Fewer Than 50,000 Whites in Zimbabwe
Report; Posted on: 2005-08-23 00:24:08

Once a prosperous food-exporter, the former Rhodesia is now an international welfare case.

Finance 24 reports: "Fewer than 50 000 whites remain in Zimbabwe, down from a peak of 293 000 under white rule, according to an analysis of the most recent census published in a state-run newspaper on Monday. The figure has continued to drop since the census was conducted in August 2002 amid the seizure of thousands of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to black Zimbabweans. Independent analysts estimate fewer than 30 000 whites remain."

AllAfrica.com reports on the census: "Zimbabwe's fertility rate -- at 3.6 children per woman in the [2002] census -- is roughly half the rate seen at independence and seems set to continue dropping further towards the replacement levels of an average of a little over two children born to each woman. In its national report of the 2002 census published on Friday, the Central Statistical Office found the population of Zimbabwe on census day was 11 631 657 people, very close to the initial figure of 11 634 663 published in December 2002."

The cratering of the Black population reflects the dramatic impact of the loss of White rule on health care, food distribution and other infrastructure. At the height of White Rhodesia's power in the 1960s, Black "fertility rates in [Rhodesia, now] Zimbabwe were close to eight children per woman..." according to AllAfrica.com.

Zimbabwe has been a basket case since the White Ian Smith government of Rhodesia, abandoned by the world, including then-apartheid South Africa, ceded power to Black terrorist tribesmen allied to the USSR. Dictator Robert Mugabe has encouraged the theft of White-owned farms which are given to his henchmen and sit fallow while the nation reverts to primitive subsistence farming and international handouts.

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