Englishman's Zimbabwean Road Trip to Texas
News; Posted on: 2005-09-10 21:04:37

"Shoot all the White people."

by Helen Neill
BBC Radio One

Stuart Bird's summer-of-a-lifetime trip turned into a nightmare when Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans.

When the eighteen-year-old and his friends got the order to evacuate the city, like many tourists, they found they had no way of getting out.

Their hotel manager initially persuaded the boys to ignore advice to go to the city's now notorious Superdome.

The pictures Stuart, 18, from Rugby, took show the devastation of the hurricane, and rising flood waters, taken from his room.

Then, running out of food and water by the middle of the week, Stuart and his friends gladly accepted the US army's offer to take them to the Superdome by boat.

They hadn't heard any of the terrifying stories from other "internationals" trapped there.

Stuart describes the scene as they arrived there as "jaw dropping, it was hell, like nothing you could ever imagine".

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