were laying loved ones to rest; when those loved ones had most likely perished by being run off of a cliff into lake Baikal by the Russian Jews. These Jews suffered endless emotional trauma, to the point of burying bars of soap! All as a result of lies! But WHOSE lies did this to them? Ah ... THERE'S the rub. The lies of Jews. Not just any old Jews. But the Jews in charge of organizations like the World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League.

The story of the Jewish soap, a story used to manipulate average Jews both emotionally and financially by rich and cynical individuals at the top of the organized Jewish power structure, is but one example of a story that can be revealed with full compassion for the Jewish people. But, simultaneously, the exposure of that story will not only drive a wedge between average Jews and major organized Jewish organizations which are the source of the power of the Jewish assault on the White race, but will also help to tear down the myth of the ‘Holocaust,’ piece by piece, until nothing remains. After the Jewish Soap myth is fully destroyed, then other pieces of the overall myth are destroyed. And when the ‘Holocaust’ disappears -- the American Jew will disappear with it. Poof! All gone. End of the line.

Here is an example of Critical Theory and the Strategy of Indirect Approach because it doesn't attack the ‘Holocaust’ as a whole, is objectively verifiable factually, and doesn't attack the Jewish people, but instead expresses righteous indignation on their behalf. Yet the result is the destruction of Jewish cohesiveness and power.

The most important thing to remember in this aspect of the program is this: As Kevin MacDonald pointed out in Separation and its Discontents, Jews even go out of their way to create ‘anti-Semitism,’ because ‘anti-Semitism’ is what they need to survive. You destroy ‘anti-Semitism,’ and you have destroyed the Jews. We need Jews to see themselves, not as Jews -- but as White people, even if WE know they are only 80-90% Caucasoid.

The Jews cannot be destroyed with Zyklon B. But they CAN be destroyed with the poison that is most deadly to them: the milk of human kindness. That's why they work so hard to make themselves unlikable.

Unfortunately, because Jews have a concentrated gene pool over in Israel, a program affecting America alone will not be sufficient, because Israel will be able to send what could be described as genetic reinforcements to offset our gains in destroying their genome.

Therefore, Israel as a cohesive Jewish genetic entity must be rendered heterogeneous as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, the Jews have already given us the tools to do it. Those tools, of course, come with the equating in the public eye of anything even remotely exclusive in a racial sense with being a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘racist’, and the elevation of those things in the public eye into the most vile things a human being can be. To be called a ‘queer’ is no big deal. To be called an atheist is perfectly okay. Even to be called a liar and a cheat is no cause for alarm. But to be called a ‘racist’? It can cost you everything. The same, naturally, applies to Jews. It is up to us to use the principles of Aikido to turn this around upon them.

On top of that, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of Jews, even in Israel, have drunk their own poison, and they are not immune. As Pat Buchanan pointed out in Death of the West, fertility rates in Israel are also below replacement level for Jews, largely as a result of Jewish women buying the whole Betty Friedan story hook, line and sinker. So just because a Jew is living in Israel doesn't make him exempt.

Because of this, there are actually Jewish organizations dedicated to bringing the Falasha into Israel. Some have already arrived, in spite of resistance from more nationalist Jewish groups within Israel.

The Falasha are Blacks who claim to be lost descendents of Abraham. They exist in Ethiopia and Nigeria among other countries. Hundreds of thousands are already living in refugee camps awaiting word that they will be admitted to Israel. Unlike European Jewry, the Falasha have an IQ averaging about 70, and those already admitted to Israel have demonstrated high crime rates, unemployment, illiteracy, and the usual gamut of behaviors we have come to expect from those of sub-Saharan African origin.

These people, the Falasha, live in squalor and in constant fear of death in their current locales. The over-100,000 in refugee camps are only a drop in the bucket. There are many more ‘Black Jews’ outside of those camps still awaiting admission. Perhaps 2 million. These Jews have every right to become full citizens of Israel, complete with the right to intermarry with other Jews.

Since there are fewer than 6 million Jews in Israel, I'm sure you can appreciate the damage that a million Falasha would do to their economy, standard of living -- and ultimately their genome.

Of course, the reason they aren't all being allowed into Israel right now is ‘racism,’ pure and simple. While atheistic kiddie porn peddlers, international criminals and murderers who happen to have the right mother are admitted into Israel without question, the Falasha are kept out by endless bickering over their religious status, even if they are true believers. This bickering is really a smokescreen for the real, racial, reason the Falasha aren't allowed in.

This ‘horrific’ situation in which the Israelis are restricting immigration based, not upon the content of character, but upon the color of skin, needs to be resolved. While Rabbis bicker, precious children of color are dying. One Jewish organization is working overtime to bring these Negroes to their rightful home in Israel, and needs all the help it can get.

