England Prepares to Honor Millenium of First Patron Saint
Report; Posted on: 2005-08-21 23:10:25

St. Edward the Confessor, the last great Anglo-Saxon King, founded Westminster Abbey, served as first English Patron Saint

People across England devoted to the nation's racial and cultural survival are preparing to honor the Millenial Anniversary of the birth of St. Edward the Confessor, Founder of the world landmark Westminster Abbey and England's first Patron Saint. A series of events planned to mark the Anniversary will heighten awareness of England's rich cultural achievements in the face of multicultural chaos. The festivities are planned to start on 6 October and end on St. Edward's Feast Day of October 13. The events have sparked great interest in White nationalist circles.

St. Edward the Confessor was born in 1005 to Ethelred II and the daughter of Duke Richard of Normandy, Emma. Forced to flee to Normandy by Danish usurpation at the age of 10, Edward became very devout, and continued his religious interests when he finally ascended the English Throne in 1042, building Westminster Abbey, which was to become the site of England's Coronations. In an age of often brutal rulers, the gentle Edward was loved by the people for rolling back taxes on the poor and for starting no wars.

He was also held to have the ancient gift of the "King's Touch," a pagan-derived European belief in his healing powers that goes back to earliest antiquity in European tradition. The childless Edward was succeeded upon his death in 1066 by the ill-fated Harold Godwinson, who was defeated by William the Conqueror, ending Saxon rule.

Edward's enduring popularity was so great that a folk-cult grew up around him in the early Middle Ages, and upon his canonization by Pope Alexander III in 1161 he was declared England's Patron Saint. He served this role through the Crusades, and was finally replaced by St. George by Edward III (1312-1377). The Confessor continues as the patron saint of difficult marriages.

Activities around the week-long celebration at Westminster Abbey include a spectacular museum retrospective, a Festal Evensong sung by the combined choirs of Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral, the Office of Compline (Night Prayer) sung by the Benedictine monks of Chevetogne, "A Pageant of St Edward" performed by pupils from The Grey Coat Hospital, Westminster City School, and Westminster School, and a lecture on the Church in the East and West during the King's reign presented by the Greek Orthodox Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia. The Millenial Celebration will end with the rich Medieval liturgical Celebration of the Feast of the Translation of Edward, King and Confessor on October 13.

An investigation of the elements at work in Edward's life and legacy

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