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Report; Posted on: 2006-09-26 00:49:03

My campaign

As some of you may know I’m running for a seat on the Pasco county Mosquito Control Board. You may be thinking to yourself “Why mosquito control?” I will answer that question. For one it’s far cheaper to run for a special district seat than it would be to run for an office like state rep. For another I’m starting a political career and working to build a grassroots power base which will support our ideals in future elections. Regardless if I’m successful in winning the seat then I still plan on running for a higher office in the next election.

One of the benefits of running a campaign is that you are entitled to have a candidate website. The election laws are pretty open when it comes to regulating candidate sites. On my site for instance I have past articles that I’ve written. The great thing about candidate sites is that we can use them to advertise our efforts to people who normally would not be exposed to our message. Another benefit to political campaigns is that you can advertise your campaign website through TV, Radio, Newspaper and Billboard advertising. Usually any organization or person who has pro-White views is normally shut out from these media outlets. But when you run a political campaign you have access to the mass media – and the media is required by law to serve you. We can use the media to our advantage by using political campaigns as a cover for our activism.

For more information about my campaign please visit my website at www.voteubele.com

Thank you for your support.


John J. Ubele

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