Fighting Organized Crime
Radio/Audio; Posted on: 2004-03-13 11:08:04

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)
American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 13, 2004
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Last week I talked about the important question of how we define ourselves. Here's the short version of what I said: We have to define ourselves in terms of what we are -- not what we believe. We have to define ourselves in racial terms. We are White people, people of European descent. And nothing is now, ever has been, or ever will be more important than our survival and progress as a race. (American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 6, 2004)

This week I'm going to talk about how we define our struggle, our Cause if you will. Defining our struggle is almost as important as defining ourselves. I've discussed many aspects of our struggle on this program: Once we know who we are, we can then look at the threats to our continued existence.

I've shown repeatedly that aggressive non-White expansion into our living areas is a serious threat. Though serious, I believe that that is a threat that could be successfully dealt with in less than a decade -- if White people were organized effectively and led by someone other than alien or traitorous politicians. A government by and for White people in a White nation could make pretty short work of the separation of the races and the protection of the border. With the strength of our technology and our economic power (now largely wasted in fighting other people's wars and in supporting parasitical invaders or leech nations like Israel), no one could seriously challenge us. Then, with the happiness, security, high culture, and natural order of our people secured, we could get on with the great work of space exploration and racial progress which enlightened Americans and Europeans had begun in the early part of the twentieth century.

I've also discussed the main reasons why our race is not effectively organized and well-led: the very dangerous and fundamentally alien Jewish power structure, and the naive gullibility of White people who have accepted the inverted morality vended by that power structure. Every day, we of National Vanguard are working to build an awareness of those threats, and a White community intelligently organized to deal with them.

This week I want to concentrate on one specific aspect of our Cause. It's an aspect of it -- a way of looking at it -- that can open doors in the minds of White people; doors that may remain closed when we speak of things like racial survival and progress. Sometimes the minds of good White men and women close and their eyes glaze over when we speak of those ideas, because they've been programmed to reject them; or because racial progress and survival may seem odd and cultish concepts to them, just because no one else is talking about such things. Sadly, for many of our folk, the ideas of racial survival and progress seem rather other-worldly and far removed from their lives. Even people smart enough not to believe the media propaganda that we are 'haters' may unconsciously classify people who talk about such things as 'dreamers.'

But crime -- that's another matter. Crime -- and a huge amount of crime can be laid right at the feet of our non-White invaders -- is touching millions of White people every year. People understand it. They fear it. They base their housing purchase decisions on it. They spend billions to escape it. And the system that is failing to protect us from crime has less and less credibility with our people with each passing year.

One way -- and quite a valid way, I think -- to look at our struggle is as a struggle against crime, particularly against organized crime.

We are the law-abiding people -- our opponents, almost without exception, are the law violators. We are the people who obey the laws, pay the taxes, and give our lives in the belief we are doing what is right. They are the people who break the laws, many of them breaking the law by their very presence here. They are the drug lords, the pimps, the rapists, the gang leaders who abuse our children at school, the pornographers who corrupt them after school, the media moguls who lie to us and promote racial mixing and the morality of the crack house in their programming, the non-White ethnic interest groups who extort the company's and the workers' money, the Zionist lobbyists who pay the crooked politicians, and who blackmail Washington to support foreign states like Israel with our money and our irreplaceable blood.

And they are the people who have corrupted our very laws themselves so that their crimes will go unpunished. Let me give you an example. This week, National Vanguard member and activist April Gaede wrote on the Web site about how illegal aliens were being favored over White American citizens by the California government and school system. She told us how Californians -- mainly White Californians -- had made a noble effort to reform the system by approving Proposition 187 -- but were stymied by a court system in the hands of the criminals:

When the citizens of California passed Proposition 187, which would have stopped illegals from receiving benefits, our 'liberal' judges overruled it and declared it unconstitutional. I had a hard time understanding how they could award those who had obviously broken the law just by being here with the constitutional rights of an American-born citizen. Weren't the invaders already criminals? Aren't criminals supposed to lose rights -- instead of gain them -- when they commit crimes?

