Euro 2005 DVD
Announcement; Posted on: 2005-08-06 19:59:50

2005 New Orleans Conference now available on DVD and VHS.

The May 20-22, 2005 European American Conference in New Orleans has just been released on what some are saying is the highest-quality set of DVDs yet produced in our movement. If you are one of the 400+ patriots who were there and whose cheering can be heard you’ll want these DVDs to relive the experience. If you are one of the thousands we wish could have been there, these DVDs are as close to having been there as you can get. All four discs are available as VHS tapes as well at the same prices.


Disc 1: David Duke, Paul Fromm, Michael Collins Piper, Prussian Blue, & Kevin Alfred Strom.
Disc 2: Jean-Michel Girard, Lady Michele Renouf, Evan Thomas, Jackie Griffin, Nick Griffin, & James Edwards.
Disc 3: Vavra Suk, Bob Whitaker, Ron Doggett, Simon Darby, Don Black, Traven Tucker, Lennart Berg, Ed Fields, Kenny Knight, Markus Haverkamp, & Deirdre Fields.
Disc 4: David Duke's keynote & other addresses.

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