Feds Say Katrina Refugee Gangs a Threat
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-15 21:17:16

FBI issues warning about gangs transplanted from New Orleans

Houston could have a new crime wave in the wake of Hurricane Katrina brought in by New Orleans gangs, the FBI warned Wednesday.

The FBI intelligence memo obtained by KPRC Local 2 warned other law enforcement agencies that gang member evacuees might bring an "us versus them" mentality that could lead to shootings and other violence all over Houston.

On Tuesday, a group of Louisiana evacuees and students from a southeast Houston high school were involved in a fight, which escalated into a riot that closed school early.

"Yesterday took away the opportunity to pretend there was no problem," said Gayle Fallon, with the Houston Federation of Teachers.

Up to 25 students were involved in the 8 a.m. fight at Jesse Jones High School, located at 7414 St. Lo.

Fallon said the bloody brawl may be the first of many unless the troublemakers are removed to disciplinary schools.

"There are no second chances on this or we could see our schools out of control," Fallon said.

The FBI said gangs will emerge as a sense of security wherever evacuees gather. The memo said gangs would steal guns and set up new drug connections as they take hold of the turf of Houston gangs.

"They may not have specific colors. They may have tattoos, they may not," said Chuck Brawner, with the Spring Branch Independent School District.

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