About 25-30% of the criminals in California's state prisons are illegal aliens from Mexico. The number of illegals in this state has increased by 30% in the last five years. And the vast majority of the Mexicans who now comprise nearly 50% of our state population are here illegally on top of all the other crimes they commit. An overwhelming number of these aliens are criminals, pure and simple, giving the lie to the endlessly-repeated media mantra of the "hard working," "industrious" "farm laborers" that the politicians repeatedly regurgitate. And even if they were as hard-working as the mythical John Henry, they would just be 'working hard' to change our society into something unrecognizable and alien and dangerous. They would still be a threat to my children's safety and the continued existence of my people. Framing the issue as one of 'hard work' is a lie or a delusion. And as to constitutionality, the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they said, specifically for their 'sacred posterity,' which means their descendants, by which they could only have meant White people. Any pretended 'law' or decree of a court -- even the so-called Supreme Court -- which militates against White survival in America is therefore unconstitutional and a criminal act in itself.

The invaders are largely criminals. Criminals like Angel Resendez who crossed and recrossed the border over a seven year period, committing murder again and again. Criminals like Manuel Batres, who was stopped by Border Patrol agents several times while crossing the border -- but who was let through every time -- and who finally ended up raping and strangling two nuns in Klamath Falls, Oregon. What other crimes did these invaders commit that were never discovered? These are the types of creatures that are coming across the border to potentially threaten me, my daughters, my family, and my friends. Whole areas of large California cities are now under their criminal gangs' control. The politicians can't even challenge them too openly. And our government -- which was put in place by our forefathers specifically to protect us -- is doing nothing to stop them.

The invaders are largely criminals. And the victims are often White.

Since George W. Bush is from Texas, which, like California, has a huge problem with illegals, I know that he knows the harm his open-borders policy is causing our workers in lost wealth and our people in crime, violence, and lost lives. And because he knows and still chooses to allow these things to continue, I consider him a greater threat to our country than any other candidate, even the most leftist America-hating scum you can imagine. (At least the people would be aware of the threat if a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Ralph Nader were president -- under Bush they falsely believe that a "conservative" and "one of our own" is in charge.) Considered objectively, Bush is a greater danger to the American people than Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein ever were.

We are the law-abiding, the respecters of the law. They are the law violators.

It's the same in Europe. A Swiss writer, who, to protect himself from unjust laws, writes for National Vanguard under the name 'Our Swiss Correspondent' instead of the name he uses in his other work, recently wrote of the criminal nature of the invasion that Switzerland is suffering -- and the criminal complicity of the so-called legal system there:

Anne, a Swiss mother of three, tells us of her ordeal living in a multiracial society. She lives in the heavily alienated part of Yverdon, a middle-sized town in the Swiss countryside. Yverdon was previously an all-White, quiet, and decent place. However, it has been browning at a fast pace in recent years. Anne was beaten and raped, and her children were threatened and exposed to violence daily. And Jewish legal terror made sure that -- for having defended herself against attacking aliens -- Anne was punished as a criminal.

On January 28th, 2004, Anne was 'visited' at home by a brutal non-White burglar. The alien invader beat and terrorized the hapless 35-year-old woman. After a while, he fled, having stolen a paltry sum of money and some jewels. "I was scared, I was so scared that I would not even dare to take the phone, even less open my apartment's door," said Anne. She sought shelter at an elderly aunt's home in the countryside for a few days.

"I have to talk," the young mother says. Three years ago, in her darkening city of Yverdon, Anne was attacked by a band of non-White teenagers as she was walking with her son. The hostile invaders caught her little boy and literally threw him across the street. He fell on the ice. Then they attacked the mother herself, because she attempted to protect her son. Understandably, she shouted at the aliens, using such words as "dirty foreigners."

Because the alien conquerors are supported in whatever they do by the Jewish-compliant media, they have become very brazen. The invaders who had hurt her son and physically threatened her, because she had called them names!

And Anne filed a criminal complaint against the aggressors. However, her complaint was ignored by the 'justice' system. The aliens' complaint, in contrast, was received with deep concern.

Anne, who is not rich, had to pay a fine of $400 to her alien oppressors. The Swiss law used for imposing this sentence was the anti-European, anti-free-speech law that several Jewish associations (LICRA, GRA, SOS Racisme, etc.) succeeded in imposing on Switzerland in September, 1994.

The alien destruction of Yverdon started twenty years ago and shows no signs of abating. When Anne was 22 years old, the trickle of alien genes, ugliness, and crime was turning into a flood. At that time, Anne lived alone in her apartment. One day, coming home, she was jumped by a Black invader. The intruder pushed her into her apartment and raped her with unbelievable violence. Afterwards, she would feel pain everywhere. Her body was covered with bruises. She suffered extensive internal bleeding. She was so shocked, she felt so sullied, that she never dared to talk about this horror story before now.

