Enron: A Microcosm of America
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-21 00:17:33

A company that didn’t even provide a balance sheet

by Kyle Stark

I just finished watching the documentary movie “Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room.” I encourage all of you to see this movie, and to see the Enron story as a microcosm of what we are going through in America.

The Enron fraud lasted as long as it did because of the greed and credulity of the many high level investment bankers who invested 25 million dollars each into Andrew Fastow’s shell company, LJM.

Bankers are supposed to be the hard nosed number crunchers who look at a business and say, “It’s failing” and precipitate a timely bankruptcy and sell-off of a failing company, before too much damage is done. One would think that bankers with corporations such as Merrill Lynch and Citibank, responsible for tens of millions, or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars, would not be so easily taken in by a company that didn’t even provide a balance sheet.

When one investor mentioned that Enron doesn’t produce a balance sheet, the Enron CEO, Andrew Skilling, called him an “asshole.” This was certainly unusually scandalous behavior. CEOs just don’t call their major investors “a**hole.” But Skilling did not resign. He didn’t even apologize.

The Enron documentary uses footage and interviews from the actual people involved. It shows Ken Lay talking to George Bush senior; with George W. in the foreground. It mentions how the current president, George W. Bush, refers to Ken Lay as “Kenny Boy.” It shows George W. as governor, working for the interests of Enron, and mentions the large contributions Enron made to the Bush 2000 campaign. There was even speculation that Ken Lay might become Bush’s Energy Secretary.

As you watch this, you realize that these are the people running America! Ken Lay and George W. Bush are cut from exactly the same cloth.

Even as Enron is failing, Ken Lay is making very slick speeches to his company how “the worst is behind us.” Meanwhile, he had sold off 300 million dollars of his Enron stock.

You can’t help but make the comparison to George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. The Enron executives can look at Bush’s failed war in Iraq, and breathe a sigh of relief that the Enron scandal didn’t kill tens of thousands of people. The crimes of Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Andrew Fastow are a misdemeanor compared to the armed robbery and mass murder that the Bush regime is committing against the people of Iraq.

I know many of you listening to this don’t like the way America is going. You don’t like the mass immigration, the cultural degeneracy that breaks new boundaries every year, the mass breeding of taxpayer funded mixed race children to single mother households while White people can barely afford to make families.

But at the same time, you might think the in the back of your mind that the people in charge, though they are evil, are competent. You think that they are going to keep this System chugging along, year after year, just as they have as long as you can remember.

I want to warn you; don’t count on it. Enron and the United States Government are run exactly the same way. That is, into the ground, while it’s leaders tell us how good it’s all going, even as they feather their nests and plan their escape.

As bad as the racial situation is, things are going to get much, much worse. The racial situation will make the next Great Depression that much more difficult to deal with. Bad enough to have a Great Depression in a 90% White country.

The one silver lining will be when the spiritually sick liberals get a taste of their own medicine. I look forward to mocking them with their own crazy slogans, such as, “Diversity is our strength” after they’ve been burned out of their McMansion by a crazed mob of diversity.

But to mock the liberals, we have to survive to see the day. Our best chance as survival is getting together with like-minded and trustworthy White people in your area, pooling what money you have to purchase some land; and forming what are called eco-villages, where there are enough of you to defend against the rampaging mobs of diversity. It's coming.

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