This is the Kulanu ( organization, whose motto is "all of us." Back in the 1960s, Kulanu successfully converted 300 Incas in Peru, and helped them make Aliyah back to Israel. They actively advocate for the return of Jews from Uganda and other places.

Distributing flyers in Jewish neighborhoods on behalf of the Kulanu organization is, I think, a good idea. It is hard to criticize taking up the cause of uncounted Black Jewish refugees.

Here, again, we use the strategy of indirect approach to attack the Jewish genome, using critical theory techniques to silence dissent, and using Aikido to redirect the force of previous propaganda, and direct it back upon the Jews. All without making a direct attack upon Jewry that is discernable as such.

There are many other areas where the National Alliance already applies these techniques, and there are many more where they can be applied. For example, why not advocate that Israel go ahead and annex all territory now occupied by Palestinians -- and then insist that ALL people in Israel have a ‘right to vote’. Analogies between the struggle of Negroes in America can be drawn. Then, tear down the barriers to intermarriage by harping constantly on the similarity between Hitler’s Nuremberg laws and the laws in Israel preventing intermarriage.

It is also time for us to muddy the language. Some of us may recall that the controlled media in Germany anointed a Turkish infant as the "German of the millennium", in a clear move to redefine the word "German" to simply indicate a featherless biped occupying a particular piece of real estate. The same has happened with the word "American," which properly refers only to a person of European descent -- a meaning all but lost on the TV generation. These are words that at one time carried at least implicit racial definitions, but now refer merely to which government has legal jurisdiction over a person.

There is no reason why this can't be done to Jews as well. Make it difficult to define just who is, and is not, a Jew. Jews have done a good job for us anyway in their attempts at a dual definition of what constitutes a Jew. Since I can convert to Judaism, but I can't convert to being a Negro, "Jew" is not a race -- right? Since many Jews admitted to Israel are atheists, "Jew" is not a religion. In fact, "Jew" has become a pretty slippery word to define. Of course, we know that Jews are their own subrace; but it is still up to us to make the word slippery not just for us, but for Jews and government as well.

Here, ever the dupes for whoever uses them, American Negroes can be our allies. We need to start a "Black Hebrew" movement in which American Negroes start defining themselves as being Jews. I believe it can be done. And Zionist Christians should be encouraged to take the final step and convert. We could concentrate on making yarmulkes a fashion accessory. Maybe some Whites should even call themselves Jews. They could be "White Jews" and converge upon a synagogue for a service. They could simply argue that, since we humans are all descended from Adam and Noah, we are all Jews -- everyone on earth.

The whole idea is to confuse what it means to be a "Jew" just as certainly as the meaning of "American" has become confused. For many Jews who drink their own poison, nothing will be seen as wrong with this. Sure, Bronfman might object -- but on what grounds that don’t make him sound like a bigot?

And that is the whole idea. WE know the reality that the most genocidally minded, deceitful, and destructive people on earth are Jews. It is time to use their own lies against them. It is time to exploit the fact that Jews watch the poisonous television almost as much as do Gentiles. It is time to exploit the fact that the vast majority of Jews are not immune to their own poison. It is time to put Jews in the ‘catch-22’ position so popularized by the Jew Joseph Heller. Let's see them try to label kindness ‘anti-Semitism.’ Let's see them try to persecute Blacks for trying to be Jewish. Let's see them try to label the Kulanu organization as a "hate group."

They have created a network of lies so thick that they will not be able to escape. The beauty here is that there is no way for them to extricate themselves from their prison of deceit without first undoing their lies -- which would not only free OUR people, but expose them for what they are. So they cannot extricate themselves. As Kevin MacDonald exhaustively documented in his Culture of Critique, Jews have been cooking up a batch of philosophical poison for the Western World for the past 100 years at least. Now is the time for them to open up and say "Ahhhh" and have a taste.

There are some here who would say I am advocating genocide. I disagree. Rather, I am advocating for social justice on behalf of Jews oppressed and lied to all over the world: Faithful Jews who buried bars of soap thinking they were loved ones -- they cry out for justice against those who manipulate them for profit. Faithful Jews dying from malaria in Africa -- while Rabbis debate in circles to justify their bigotry -- cry out for justice.

We need to support justice for these Jews. And giving justice to these Jews will ultimately bring the justice to Jewry as a whole that it so richly deserves, without a single act of violence.

As these plans, and similar applications of the foregoing principles, progress, Jewry will lose control of the reins of power bit by bit. And each bit of power that is relinquished is power that we can seize to implement portions of our own agenda, such as shutting down immigration. As we implement portions of our own agenda, the environment will become increasingly unsuitable for people whose primary skill is deception; thus hastening their destruction.

And that will leave us, the White race, free of the yoke of oppression, and ready to fulfill our destiny on Earth and among the stars.

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