English Lad 'Too Pale'
Report; Posted on: 2006-09-18 12:51:27

Six-year-old has passport rejected for being too pale

By Rebecca Camber

With his glowing white skin, clear blue eyes and soft blonde hair, Noreen and Bruce Coles have always said their six-year-old son, Richard has the face of an angel.

But when a photograph of the fair-skinned youngster was sent off for a new passport, officials found fault with his features, saying he was 'too pale' to have a passport.

Though the submitted picture taken by a professional photographer met all the guidelines, his parents were appalled to learn that his complexion was too light to be processed.

Mrs Coles, 44, said: "They said my son was too pale to get a passport. They claimed that he was too bright on his forehead, nose and cheeks- they said he was too pale to be put through the scanner.

"I was furious. He's always been very pale. But short of putting make-up on him what could I do?"

When the former office manager complained to passport officials last month, she was told that the only solution would be to re-take the photograph on an off-white background 'to reflect some darkness into his face'.

Undeterred, Mrs Coles insisted that a manager inspect the photograph, who agreed that there was nothing wrong with the image.

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