End of an Era: Spearhead to Close
Report; Posted on: 2005-08-22 23:39:35

Longest continuously-published English-language White nationalist magazine to end

Since 1964 Spearhead magazine was the regular voice of renowned British nationalist leader John Tyndall. With Tyndall's death in July Spearhead will bring to a close four decades of fearless publishing with a final August 2005 issue in memory of its founder. Despite recent disagreements, John Tyndall died a loyal member of the British National Party, which he helped to found, and its magazine, Identity, is expected to pick up the torch.

[Photo: John Tyndall with Kevin Alfred Strom]

Dear 'Spearhead' subscriber,

Following the death of the publisher and editor of our magazine, Mr. John Tyndall, the reluctant but inevitable decision has been taken that current August edition, which is dedicated to the memory of John Tyndall, will be the final issue published.

We will keep you notified of further efforts to promote British Nationalism in the sense that the publisher of 'Spearhead' intended.

Thanking you for your support of our magazine, and confident that we will all see a brighter future for Britain,

Yours sincerely,

Richard Edmonds, for and on behalf of

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