France: Chirac Calls for Police State to Enforce Multiracialism
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-07-09 10:58:57

Culture distortion and havoc, created by multiracialism, prompt Chirac to advocate draconian laws and more forced multiracialism.

LE CHAMBON-SUR-LIGNON, France, July 8 - French President Jacques Chirac (pictured) called Thursday for perpetrators of anti-Jewish, "racist," and anti-homosexual acts to face extraordinary punishment, reports Agence France Presse:

“France, which is home to Europe's biggest Jewish community, some 600,000 strong, has recorded a surge in anti-Semitic acts since the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict started in 2000.

“With five million Muslims, the country also hosts the continent's biggest Islamic community.

“Chirac's remarks were welcomed by the leader of France's Jewish community Roger Cikierman, head of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF), who said they were ‘a strong gesture.’

"’This speech should help public opinion understand that everyone is concerned by the struggle against anti-Semitism and racism,’ he said.”

The multiracialist president, who opposes France's continuing as a White society with traditional moral standards, claims to lament the violence and hate that multiracialism has brought to France. But his solution is more multiracialism -- and special penalties for Whites who oppose multiracialism if they are convicted of crimes: these Whites will receive more severe sentences than others convicted of the same crimes. And in France, even expressing pro-White sentiments or a criticism of Jewish power can be construed as a crime itself in many cases.

Agence France Presse:

"’The perpetrators of these acts, of these aggressions, these acts of hatred which have increased in recent years and months, will be pursued without respite," he said.

“He called for the courts to ‘punish with the greatest severity and the greatest exemplarity’ such acts.

“He appealed to the French people to wake up to the need to defend republican values against racist and anti-Semitic acts that ‘soiled’ France.

"’In the face of mounting intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and refusal to accept differences,’ he invited his countrymen ‘to remember a not-so-distant past.’

"’I invite them always to remind their children of the deadly danger of fanaticism, of exclusion, of cowardice and of giving in to extremism.’"

One wit said that Chirac's proposal, probably penned by Jewish "advisors," was about as likely to solve the problems caused by multiracialism as an alcoholic's problems were likely to be solved by a gallon of Jack Daniels.

Meanwhile, White children are being killed in France by non-White invaders, and the French president does not speak of increased penalties or any other measures to stop such outrages.

Many observers see France as a society fracturing into pieces under the pressure of multiracialism, in which unassimilable races are destroying France from within more quickly than any military invader of the past could ever have done.

However, there is a healthy resurgence of national feeling in today's France, and, as the justifications for multiracialism, based on the mythologies of World War II and the Jewish agenda, fade into the background, this healthy tendency may grow.

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