But Anne has not forgotten. She says that she now has a strong aversion for alien invaders... She is one who knows.

In the same town of Yverdon, a 33-year-old Angolan invader was tried in February 2004 for several crimes. On the night of the 24th and 25th of February, 2002, the Black immigrant visited a Swiss couple who were acquaintances of his. The three drank alcohol and consumed cocaine together. Then the European couple had an argument. Miffed at his wife's words, the husband left the apartment. Leaving the young White woman with the African turned out to be a horrible error.

The Angolan quickly took advantage of the situation. He raped the young woman at chisel-point, finding the improvised weapon in the apartment. And when he did this, he knew he was HIV-positive. Nevertheless, he raped the poor European woman -- without any protection.

Since the rape, the victim has undergone tests and happily learnt that she is not infected. But her life will never be the same again.

Each time the young woman had to give testimony in court about her rape, she could not help weeping. And the Angolan invader would loudly mock her, claiming she had 'wanted sex' with him.

A few weeks before, the same Black interloper had raped another European woman, who had offered him hospitality at her home. I say to White women: Do not believe Jewish propaganda. Racial realities are very different than what you are told in the press and on television. Non-Whites, especially Blacks, are on average far more violent -- more likely to rape -- and more likely to be infected with deadly or crippling sexually-transmitted diseases -- than Whites. That's not just my lesson -- that's Nature's lesson.

We are the law-abiding, the respecters of the law. They are the law violators.

ILLUSTRATION: One technique used by Jewish groups and the controlled media to smear Whites is to imply that we -- or our thoughts -- are somehow 'criminal.' Like much of what comes from those sources, that's an inversion of reality. The mass media, the crooked politicians, the illegal immigrants, the violent non-White gangs -- and the Jewish power structure that facilitates them all -- constitute the largest criminal enterprise in history. Our fight against multiracialism is really a fight against organized crime.

Nowadays, it isn't just the Black and Brown and Yellow invaders with their raping, murdering Triads and Bloods and Crips that bring crime to our shores: The shrewd minority, the supposedly persecuted and supposedly super-intelligent minority that controls our media and buys our politicians, also has a strong propensity for criminal activity -- though of a very different stripe than the Mestizos and the Blacks. Though they often go undetected, when monstrous Jewish crimes and swindles are exposed they sometimes reveal a criminal network of unprecedented size, scope, and depth -- and it is a network which interlocks with and to some degree encompasses the criminal gangs of the other non-Whites, since it does so much to foster and protect them.

Unlike Black crime, the FBI keeps no separate statistics on Jewish crime. It is lumped in with White crime, falsely inflating the numbers for our race. (The FBI also fails to classify Mestizos or Middle Easterners as separate criminal categories -- these also end up inflating the White crime figures. What the FBI does with its statistics ought to be a crime!) And not only the FBI engages in such misclassification. But it does seem that Jewish criminals are coming to light more and more these days.

The billion-dollar fraud that financed the American Hebrew Academy, which I mentioned a few weeks ago on this program, is but one example of Jewish crime and its close linkage with the Jewish racial agenda. (American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 21, 2004) The Jewish Anti-Defamation League's links with organized crime have been well-documented on this program -- as has their possession of stolen police files and corruption of police departments around the nation.

Just a few days ago, another Jewish crime network -- or perhaps I should say another arm of the worldwide crime network which National Vanguard opposes -- was brought into the light by a bribery scandal at the US Bureau of Prisons.

Rabbi Milton Balkany, of the Borough Park, New York Bais Yaakov yeshiva, who even the establishment Village Voice calls 'the crooked rabbi,' was indicted for misusing $700,000 of US taxpayer's money which he received as a 'grant' to 'help disabled children.' Rabbi Balkany is so influential in Washington that it was by the direct request of members of Congress -- themselves recipients of hundreds of thousands of documented dollars from Balkany -- that the Department of Housing and Urban Development was pushed to give the money to the rabbi. But he won't go to prison. He won't even serve a day in jail. He won't even go to trial -- no, indeed. The good rabbi did what his people -- nomadic tradesmen, swindlers, and mountebanks by natural inclination -- do best: he made a deal. He agreed that he would pay back $400,000 of the stolen money, and that a lien could be placed on the school he runs for the rest. And the good rabbi must have plenty of deals turning plenty of profits, because returning the money hasn't stopped any of his operations that we can see.

