Ex-IRA Soldier Condemns Loss of Traditional Ireland
News/Comment; Posted on: 2003-12-29 15:50:15

After 800 years of foreign occupation, the Irish Republican Army is within sight of driving the last vestiges of British power out of the Emerald Isle. And yet what is to replace multiracialist British rule? Increasingly, former soldiers of the IRA are condemning the vision of the IRA's political wing, Sinn Fein. While dressing up its propaganda, especially in the U.S., where Irish Americans heavily aid Sinn Fein financially, in "green," "Ould Sod" nationalist terms, in fact today's Sinn Fein has become a cesspit of left-wing, race-mixing poison.

While IRA soldiers died in their hundreds (often taking innocent civilians with them), Sinn Fein openly embraces non-White immigration into Ireland, abortion of Irish babies, and the repression of Irish tradition.

Ireland has long been immune when it comes to the social programming ruining the rest of Europe, yet with the success of Sinn Fein comes the real danger of those who supposedly stand for an Irish Ireland ultimately destroying the land.

The "other side" is often no better. The leader of one of the largest "loyalist" organizations (those who want to remain in the multiracialist UK) is an Egyptian, and another has mandated the flying of Israeli flags in loyalist areas. As with our outreach to Irish-derived communities in Sacramento, race needs to go to the top of the agenda in Ireland, cutting out inter-ethnic/religious conflict -- before the nation's history ends in a brown puddle.

The Guardian on Gerry McGeough

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