One of the very interesting things about the 'deal' Rabbi Balkany made with the government is that, in the agreement, he promised to stop lobbying officials at the United States Bureau of Prisons. That seems rather odd, doesn't it? Why would that be included in the 'deal'? It seems that the provision was included to end a bribery scheme even the existence of which no one -- not the rabbi and not the Bureau of Prisons -- wants to admit. Rabbi Balkany says that he just intervened when Jewish prisoners wanted Kosher meals, and other such "good causes." But it looks like the Rabbi used his political influence to get particular judges to read and handle appeal briefs, and move imprisoned criminals to more 'country club'-type prisons or move them to be in the same prison with certain chosen associates. (Anyone want to take a bet on how many non-Jewish prisoners the good rabbi worked for?) Joel Davis, a Jewish former inmate at Fort Dix and convicted fraudster, got some help from Balkany: "He would speak to a congressman and the congressman would speak to the Bureau of Prisons, that's how it worked."

Of course, ethnic solidarity only goes so far. Rabbis need money, too, and there was a charge for his services. In one case, the good rabbi helped some members of the Russian Jewish mafia (which is Russian only in geographic origin -- not ethnically). These nice folks wanted some help getting a transfer to a new prison. A go-between, Alexander Zakharov, has admitted his part in the plan. Mafia members paid $50,000 for the influential rabbi's good word in Washington -- with Zakharov saying "I agreed to pass money to [the] rabbi and I did know that some money will go to the rabbi and a certain [amount] will be paid - passed on to an officer of the [Bureau of Prisons]." It is unknown how much went to the rabbi personally, but another participant in the scheme who turned informant testified that, out of the $50,000, a $10,000 certified check had to be issued to "an organization connected to the rabbi." Zakharov also testified that "the people he reported to" also had access to pre-sentencing investigation reports -- which are supposed to be seen only by the officials and principals involved in a case.

Leaving aside the question of what other kinds of favors Balkany can get from congressmen besides prison deals and grants of taxpayer money, why does Balkany have such influence in Washington, anyway? He's been passing around quite a bit of his ill-gotten gains to politicians, that's why. According to the Village Voice:

Over the past decade, Balkany, directly and via family members and business associates, has showered politicians, most of them Republican and conservative, with a staggering amount of money, an estimated $300,000, according to one count, enough to earn him the title the "Brooklyn Bundler" from Common Cause when it investigated the influence of big money in Congress in the early 1990s.

Just where all the money comes from is something of a mystery. According to his criminal attorney, Benjamin Brafman, Balkany's only job is running the school. "It is a six-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day job," the lawyer said.

Maybe American Dissident Voices listeners can guess where some of that money came from. He gave large gifts to Governor Pataki, Rudy Giuliani, and Bob Dole -- among many others.

The agreement Balkany signed to stay out of prison himself states that he may not lobby any prison official of any kind on "any matter involving a federal inmate or any other person charged or convicted of a federal crime." When asked why that provision was included in his unrelated crooked grant plea, Balkany smiled and said "I don't know myself." What a pillar of truth.

And I've saved the best for last. It was the good rabbi, Milton Balkany, who is perhaps more well-known than any other religious leader for giving benedictions to politicians and at political events. He's given them at the City Council, the State Legislature -- and the United States Congress. On June 25th, he prayed before the Senate and on June 26th he offered a prayer to the House of Representatives, saying:

I stand here today among the jewels of our nation, men and women who are precious, who radiate dedication, and they have been selected as the leaders of our land.

Whatever else you can say about rabbi Balkany, you can't say that he doesn't have a sense of humor.

And the huge network of corruption, thievery, and anti-White and anti-American activities uncovered by the Balkany scandal is just what we see when we turn over one tiny pebble in the sea of boulders that cover the dark side of the criminal conspiracy that now dominates our public life. In many ways, the browning of the White world -- from Britain and France to Russia and America -- is engineered and financed by a huge criminal complex, which ranges from the counting houses of Manhattan to the movie houses of Hollywood to the whorehouses of Tel Aviv -- and to the gang-infested streets of your town, too. The battle against them is a battle against organized crime. We are the law-abiding, the respecters of the law. They are the law violators. Remember that!

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